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Draft overseas NGO law released online for public consultation

The second draft of the law that will bring sweeping new regulations to cover the activities of foreign NGOs in China has been put on the NPC website for public consultation. The “People’s Republic of China Foreign NGO Management Law (Draft Second Draft)”, which emerged out of discussions at the 14th session of the 12th National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, is displayed on the website in full. Comments about the draft can be made via the NPC website or by posting to the address listed below. The deadline for comments is the 4th June.

Pioneering Blurred Lines: Ruth Shapiro on Chinese Social Entrepreneurship

Pioneering Blurred Lines: Ruth Shapiro on Chinese Social Entrepreneurship

CDB staff writer Stephanie Wang talks to Ruth Shapiro about the new Chinese edition of her book on social entrepreneurship.

New Problems for the Chinese Public Interest Sector

New Problems for the Chinese Public Interest Sector

Yang Tuan, Deputy Director of the Center for Policy Studies at CASS, discusses problems emerging from the recent, rapid evolution of China’s public interest sector and calls for a new, more sustainable development.

Interview with Tony Saich: Philanthropy, Governance, and Future Challenges

Interview with Tony Saich: Philanthropy, Governance, and Future Challenges

This article contains the remaining parts of an interview with Tony Saich of the Harvard Kennedy School, in which Professor Saich talks about governance, international partnerships, China’s new philanthropy, and future challenges facing China’s development.

The top 10 Chinese public welfare news stories of 2014

2014 was a busy year for the public welfare sector in China. Message, changes, and trends emerging from government agencies, grassroots NGOs, and society all made significant impacts on the development of the sector. Below are the top 10 public welfare events in 2014 as chosen by the China Philanthropy Times (公益时报). The results are based on in-depth online survey and advice from related media, experts, and NGO leaders:   1. Political and Policy Making: “Guiding Opinions of the State Council on the Healthy Development of the Public Welfare Sector” by the State Council (国务院《关于促进慈善事业健康发展的指导意见》) The Opinions, published in December 2014, is the first document enacted by the central government [Editors note: as opposed to laws, …read more

Number of open government information lawsuits increases in Guangdong

Recently, the Guangdong High People’s Court published the statistics for administrative cases brought against government for disclosure of informations. The data show that, compared to the previous year, the number of cases accepted by local courts increased by 73% in 2013, and 39% in 2014.

Eliminating certain NGOs’ privileges

This article deals with government departments establishing NGOs. For the author, this creates problems in terms of NGOs using government influence to hold on to money, reform bonuses and increases the burden on both grass-roots and enterprises.

Lawyers and judges should avoid creating situations where both sides lose

During a case involving multiple offences in Huizhou, Guangdong, the defendants’ lawyers left the room without giving any explanation. This action comes at a moment when the Supreme People’s Procuratorate has published “Provisions on protecting lawyers’ professional rights according to the law”.

New regulations on government procurement of services implemented

On January 1st 2015, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly published the latest version of the “Provisional Measures on the Management of Government Procurement of Services”.

An Oral History of Wang Xingjuan

An Oral History of Wang Xingjuan

In this article, CDB’s Guo Ting interviews Wang Xingjuan, one of the pioneering figures of the Chinese feminist movement. Through Wang’s story, we get a glimpse at the development of the Chinese women’s rights movement from the end of the eighties on.

Kang Xiaoguang: is social organizations’ future development hopeful?

In this interview, Kang Xiaoguang shares his thoughts on a series of issues concerning the development of Chinese social organizations

As a social organization, how do you make the government buy your services?

The goal of this article is to provide social organizations with tips on how to obtain funding from the government.

State Council releases opinion on the development of the third sector

The State Council Recently published the “Leading Opinion Concerning the Healthy Development of the Charitable Sector”. The author looks at the implications of this document, the first such legislation launched by the Chinese central government.

Tsinghua and PKU jointly publish recommendations for the Charity Law

Tsinghua University and Peking University jointly published expert recommendations for the «Charity Law». This report touches upon all the important matters concerning charity in China, such as donations, property management, trust funds, charitable services, branches of foreign organizations in China…

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

CDB’s Chief Researcher Liu Haiying gives some examples of successful advocacy campaigns pushed forward by groups of experts.

Ma Zhengzhou: An AIDS Relief Practitioner on the Frontline

Ma Zhengzhou: An AIDS Relief Practitioner on the Frontline

As part of her series on NGOs in Anhui, Guo Ting tells the bittersweet story of an AIDS relief practitioner’s ultimately successful efforts to set up a Chi Heng Foundation office in Anhui province, register it as a NGO and deliver financial assistance to HIV-infected families in the area.

8 Foundations’ registrations repealed: stricter local governments control?

The Shenzhen Shihui Lingqian Gongcheng Charity Foundation (深圳市施惠零铅工程慈善基金会) had its registration repealed due to an apparently illegal misappropriation of 3.03 million Yuan.

The Hebei governor calls on 13 cities to uphold “APEC Blue”

The article describes the measures laid out in Hebei province to preserve the air quality during the APEC summit