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Civil Affairs Ministry releases documents on improving welfare system for left-behind children

On May 27, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held the second press conference of 2019, and in cooperation with ten other government departments, released a document entitled “Suggestions on Further Improving the Welfare System for Left-behind Children and Children Facing Difficulties in Rural Areas”. This is not the first time the Party Central Committee and the State Council have stressed the importance of improving children’s welfare. In 2016, the State Council released two similar documents offering suggestions. The director of the Department of Child Welfare spoke at the press conference and explained the four main points of the document. First, the document clarifies the function and direction of development for minor …read more

Eight highlights of the 2019 Government Work Report: social groups, social work, and philanthropy

  China’s 13th National People’s Congress opened its second session on the morning of March 5th at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Premier Li Keqiang delivered the government work report at the meeting. A report from the “Charity Times” (公益时报), China’s most respected publication on the philanthropic sector, summarized eight points from the work report which will have a significant impact on the development of the philanthropical sector. 1. Social forces will receive more attention. The report mentions “supporting the social forces to increase the supply of non-basic public services” for the first time. The reason is clearly that, due to the heavy pressure on the balance …read more

Founder of Serve for China Qin Yuefei accused of wrongdoing

Founder of Serve for China Qin Yuefei accused of wrongdoing

Qin Yuefei, representative of the local People’s Congress for Hunan province and founder of the non-profit “Serve for China” (黑土麦田公益), has recently faced accusations of multiple counts of ambiguous financial activities and lack of personal and organisational transparency. Over the past few years Yuefei has garnered much public recognition as a Yale graduate who gave up a possible six-figure salary to be a minimum wage village official in Hunan. In 2012 he was elected as the NPC’s representative for Hengshan county, and was awarded the title of “finest government official” by CCTV in 2013. Yuefei gained widespread public attention after various media outlets broadcast his inspiring story of returning to his humble …read more

Notice for Overseas NGOs on how to apply to have the Ministry of Civil Affairs as PSU (translated)

This notice was published by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs in June 2018. What follows is CDB’s translation. Find the original here. Notice from the Ministry of Civil Affairs regarding “The work method for the Ministry of Civil Affairs to process applications to establish professional supervisory units for overseas non-governmental organisations’ representative offices (trial)” Overseas Non-governmental (ONGOs) organisations: “The work method for the Ministry of Civil Affairs to process applications to establish professional supervisory units for overseas non-governmental organisations’ representative offices (trial)” has already passed the eighth review of the minister’s office in 2018. We hereby present it to you, please conduct your application work in accordance. Attached please find: …read more

Public feedback soliticited on the new draft of the Regulation on the Registration and Administration of Social Organizations

On the first of August the Ministry of Civil Affairs published the Regulation on the Registration and Administration of Social Organizations (Revised Draft to Solicit Feedback), with the aim of collecting public opinions and comments. The deadline to provide feedback is August 21. As compared to the original, the revised version of the draft (hereafter referred to as the Revised Draft) contains seven significant changes that are listed below. First of all, the founders should be representative and responsible. The Revised Draft stipulates that there should be at least ten sponsors in a national social group, and five sponsors in a local one. The founder should be a member of the social …read more

Should the Chinese government pull out of poverty alleviation?

Editor’s note: this is a summary of an article published by the China Philanthropy Times, which argues that the state should not get involved directly in poverty alleviation efforts, but rather harness the power of civil society. The Chinese government has recently pooled great efforts into purchasing public services, but these efforts have mostly been located in the large and medium-sized cities in developed areas. What’s more this practice has not been fully implemented, mainly because a large amount of the relevant poverty alleviation funds haven’t been leveraged. As the 2015 audit report by China’s Auditing Administration announced, out of the 5.013 billion yuan which composed the special fund for poverty …read more

Range of free antiviral therapy for people with AIDS expanded by the Chinese government

Yesterday, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China announced that following the latest technical standards published by the WTO and the suggestions made by domestic experts, it has decided to adapt the standard of free antiviral therapy offered to people with AIDS and further expand the treatment’s coverage. The National Health and Family Planning Commission recommends that all AIDS-infected people and patients receive antiviral therapy. However, free antiviral therapy should be administered under the principle of voluntariness and the premise of pre-treatment consultation. The relevant medical organizations ought to try and eliminate the contraindications of antiviral therapy and not force people with AIDS to receive the therapy. They …read more