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Law on eco-taxes gains momentum

Taxation on pollution and environmental damage – so-called “eco-taxes” – became a hot topic again during this year’s Liang Hui (annual meeting of the country’s legislature from March 5 to 15) when Jia Kang, former director of the Research Institute for Fiscal Science (RIFS) under the Ministry of Finance, again proposed speeding up work on legislation for eco-taxes. An official close to the Ministry of Finance said that works on legislation supporting eco-taxes is gaining pace and expected to be done in two years, but he also mentioned that experts and regulators are redoubling their efforts in the hope that it can be finished by the end of this year. …read more

EU-China NGO twinning programs agree to merge

Robert Bosch Stiftung and Stiftung Mercator have agreed to combine their existing exchange programs into a joint initiative. The joint initiative will be named “EU-China NGO Twinning Program”. It will comprise the Stiftung Asienhaus “EU-China NGO Twinning Program”, which is funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung, and Stiftung Mercator’s “China-EU NGO Exchange Program on Climate Change and Low Carbon Development”. Previously, Stiftung Mercator ran its program together with the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E) and the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) and will now continue this good cooperation with both project partners in the joint initiative. In future, up to 24 employees from Chinese and European organizations will take part in …read more

Minister of Environmental Protection doesn’t feel pressured by Chai Jing

Chen Jining made his first public appearance at a press conference yesterday since taking over in his new position as China’s Minister of Environmental Protection. Just before the conference, a documentary about China’s air pollution, made by Chai Jing, had provoked national discussion after going viral online [see here for CDB’s article]. The newly appointed minister applauded the documentary during the conference, saying that he has already sent a message to the producer Chai Jing to thank her for raising people’s awareness of environmental issues. Chen also vowed to strengthen enforcement of the country’s environmental laws. He said that the laws hadn’t been implemented properly in the past, and that even though …read more

China's Latest Silent Spring: FON and IPE's Websites Crash after Chai Jing’s Documentary Goes Viral

China’s Latest Silent Spring: FON and IPE’s Websites Crash after Chai Jing’s Documentary Goes Viral

CDB’s Tom Bannister analyses the success of Chai Jing’s viral documentary Under the Dome and its support for public participation in the fight against China’s air pollution problems.

When we Talk about CSR in China, What are we Talking About?

When we Talk about CSR in China, What are we Talking About?

Zheng Di of the Ruisende (瑞森德) CSR Center reflects on the meaning of “CSR with Chinese characteristics”

More than 700 CSOs now able to bring environmental lawsuits

The recent Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on Certain Issues Concerning the Application of laws in Environmental Civil Public Interest Cases (最高人民法院关于审理环境民事公益诉讼案件适用法律若干问题的解释), made public on Jan. 6, 2015, stipulates that social organizations, private non-enterprise units, foundations, and other organizations registered with local departments of civil affairs at or above city(with districts) levels may bring lawsuits against activities causing environmental pollution, disrupting the ecological system or harming public interests. According to Sun Jun, the spokesman for the Supreme People’s Court, the three traditional types of civil society organization are not the only ones qualified to bring such lawsuits, the Interpretation leaves room for “other organizations” in order to give similar …read more

Zhu Xiao: the compensation mechanism of environmental lawsuit to be perfected

In December 2014, the Jiangsu Province High Court ruled that the the companies were to pay a restoration fee of 160 million RMB. This ruling is unprecedented in China, this is the first environmental lawsuit to receive such a high compensation.

NGO: Pesticide residue in Beijing and Guangzhou vegetables surpasses Shanghai’s

This article concerns a new Greenpeace report on pesticide residue in vegetables based on research in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The report states that of the sample of vegetables sold in Beijing, 40% contained more than 5 kinds of pesticides.

Public interest lawsuits: spring for environmental protection

The Supreme People’s Court published an «Interpretation of issues related to the laws applicable to an environmental civil litigation case hearing» (hereafter: «Interpretation»). The Interpretation allows more public interest organizations to participate in environmental civil litigations.

Two NGOs initiate first environment public interest lawsuit

On January 1st 2015, two NGOs received a notice from the Nanping city intermediate people’s court stating it had accepted to file their lawsuit. This is the first occurence of a public interest lawsuit being filed since the new “Environment Protection Law” has been enforced.

The 10 Public Welfare Keywords of 2014

This article highlights 10 keywords from China Philanthropy Times’ reporting on the public welfare industry in 2014.

Need for faster implementation of prevention plan against heavy metal pollution

The 12th five year Plan against heavy metal pollution has been implemented for four years and has been overall efficient but is still facing “problems not to be ignored” according to the Ministry of the Environment.

ConocoPhillips damage claim case: first court hearing concluded

Zhang Fuqiu, lawyer of the 21 plaintiffs in the ConocoPhillips case, released an interview to Caixin, explaining the circumstances of the Bohai Bay incident, and its consequences for the local environment and communities.

PGS in China - A Development Tool for Local Organic Agriculture?

PGS in China – A Development Tool for Local Organic Agriculture?

Cornelia Kirchner discusses the use of Participatory Guarantee Systems as a way to promote organic agriculture in China in light of her experience working with the Beijing Farmers Market.

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

CDB’s Chief Researcher Liu Haiying gives some examples of successful advocacy campaigns pushed forward by groups of experts.

75% of city dwellers are ready to pay more for safe drinking water

On December 1st, Xylem Inc. (赛莱默公司) and the China Water Network E20 environmental platform (中国E20环境平台中国水网) co-published the “2014 China water quality index research report”.

Guangzhou’s environment protection bureau’s “beautiful misunderstanding”

This article analyzes the controversy on “information disclosure regulations” that has arised between an environmental activist and the Guangdong environmental protection bureau.

Why Shifang is Still In Pain

The author investigates persistent problems in Shifang, Sichuan, over two years after a proposed molybdenum and copper project led to protests