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Report released on vocational education for girls from poor families in China

A recent research conducted by the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund and the China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University looks at the development of vocational education for girls from poor families in China. The report finds that due to the imbalance in economic development, gender inequality and limited educational resources, girls from poor families in China still face lots of difficulties and obstacles when it comes to education and training, and achieving equal employment opportunities. The development of education has gradually become China’s main measure to relieve poverty, and vocational education possesses its own advantages in terms of resources. In order to cut off the transmission of poverty from …read more

Stanford professor Scott Rozelle’s talk on rural education causes a stir in China

American economist Scott Rozelle (罗斯高) has caused a stir in China with his recent pronouncements on the country’s rural education. Professor Rozelle is the co-director of the Rural Education Action Program (REAP) at Stanford University, a team dedicated to bridging the educational gap between cities and rural areas in China. In a recent talk given in China, Rozelle poses the serious issue that, according to REAP’s survey, 63% of rural children do not go to high school. The first cause for this appallingly high figure, Rozelle believes, is malnutrition. Research by REAP has found that more than half of eighth graders in poor rural areas in China have IQs below 90, considered …read more

Registering and Working in China - an Interview with Albert Yu, World Vision

Registering and Working in China – an Interview with Albert Yu, World Vision

In this exclusive interview with CDB, operations director of World Vision China Albert Yu speaks about his organization’s important work in China, and its successful efforts to register in the country following the passing of the Overseas NGO Law.

Volunteer teaching program for college students turns out to be a scam

Volunteer teaching program for college students turns out to be a scam

It has been reported that hundreds of college students in Shanxi province were recently the victims of a scam after they signed up for a volunteer teaching summer program. 支教 (lit. educational support) programs, through which volunteers go and teach for free in remote or underdeveloped areas, are quite popular among Chinese college students. In this case however, after arriving at the place where they were supposed to volunteer on July 16th, the students realized that what they had signed up for was really a trap — the organizers not only did not have the relevant qualifications for recruiting volunteer teachers, but also charged the local students for the extra classes, …read more

Jack Ma foundation hosts its first forum for rural headmasters in Hangzhou

A year ago Jack Ma’s Foundation announced its “Jack Ma Rural Headmasters” plan, which aims to identify and support extraordinary headmasters in rural areas of China. Unlike its previous rural teachers program, where the teachers were nominated by the foundation itself, the rural headmasters are instead recommended by front-line educational NGOs in China. Each NGO recommended one or two headmasters, after which the Foundation verified the identities of the candidates and a group of experts picked out the final 20 delegates out of 5000 applicants. The selected 20 headmasters were invited to attend the first forum on rural headmasters, which was held in Hangzhou on July 12 and 13. They …read more

Tsinghua University’s facilities for disabled students in the spotlight

A dialogue between Tsinghua University and a disabled student named Wei Xiang preparing to attend the elite institution in Beijing recently attracted the Chinese public’s attention. In a public letter to the University, Wei Xiang addressed his family situation and asked whether the school could prepare a dorm room for his mother to live with him in order to better take care of him. In their reply, Tsinghua claimed that they will have a dorm room ready for the student and his mother, and that they would further waive his accommodation fee for the entire four years in college. At the end of the letter, Tsinghua encouraged the young man by writing: “although …read more

Lei Yuxi’s autistic children photography: making the echoes of islands heard

Lei Yuxi majored in materials chemistry in college and continued to pursue her master degree in this field in the United States. She would have been working in materials chemistry for the rest of her life if she had not experienced an “accident” in 2012. While Yuxi was still in the States, she accidentally got to know about a rural children photography philanthropic program in Taiwan. Since Yuxi was also interested in philanthropy and expressing herself through the lens of a camera, she could not help but wonder whether photography could become a bridge for autistic children, who are not good at expressing themselves verbally, to communicate with the outside. …read more

Over 50% of children in rural areas lagging in cognitive skills

Over 50% of children in rural areas lagging in cognitive skills

A research conducted by the Rural Education Action Program (REAP) shows that about half of the babies in the rural areas of Shanxi province are underperforming in cognitive development. REAP assessed 1808 babies aged from 6 to 30 months using the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development (a standard series of measurements used primarily to assess the development of infants and toddlers, ages 1–42 months) and found that the percentage of babies with developmental delays in their cognitive skills is way above average. Similar results were found in rural areas of Hebei and Yunnan. REAP researchers suggest that the delays are mainly caused by a lack of intellectual stimulus, as …read more

The Gaokao is here again, but what about educational equality?

Editor’s Note This is an abbreviated translation of an article that appeared in C计划-蓝方 on June 7th. The article appeared in conjunction with the beginning of the gaokao, China’s annual college entrance exam. The unequal grade requirements that students from different provinces face for getting into university constitute an endless source of debate and controversy. The “pluralist admission policies” mentioned towards the end of the article refer to the fact that there are now certain universities that admit students based on other factors as well as the gaokao, for instance their general grade average or internal examinations. Another round of the Gaokao (National College Entrance Exam) just kicked off on June 6th. The Gaokao …read more

Working with the Migrant Children of Beijing - an Interview with Helen Boyle

Working with the Migrant Children of Beijing – an Interview with Helen Boyle

Helen Boyle is a British lady who started and runs a foundation that helps improve the education of the children of migrant workers in Beijing. Today she speaks with CDB about her work, what motivates her and what children need to be happy.

Free Lunch for Children has raised 270 million yuan over six years

Free Lunch for Children has raised 270 million yuan over six years

Members of the Dong people and Free Lunch for Children representatives at the forum. Chinese charitable organization Free Lunch for Children announced at a recent social welfare forum that over the past six years they have fundraised more than 270 million yuan to provide free lunches to more than 190,000 rural children across 26 provinces. Held on May 20, the “Chinese Human Capital and Children’s Nutrition and Health” forum called on members of a rural education action plan to speak about the situation of chlidren’s nutrition and the disparity in child development across regions of differing affluence. In addition, the forum invited representatives from foundations, schools, government offices and donor organiztions …read more

Selfless American Teaches Children in Rural Gansu Province for 17 Years

Selfless American Teaches Children in Rural Gansu Province for 17 Years

The story of American teacher David Deems, who has been teaching and collecting donations for local schools in a remote area of Western China for the past 17 years.

African officials learn about Chinese civil society in Fuzhou

On May 14, more than 30 government officials from 11 francophone African countries convened at a charity forum in Fuzhou to discuss public welfare experiences and techniques. The forum was held by a Fujian student aid charity association (福建省简单助学公益协会), a non-profit organization established in 2003 that works towards poverty alleviation and education. As of May 9, the organization has donated more than 18 million Yuan and spent more than 10,000 hours working to help more than 3,000 children. The association’s executive chairman Zheng Bin humbly told reporters that since opening fifteen years ago, the association has merely used grassroots methods and mobilized ordinary people to help children in need. Among …read more

Purported dissolving of social work undergraduate program by Sun Yat-sen University stirs concern

Purported dissolving of social work undergraduate program by Sun Yat-sen University stirs concern

Earlier this week the headmaster of Sun Yat-sen University announced the closing of the university’s social work undergraduate program, igniting alarm from students and netizens. In response to the school’s announcement to dissolve the program, students wrote an open letter to the headmaster expressing their disappointment. On May 6, the headmaster responded to upset students, saying “Sun Yat-sen University’s social work undergraduate program will temporarily halt enrollment beginning this fall semester.” This comes after the school has begun an overhaul in its enrollment procedures, but many students noted that “temporarily halting” and “enrollment reform” are not the same thing. As for the decision to dissolve the program and the future of current …read more

Former party secretary shifts career to public interest

Former party secretary shifts career to public interest

After leaving his job as party secretary in Hubei province’s Batong County, Chen Xingjia reappeared in the limelight this week. Well-known for his unorthodox publicity stunts that brought him internet fame, the outspoken figure announced over the weekend that he would begin working in the public interest sector. Originally appearing in the media when he sang in an amateur music video and later when he skydived above Hubei’s Badong County, both to promote tourism, Chen continued his streak of internet fame with harsh comments on some beneficiaries of the official poverty alleviation programs. In one such instance, he publicly attacked impoverished Badong citizens who were “ungrateful” for government help, attracting the attention …read more

Chinese internet celebrity donates 22 million to alma mater

Chinese internet celebrity donates 22 million to alma mater

Papi Jiang posing in front of her Sina Weibo account name, papitube. Online celebrated figure Papi Jiang, whose real name is Jiang Yilei, rose to fame on Chinese social media over the past few years due to her humorous video blogs that she posts weekly. Papi uses fast-forward voiceover and a hilarious mixture of Chinese and English phrases to poke fun at everyday topics such as dating, family relationships and media sensations, most of which have attracted millions of views, with one live broadcasting reaching as many as 74 million views in one day. This week Papi Jiang made an appearance at her alma mater in Beijing, China’s Central Academy …read more

Opening of “super school” in Zhejiang prompts debate on China's exam-driven education

Opening of “super school” in Zhejiang prompts debate on China’s exam-driven education

Recent reports of Hengshui’s High School No. 1 opening a branch school in Zhejiang Province have sparked a national conversation not only on the quality of China’s examination-oriented education, but also on the pros and cons of the national college entrance exam (gaokao) system. It has also brought into question the necessity of so-called “super high schools”, like the school in question, that value test scores and memorization over innovation and critical thinking. Hengshui High School No. 1 is located in southern Hebei, the province that surrounds Beijing and has a population of some 75 million. The province is not one of China’s wealthiest, and in order to escape the poverty …read more

Visually impaired kindergarten teacher wins discrimination lawsuit

A kindergarten teacher with eight years of educational experience, who was denied teaching qualifications after a physical exam revealed that she was blind in her right eye, has won a lawsuit against her former employer. The teacher, who wishes to be identified as Wang Li in order to protect her identity, had spent years working to obtain her teaching credentials. She brought charges against the Wuyi Bureau of Education on the grounds that she was unfairly denied her teaching qualifications. On March 28, the Jinhua Municipal Court ruled that this was unlawful and that the Bureau of Education was required to revisit her credentials application within 15 business days. When …read more