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Shanghai single mother denied maternity benefits for being unmarried, starts lawsuit

Editor’s Note This is an abridged translation of an article by 新京报 (Beijing News) on a young mother from Shanghai who found she was unable to apply for maternity benefits because she was unmarried. She is now using legal means to try and secure her right to receive the benefits, hoping to set a precedent for other unmarried mothers. You can find the original article in full here. We translated parts of an interview with the woman in question which was appended to the original article.   On August 28th, unmarried mother Zhang Meng (pseudonym) from Shanghai received a piece of good news – the Shanghai Supreme People’s Court had accepted …read more

Report on social organizations fighting domestic violence published

The China Foundation Center published the “Report on the Status and Needs of Anti-Domestic Violence Social Organizations” on April 15, with the support of the EU representative group in China and the Asia Foundation. The passing of China’s law against domestic violence in 2016 gave a sort of legal recognition to social organizations dealing with domestic violence, but there is still a lack of information on this sector, which this report seeks to dispel. The report shows that since 2011, anti-domestic violence organizations have grown greatly in number. 62.3% of the organizations interviewed for the report were founded after 2011. The report had seven major findings: Anti-domestic violence organizations are distributed …read more

New motion for couples to share parental leave supported by netizens.

Lin Yong, a National People’s Congress (NPC) deputy from Guangdong Province, has submitted a motion for shared parental leave during this year’s meeting of the NPC. Mr. Yong claims that from his perspective the implementation of the universal two-child policy worsens gender inequality, restricts the careers of women and burdens families that have two kids. Couples should therefore both take parental leave, and it should be compulsory for men to share in the responsibility of parenting. As China’s birth rate has decreased over the past years, the previous one-child policy was replaced by a universal two-child policy in 2015 in order to address the problem of the population’s ageing. The NPC deputy argues however that …read more