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Jack Ma Foundation clarifies sources of funding for overseas aid in response to online criticism

Jack Ma Foundation clarifies sources of funding for overseas aid in response to online criticism

After facing questions and doubts from netizens regarding the sources of funding for its recent donations of medical aid to other countries, the Jack Ma Foundation has issued a statement clarifying that all the funds used by the foundation for the fight against COVID-19 in China and more than 140 other countries have come from personal donations by Mr. Jack Ma (Ma Yun), the co-founder of Alibaba, and there is not “a single penny” that has come from public fundraising. The statement, released on the 28th of March, is jointly signed by the Jack Ma Foundation and the Alibaba Foundation, and entitled “Regarding our foundations’ sources of funding, what we want to say is …read more

Ranking of Chinese foundations for 2018 released

Ranking of Chinese foundations for 2018 released

The 2018 ranking of Chinese foundations was officially presented during the third “Jinju Award” in Jiangsu, on November 21. Co-sponsored by A Better Community ABC (美好社会咨询社) and 1 Kg Box (一公斤盒子), and supported by For NGO (复恩法律) and Enjoy Volunteering (益微青年), this is the third time since 2013 that this ranking has been released. It is based on an investigation of Chinese foundations, during which NGOs are asked to evaluate their funders. The research was started this August, and lasted two months. 1215 NGOs were invited to evaluate the foundations that provided them with funding from January 2016 to August 2018, and 343 valid questionnaires were collected. The evaluation covered six different …read more

Elizabeth Knup: the Ford Foundation's Future in China

Elizabeth Knup: the Ford Foundation’s Future in China

A translation of the talk that Ms. Elizabeth Knup, the Ford Foundation’s chief representative in China, gave at CDB’s forum on the 6th of November.

United Family's charitable foundation officially registers

United Family’s charitable foundation officially registers

The United Foundation for China’s Health has successfully passed the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ approval process, thus becoming a legally registered Chinese non-public fundraising foundation. The charitable foundation was initiated by the United Family Healthcare Group which manages Beijing United Family Hospital, one of the most exclusive hospitals in the Chinese capital. Its aim is to make the best use of the resources of United Family Healthcare and provide people and communities in need with high-quality healthcare. Beijing United Family Hospital, located in a north-eastern suburb of the city, came into existence in 1997, marking the establishment of the first foreign-invested private hospital since the founding of People’s Republic of China. The …read more

Ai You Foundation declared China's best foundation in 2015

Ai You Foundation declared China’s best foundation in 2015

The Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the results of the “2015 Annual National Social Organizations Assessment” on August 2nd, 2016. The Ai You Foundation was declared to be China’s only 5A-level Foundation, the highest level in foundation assessment in China. The assessment is made up of several stages, including document submission, a field investigation and an evaluation committee as well as media publicity. During the field investigation, after listening to the work reports of the Ai You Foundation, the experts conducted a comprehensive and rigorous auditing of its internal general management, its project management and performance, its financial management and other aspects. They also provided their comments and suggestions for …read more