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75% of city dwellers are ready to pay more for safe drinking water

On December 1st, Xylem Inc. (赛莱默公司) and the China Water Network E20 environmental platform (中国E20环境平台中国水网) co-published the “2014 China water quality index research report”.

Guangzhou’s environment protection bureau’s “beautiful misunderstanding”

This article analyzes the controversy on “information disclosure regulations” that has arised between an environmental activist and the Guangdong environmental protection bureau.

Why Shifang is Still In Pain

The author investigates persistent problems in Shifang, Sichuan, over two years after a proposed molybdenum and copper project led to protests

The Hebei governor calls on 13 cities to uphold “APEC Blue”

The article describes the measures laid out in Hebei province to preserve the air quality during the APEC summit

Beijing Organic Farmers Market

Beijing Organic Farmers Market

This article describes the origin and development of the Beijing Organic Farmers Market, a pioneering non-profit project aiming at providing organic farmers with direct access to Beijing’s urban market.


The author explains that to ensure good air quality for the APEC summit this month, the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei air pollution cooperation group decided on emergency emission reduction measures which reach even Shandong province

New Environmental Protection Targets for 365 lakes

The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Finance (MF) have announced a new plan to improve water quality in China’s lakes.

Survey finds over half of Beijingers are in favour of environmental tax

A survey carried out by Beijing’s Environmental Education Center has found that air pollution levels remain the most pertinent environmental issue for Beijingers (90.2%), ahead of overall city cleanliness (88.3%) and water quality (84.7%).

Chinese companies counterfeit environmental protection data

In order to receive subsidies for high standards of environmental protective measures, Chinese companies have been falsifying their data.

China’s Supreme People’s Court rolls out measures to strengthen environmental trial process

A specialised environment court was set up on July 3 to further this aim, with serving judges being reshuffled to its top positions at the end of June to prepare for its inauguration.

NGOs cast doubts on CNPC Shenzhen land-reclamation project Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report

Oil giant China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has announced plans to reclaim close to 40 hectares of land in Dapeng Bay in Shenzhen for an LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) project. Land reclamation would change the quality of the seawater and affect the ecological environment for fishing.

NGO lawsuit against Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau about information disclosure fails again

For the second time, Beijing environmental organization, Yuantou Aihaozhe Environmental Institute has lost a lawsuit against the Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau for not disclosing information on local waste incineration plants.

The NPC Law Committee presents the features of the new Environmental Protection Law concerning public interest lawsuits

Yuan Jiechen, director of the NPC Law Committee, explains the features of the new law, in particular the reasons why four reviews were necessary before the final approval.

A Review of Civic Environmentalism in China in 2012

A Review of Civic Environmentalism in China in 2012

Feng Yongfeng, founder of the Green Beagle Environment Institute (达尔问自然求知社) and Nature University (自然大学), reviews the ups and downs in civic environmentalism in 2012.

Beijing University Civil Society Center’s “Ten Major Events in China’s Social Sector for 2013”

Beijing University Civil Society Center’s “Ten Major Events in China’s Social Sector for 2013”

On January 15, 2014, the Beijing University Center for Civil Society Studies announced the 10 top events of 2013 selected by a group of experts.

Lin Lusheng: Let Education and Our Minds Return to a Natural State

Lin Lusheng: Let Education and Our Minds Return to a Natural State

CDB Associate Editor Guo Ting profiles Lin Lusheng, who has established progressive educational organizations and was selected by the Narada Foundation to be a Gingko Partner.

Alliance of environmental NGO research organizations publish second Blue Sky Roadmap report

The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, in conjunction with other organizations publically released their second ‘Blue Sky Roadmap’ air pollution report.

Who has the right to launch a public interest lawsuit?

At the end of October, China’s ‘Environmental Protection Law’ was again discussed in the NPC Standing Committee’s third investigation. The discussion touched upon the requirements for public interest lawsuits, and meant that once again society focused on the issues surrounding legal action.