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Jia Xijin: an Analysis of China's Online Fundraising During COVID-19

Jia Xijin: an Analysis of China’s Online Fundraising During COVID-19

Tsinghua professor Jia Xijin analyses online fundraising during the peak of China’s COVID-19 crisis. She finds that far more funds were raised during the crisis than in normal times, with the quasi-official Charity Federation enjoying a clear advantage.

The Charity Federation leads for donations received during COVID outbreak, report reveals

A report published yesterday by 公益资本论 analyses the performance of the China Charity Federation (慈善会, hereafter CCF) since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. The report concludes that the CCF’s network has had great success in attracting donations by both businesses and the public at large, in a far greater measure than private foundations.  The CCF, alongside the Red Cross, is one of the five charities that were officially appointed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs to handle all public donations of money and supplies going to the coronavirus outbreak. It was officially established in 1994 as a membership association, with government backing, and reports to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The report points …read more

Deng Guosheng: how will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect Chinese Charities?

Deng Guosheng: how will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect Chinese Charities?

Tsinghua professor Deng Guosheng talks about the effect that the current public health crisis will have on charities and their ability to work and fundraise over the next few years.

CCAFC agrees to return all the funds raised for Guizhou student who died

The “Wu Huayan Case”, the latest scandal affecting a charity to cause controversy on Chinese social media, appears to have reached a conclusion. The China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (CCAFC) officially announced on the 20th of January that it would return all of the money raised to the donors within 15 days. This latest controversy centres around a girl named Wu Huayuan (吴花燕), who tragically died on the 13th of January at the age of 24. Coming from a rural area of Guizhou province, Wu was affected by a rare premature-ageing syndrome, the Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, which usually leads to death before the age of 20. What’s more Wu came …read more

Chinese foundations ranked for transparency, Adream and Narada among the top scorers

Jiemian News, a well-known news website that focuses on the business and finance fields, has released its transparency ranking of Chinese philanthropic foundations for the fourth consecutive year. The ranking is made by taking the 300 Chinese foundations with the highest expenditure on charitable activities over the previous year, and then selecting the 50 most transparent ones. The level of transparency is judged based on factors including the disclosure of basic information and of information on fundraising, project implementation and finances, and the channels and frequency with which the information is disclosed. The goal of the ranking is to promote transparency and serve as a reference for donors. This year five foundations …read more

Man who crowdfunded for his sick son ordered to return the money

A Beijing court has ordered a man to return the over 150,000 Yuan that he had raised through crowdfunding platform Shuidichou to fund his son’s medical expenses. The man, named Mo Chunyi, published a request for aid on Shuidichou last April, in order to fund the medical fees for his son, who had been diagnosed with the rare and serious Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome. The target was set at 400,000 Yuan. Mr. Mo, who lives in Zhejiang, managed to raise 153,136 yuan through the platform within a few days. While the fundraising request was still active, the platform received a complaint claiming that Mr. Mo and his wife owned a street-front property that they could rent …read more

Fifth Tencent 9/9 Charity Day raises over 2.4 billion yuan, smashing last year's record

Fifth Tencent 9/9 Charity Day raises over 2.4 billion yuan, smashing last year’s record

The fifth edition of Tencent’s 9/9 Charity Day, which officially ended on the 9th of September, has yet again broken all records for its scale and the amount of funds raised. The three-day annual event organized by the Shenzhen-based internet giant capitalises on people’s readiness to donate small sums to charitable causes through their mobile phones. It has turned into the biggest opportunity of the year for Chinese charities to fundraise online, especially considering that around half of all online donations in China are made during the three days of the event. The motto of this year’s 9/9 Charity Day was “Do good things together” (一块做好事). According to official data from Tencent, from the …read more

1.5 million yuan raised in one day for the flooded areas of Guangxi: a new record for online fundraising

1.5 million yuan raised in one day for the flooded areas of Guangxi: a new record for online fundraising

Since May 25, many areas of Guangxi province have been suffering from extreme precipitation and floodings. The heavy rains have caused local rivers to rise rapidly, quickly exceeding the warning line, and many roads have been flooded. The floods and rain have affected over 350,000 people in total, with nine dead, three missing, and over 62,000 waiting for rescue and resettlement. On May 29, the National Disaster Reduction Committee and the Emergency Management Department launched an emergency plan in response to the severe storms and floods occurring in Guilin and Changzhou, Guangxi. At the same time, a fundraising drive for the disaster-affected areas was launched on the Easy Fundraising platform of …read more

Crowdfunding campaigns come under scrutiny again

A crowdfunding effort on behalf of a well-known comedian has turned into China’s latest controversy over crowdfunding. On April 8, xiangsheng (crosstalk) comedian Wu Hechen suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and was hospitalized in Beijing. His condition has since stabilized. Following this, his family began trying to raise donations for a total of 1 million Yuan on the crowdfunding platform Shuidichou (水滴筹). Wu’s mother wrote on her platform account that both herself and Wu’s father have already retired, and their income is not nearly sufficient to afford the necessary medical care. She expressed the hope that members of the public could lend a hand and help her family. This was met with suspicion and …read more

Report released on online fundraising in China in 2018

Report released on online fundraising in China in 2018

A report recently released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs provides a picture of the online fundraising landscape in China for 2018. Over the course of the year, the 20 official platforms for online public fundraising designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs published a total of 21,000 solicitations for fundraising on behalf of over 1400 charitable organizations nationally. Netizens clicked, followed and otherwise reacted to these solicitations a total of 8.46 billion times, and the total amount of money raised was in excess of 3.17 billion Yuan, a figure that rose by 26.8% compared to 2017. Charity organizations raised 1.725 billion Yuan through Tencent Charity, 670 million through Ant …read more

Tencent public welfare monthly donation rules updated

China’s biggest tech giant has recently announced updated its rules for monthly donation, requiring stricter tracking of the donors’ general information and finances. The rules are being updated in accordance with the 2016 Charity Law. This law made it easier for Chinese charities to become accredited, and clearly regulated the right to fundraise from ordinary Chinese citizens. In future only “legally registered charities who are in accordance with the law and maintain accurate records” may continue to fundraise through Tencent’s platform. The updated rules are meant to push for greater transparency on project plans and for legal and overall compliance from users of the platform. Tencent operates the most successful online fundraising platform in …read more

Fourth 9/9 Philanthropy Day comes to an end: 1.4 billion Yuan raised

Fourth 9/9 Philanthropy Day comes to an end: 1.4 billion Yuan raised

The fourth edition of Tencent’s annual 9/9 Philanthropy Day formally ended at midnight on September 9th. According to data from Tencent, during the event’s three-day run more than 28 million individual donations from the public raised 830 million yuan through Tencent’s public platform, and more than 2000 enterprises donated 185 million yuan to support 5498 philanthropic projects. The Tencent Charity Foundation provided 299.99 million yuan in matching funds, and 100 million to a growth fund for philanthropic organizations. Total donations were thus around 1.414 billion yuan. According to Tencent, educational projects were most successful, receiving 35.2% of all the funds raised. Healthcare projects received 34.5%, “anti-poverty/comprehensive” projects received 26.1%, and environmental and animal …read more

China’s fourth “9/9 Philanthropy Day” starting tomorrow

Yesterday in Shenzhen the Tencent Charity Foundation held the opening ceremony for the fourth “9/9 Philanthropy Day” online charity event. The fourth edition of Tencent’s hugely successful fundraising event will take place from the 7th to the 9th of September. Last years’ event raised 1.3 billion RMB, including 829.9 million Yuan in donations from the public, 299.99 million Yuan from the Tencent Foundation and 177 million Yuan from social enterprises. This year’s motif is “time for rational charity” (理性公益正当时). The event will advocate a rational approach to charity, and encourage the participants to calm down and think it over before making donations. The Tencent Charity platform announced that it will implement a variety of …read more

An Analysis of Online Fundraising in China

An Analysis of Online Fundraising in China

Almost 1 billion RMB were raised online for charitable causes in the first half of 2018. This article analyses this important aspect of contemporary Chinese charity.

Online public fundraising platforms raised nearly 1 billion RMB in the first half of 2018

Online public fundraising platforms raised nearly 1 billion RMB in the first half of 2018

Since 2016, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has been endeavoring to regularize online fundraising. This month, the first 11 online public fundraising platforms officially designated by the ministry for charity organizations to fundraise went through a statistical assessment. The assessment, conducted by the ministry, measured the amount of money these platforms raised, the number of people who participated, and different charities’ levels of activity on these platforms during the first half of 2018. According to the report that the Ministry of Civil Affairs released, from January to June 992 charity organizations participated in the 11 platforms’ online fundraising, posting 11,000 calls for donations for 10,103 projects. 3.57 billion individual donations collectively raised 980 million …read more

New regulations on charity information disclosure released

This is an abridged translation of an explanation of the new Charity Information Disclosure Method by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. You can find the original here. The Civil Affairs Department recently released the “Charities Information Disclosure Method”, creating a universal set of regulations for the information disclosure of charitable organisations. Information needs to be disclosed by charitable organisations, as a basic requirement of philanthropy is transparency and it is accountable to the society as a whole. This new method is in accordance with the Charity Law, further emphasising the duty of charitable organisations to disclose information with administrative, social, judicial and industry supervision. The Charity Law states that the Ministry …read more

Frequency of scams raises questions about online fundraising

On the 7th of July, in China’s Southwestern city of Nanning, a mother posted a notice online stating that her daughter had been infected by the Zika virus, and that the family did not have money for treatment. Within three days, more than 250 000RMB had been raised through online platforms; however some netizens uncovered soon after that the mother in question owned many restaurants in the area, drove an Audi and possessed various properties to her name. The internet quickly labelled her a fraud, and on the 27th July all of the money was returned. This case comes after numerous other incidents involving online fundraising, most notably the Luo Er case …read more

An overview of the 2017 annual reports of China’s online fundraising platforms

China’s Charity Law, passed in 2016, stipulates that all charitable organisations must release fundraising information only on official platforms recognised by the Civil Affairs Department of the State Council. A year and a half after 12 organizations passed the first round of selections by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as designated fundraising platforms, the ministry started the second round of selections this January. The 12 platforms designated last year recently published their 2017 annual reports. The statistics released, including the amount of funds raised, the number of programs already launched, and the amount of donations, reveal evident disparities between the 12 organizations.   Table 1 Amount of Funds Raised in 2017 Ranking …read more