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What’s wrong with China’s system for recruiting social workers?

A recent article published in Southern Weekly discusses the problems in China’s current system of social worker recruitment. The author, a social work professor from Beijing Normal University, points out three major challenges. First of all, the “package” model through which such services are purchased hinders social work’s continuity, since an entire program and staff will be replaced when a new program is purchased, nullifying the work of the previous team; this can also hurt the receivers of the services, which further harms the professional image of the social work sector; from the perspective of developing competent professionals, the package model of service purchase can also have a negative impact …read more

CDB report on salaries in the Chinese NGO sector released

China Development Brief has released a report on its survey of employees’ salaries in Chinese Charitable Organizations. Supported by Germany’s Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) Foundation, the survey was carried out from September to November 2016, combining both online surveys and field visits. The survey involved NGOs working in a variety of fields and based in 30 different municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions, as well as overseas NGOs working in China. The data was collected from a large number of samples and is notable for its representativeness. The investigation was as far as possible conducted in a transparent and public fashion. The report first finding is that the welfare …read more

More than 80% of Chinese female graduates face employment discrimination

Zhang Yun, a fresh graduate from the Hunan University of Technology, is having trouble finding a job. She has decided to go to yet another Hunan Province job fair, in order to look for a job in Civil Engineering. “When recruiting fresh graduates, many employers want male students rather than female ones. They think a woman’s work efficiency is more likely to be influenced by pregnancies and paternity leaves,” explains Zhang Yun. If she fails to find a job again, Zhang has decided she will go back to school and take part in the entrance examination for postgraduate studies. Liu Xing, from Hunan University, faces the same dilemma. “Do you …read more