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Ten things to know about elderly care services in China in 2018

Editor’s Note This is an abridged and adapted translation of an article published by the China Philanthropy Institute through their WeChat account on the 13 of February 2019. You can see the original here. 1. The national service and quality supervision system for elderly care institutions has taken its preliminary shape In 2018, new management requirements regarding the security and service quality of elderly care institutions were introduced. The government, especially the civil affairs departments, should establish a long-term mechanism to improve the service quality of the elderly care institutions, strengthen their talent team construction, standardise their services, and enhance the information management of these institutions. 2. The elderly care service market …read more

Analysis of the Beijing government’s procurement of aged care services published

The China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University recently published an analysis by Chai Yuyang (柴宇阳) looking at the Beijing governments’ procurement of services for the elderly. Since the Ministry of Finance and another four departments published the “Notice regarding government procurement of aged care services” on August 26, 2014, many local governments have begun to follow this policy. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and 11 provinces have published relevant documents, while Tianjin and Shanghai have put aged care services into their procurement lists. After exploring the issue for a few years, Beijing now has a service procurement mechanism in place tailored to the city’s needs for developing its aged care industry. …read more

New document released to improve China’s endowment insurance system

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance recently released the “Guiding Opinions on Establishing a Mechanism on the Benefit Determination of Basic Endowment Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents and on the Normal Adjustment of Basic Pensions” (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”), which is estimated to be of relevance to 500 million urban and rural residents. As an important part of China’s basic old-age insurance system, the basic endowment insurance system for urban and rural residents was established in February 2014, and was included in the new social endowment insurance system for rural and urban residents. As of the end of December 2017, the number …read more

Diamond Cab: Hong Kong's barrier-free taxi service

Diamond Cab: Hong Kong’s barrier-free taxi service

“A wheelchair is just a tool; its appearance and meaning are defined by human intelligence; A diamond is just a mineral; its implication and value are inherited by human’s creativity.” —- The founder of “Diamond Cab”, Doris Leung Ordinary taxis in Hong Kong do not have enough space to place wheelchairs, while the Kangfu bus (康复巴士) and the Yidao cars (易达轿车), which can carry wheelchairs, are generally difficult to book. The mini-vans known as 客货车, which are easier to book, are usually illegal, charge higher than the market price and lack safety equipment, so that the passengers’ safety cannot be guaranteed. The founder of “Diamond Cab” (钻的), Ms. Doris Leung, used to …read more

Huang Xiaoming writes in praise of social workers on Weibo

Huang Xiaoming writes in praise of social workers on Weibo

Famous Chinese actor, singer and model Huang Xiaoming, who was selected as the most influential celebrity in charity in 2015, published a post on Weibo three days ago to celebrate the efforts of social workers. The post included nine pictures, and it was reposted and commented over 3000 times and liked by approximately 50 thousand people. It reads: “These are a group of elderly people over 80 whose sons or daughters aren’t around. You may notice how happy they are when the social workers of the Pursuit of Happiness (幸福来敲门) come and visit. I wish the love shown in their smiles and the hearts drawn with their fingers will be …read more

China to set up public facilities for left-behind children

China will set up social welfare facilities to support children who are left behind or in need in counties and urban districts, according to a plan released by the Chinese government. The 13th five-year plan for the implementation of social services (“十三五”社会服务兜底工程实施方案), jointly drafted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and China Disabled Person’s Federation, sets out the government’s work plan regarding the welfare of “left-behind” children, the elderly and the disabled. As stipulated in the plan, counties with over 500.000 people or over 200 orphans will establish child welfare facilities, in order to drive the creation of fully equipped and standardized child welfare …read more

400 missing people found through the Headline Person Finder

400 missing people found through the Headline Person Finder

A couple of missing twin boys were found through the Headline Person Finder on October 25th, becoming the 399th and 400th people to be rescued through this charitable project. The platform is run by a media outlet called 今日头条 (Headlines Today). Unlike some other platforms that focus exclusively on looking for children, the Headline Person Finder aims to find missing people of all ages. Out of the 400 people who have currently been found through the platform, 224 are adults with mental disorders, 147 are elderly people over the age of 60, and only 29 are juveniles. Missing adults constitute the largest group, with most of them being found after turning …read more

Yellow bracelets help the elderly find their way home

Yellow bracelets help the elderly find their way home

The “Let Love Go Back Home” project, initiated by Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, has just come to end for 2016 in Qingdao Province. 2016 was the fourth year in the project’s five-year plan to distribute yellow bracelets to the elderly. About 200,000 of the bracelets have already been distributed to more than 10 provinces in Mainland China, as well as Hong Kong and the United States, by Huang Xiaoming’s Tomorrow Foundation. The yellow bracelets are good-looking and practical wristbands with the wearers’ information on them. Their purpose is to help lost elderly people and children find their way home. In 2016, “Huang Xiaoming Lets Love Go Back Home” won the …read more

Hony Social Impact Center: an investment platform connecting charity to commerce

A new investment platform, the Hony Social Impact Center (弘毅社会影响力中心), has just emerged in China. In recent years, “Social Impact Investment” that tries to connect charity to commerce has been favored by many charitable organizations and social enterprises. A need was thus felt for an investment platform caring about social value that could maximize the benefits of this combination of charity and commerce. At present the center is still in its start-up stage, but two pilot projects have already been selected: “Hands on” and “Generation Bridge”. The “Hands on” project is jointly sponsored by the 3D-printing Industry Alliance (3D打印企业联盟), Wiki Factory (维基新工厂) and other organizations working in different fields. The project aims …read more

Beijing Government Releases New Policies on Community Care for the Elderly

The Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau has released a document on the “Ten Policies on Support and Care for the Elderly at Home”. The document, released on the 18th of May, covers topics including support for the elderly, residency and medical care. During the media conference Hongbing Li, the spokesman for the Bureau, claimed that the Beijing government would build community service centers to provide daytime care, calling services, food delivery, health guidance, entertainment and counselling for free. By 2020, community service centers will cover all the communities in Beijing. Counting the current elderly care centers in residential districts, 96% of the elderly in Beijing will be taken care of near home. Li …read more

Tree planting restores hope for bereaved parents

Tree planting restores hope for bereaved parents

Three foundations organized tree planting activity for elderly who lost their only child, hoping to comfort their pain.

Seminar on elderly care in rural areas puts forward a proposal to the “two sessions”

A seminar focusing on the “empty nest” elderly and the elderly care in rural areas was held by the Hebei Diamond Foundation(河北钻石公益基金会). The seminar has discussed the mutual improvement model for elderly care in rural areas and has included their suggestions of it in their proposal to the “two sessions”

Liu Feiyue's Family Photos for Left-behind Children

Liu Feiyue’s Family Photos for Left-behind Children

Photographer Liu Feiyue travels to Gansu Province to shot family photos for the left-behind children when their parents return for the Spring Festival.

Foundations take care of the elderly on behalf of their children

A project for institutions to help elderly people with special needs was launched in Beijing on the 17th of January. Li Hongbing, the deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau attended the opening ceremony and gave an address, in which he said that “given the current aging of the population, it is of vital importance for the whole of society to guarantee that the elderly are well supported and protected. As a result, the institutions of care for the elderly are playing a larger role in achieving that goal”. When emergencies (like over-spending medical costs or sudden severe diseases) occur during an old person’s stay in an institution of care, …read more

Support for Social Organizations from the 2016 Central Government Budget Available

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) has issued the 2016 Implementation Plan on Support for Social Organizations Participating in Social Services Provision through the Central Government Budget (《2016年中央财政支持社会组织参与社会服务项目实施方案》). The entire budget, aimed at supporting social organizations which have projects focused on aiding the aged, the disabled and children, as well as on social work, capacity building and staff training, is estimated to reach 200 million Yuan. The plan for 2016 is that the Central Government budget will not support organizational activities related to basic infrastructure, research and advocacy. Regarding social organizations with projects that have a broader range of beneficiaries such as those involving lectures, seminars or book granting, a stricter selection and …read more

The Left-Behind Children of Longnan

The Left-Behind Children of Longnan

In March and April of 2015, photographer Liu Feiyue went into Longnan, Gansu Province twice for his visual profile series on left-behind children. CDB has re-published the photos and translated their captions with the permission of the photographer.

Liu Feiyue's Village of Left Behind Children

Liu Feiyue’s Village of Left Behind Children

Photographer Liu Feiyue travels to one village in Gansu to document the lives of the “left-behind” children who live there.

Amity Foundation starts special philanthropic fund for WW2 veterans

The Amity Foundation, together with the Nanjing and Jiangsu Committees of the National Democratic Construction Association (NDCA, 民建江苏省委 and 民建南京市委) have held a signing ceremony at the Nanjing Civil Resistance Against Japan Museum that marks the establishment of a special fund (公益基金) dedicated to helping Chinese veterans of the Sino-Japanese war. Huimin Hong, the deputy Director of the NDCA spoke at the ceremony and said that the Fund was established to mark the Chinese victory in the conflict. Hong also said that he hoped that Chinese society would pay more attention towards caring for veterans of the war.