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“Mekong Bright Action” brings brightness to poor cataract patients in Laos

“Mekong Bright Action” brings brightness to poor cataract patients in Laos

The launching ceremony of the “Mekong Bright Action” project was held in Vientiane, Laos on October 14th. During the following month, Chinese medical teams will travel to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and other countries and perform free operations for 800 poor cataract patients. The project’s seeds were sown during the first meeting of the Lancang-Mekong River Cooperation, which was hosted in Sanya, Hainan, on March 23rd 2016. The leaders of Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam all attended. During the meeting, China promised to cultivate talents in the field of public health and carry out “Bright Action” to help poor cataract patients in these five countries regain their eyesight. The “Mekong …read more

Free Lunch for Children proposes plan to expand to Ethiopia

During the fifth Chinese Charity Expo, some attention was attracted by a small seminar entitled ‘Can Free Lunch for Children be Spread to Africa?’ The seminar, held on the 24th of September, was presided over by the brand director of Free Lunch for Children. It opened with the deputy president of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, Liu Xuanguo, giving a talk entitled ‘Who can save the 100,000 homeless children in Addis Ababa?’, in which he shared the field experiences of his visit to Africa. In his talk Liu spoke a bit about the general situation in Ethiopia and Uganda and proposed a model of assistance to Africa through cooperation between Chinese …read more

World Philanthropy Forum held at Tsinghua University

On the 5th of September, in honour of the recent passing of China’s new ‘Charity Law’ and of the ‘UN Charity Day’ which also falls on that day, Tsinghua University hosted a World Philanthropy Forum. The event was organized by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CRAFFC), Tsinghua University, and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. The forum’s theme was ‘a new ecology and a new philanthropy’, and the discussions centered around the fields of policy, research, practice and personnel training from the perspectives of global participation, social organizations and entrepreneurs. The event was made up of two major forums and five sub-forums. Lectures were delivered on topics including …read more

G(irls) 20 summit promotes female entrepreneurship

Twenty-four young women-chosen for their experience, ambition and learning ability out of more than 1,700 applicants from the G20 countries-joined this year’s G(irls) 20 summit in Beijing on August 9th. G(irls) 20, established in 2009, is an organization based in Canada that is devoted to promoting greater female participation in the workforce around the world. Farah Mohamed, head of the organization, said that China stands out internationally for producing impressive examples of women who are in power, particularly in business. Hong Xinyu, China’s representative at the Summit, told the international gathering that her plan is to open a workshop to help women who were unable to go to college get training …read more

Chinese Civil Society: A Half Year Summary

Chinese Civil Society: A Half Year Summary

Five topics that provide a quick grasp of the crucial developments in philanthropic legislation and legal practice in China during the first half of 2016.

Committee of 100 Global Chinese Philanthropy Symposium held in Beijing

The Committee of 100 Global Chinese Philanthropy Symposium was held in Beijing on the 8th of July 2016. The Committee of 100 is a membership organization of prominent Chinese Americans dedicated to serving as a bridge between the cultures and systems of China and America. One of its dual missions is to promote constructive dialogue and relationships between the peoples and leaders of the United States and Greater China. This year’s symposium in Beijing was commissioned by the United Nation Secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, so that it can help launch the United Nations Global Charity Program in China. Over 100 guests attended the Symposium, including the Former British Prime Minister Gordon …read more

Final Communique of the C20 conference in Qingdao released

The closing ceremony of the C20 Conference 2016 was held yesterday in Qingdao, in Eastern China’s Shandong Province. Representatives from 54 countries and regions attended the C20 and took part in discussions on the theme of “poverty alleviation, green development, and innovation: the role of civil society.” Many of the participants commented on the positive contribution of the previous three C20 meetings in these fields, which served as the basis for this year’s deliberations. During the press conference, the organizers released the “Communiqué of Civil Society 20 China 2016”. The Communiqué includes thirty provisions and is divided into four parts: Poverty Eradication and Shared Development, Unity of Knowing and Doing …read more

China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation addresses the United Nations Human Rights Council

The 32nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is currently being held in Geneva, Switzerland. The session started on June the 13th and will end on the first of July. The UNHRC is an inter-governmental body whose 47 member states are responsible for promoting and protecting human rights around the world. This year’s meeting commemorates the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Human Rights Council. On behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement and Russia, Chinese representative gave a joint statement during the conference. Wu Peng, the associate director of the international development department of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, delivered a speech on June 14th entitled …read more

Sharing session on Indian and Nepalese philanthropy held in Beijing

Sharing session on Indian and Nepalese philanthropy held in Beijing

A sharing session on Indian and Nepalese philanthropy was held in Beijing by China Development Brief (CDB) and the Beijing Sanyi Foundation in the 3ESPACE venue on June the 12th. Dr. Liu Haying, a senior researcher from CDB, presided the session, which was attended by nearly 40 people from NGOs, international organizations, foundations, and universities. Members of CDB who took part in the visit to India and Nepal organized by the NGO in March shared their experiences and their research on the topic. Firstly, the consultant for the trip and secretary general of the Beijing Vantone Foundation, Chen Jian, broadly introduced the experiences of some of the CDB members who …read more

Lawyers' Tips for INGOs: How to Conduct Future Activities in Mainland China

Lawyers’ Tips for INGOs: How to Conduct Future Activities in Mainland China

In this article two NGO lawyers set out to answer some of the most common questions on how China’s new Overseas NGO Law will affect the cooperation between international and Chinese NGOs and the activities of overseas NGOs in China.

“Philanthropy+” 2016 Interdisciplinary Philanthropy Forum Opened in Beijing

The “Philanthropy +” 2016 interdisciplinary philanthropy forum kicked off on the 25th of May in Beijing. The Forum was hosted by the Ai You Foundation in cooperation with Bloomberg Business/Chinese Version and FAW-Volkswagen Audi. Both Chinese and overseas guests and 300 NGO workers were in attendance. “Philanthropy+” is the only high-level philanthropy forum in China with an interdisciplinary focus. It aims to break through the bounds of traditional debates and find the meeting point between philanthropy and various fields, including business, the internet, education and art. During the morning session Wang Bing, the General Manager of Ai You Foundation, Amy Neugebauer, Deputy to the President of Ashoka China, Liang Liang, …read more

Tourism Will Help 12 Million Chinese Move Out of Poverty by 2020

Tourism Will Help 12 Million Chinese Move Out of Poverty by 2020

The first World Conference on Tourism for Development opened in Beijing on the 19th of May. Representatives from more than 107 countries and 15 international organizations, as well as executives from tourism research organizations, universities and enterprises attended the conference. The themes of the conference were “Sustainable Development through Tourism”, “Tourism for Peace” and “Tourism for Poverty Reduction”. Li Jinzao, the minister of the China National Tourism Administration, claimed that the number of outbound tourists from China would exceed 600 million, and tourism would help 12 million to 14 million Chinese people move out of poverty in the coming 5 years. 150 million Chinese tourists would travel to the countries …read more

How foreign non-profit organisations should respond to China’s new Overseas NGO Management Law

How foreign non-profit organisations should respond to China’s new Overseas NGO Management Law

This policy paper outlines the challenges of compliance and non-compliance and proposes ‘smart indigenisation’ as a third way to deal with the new law. By forging partnerships with credible domestic partners, foreign non-profit organisations can be principled, pragmatic and people-centred at the same time.

Law on overseas NGOs to come into force in January

On April 28th, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress approved the People’s Republic of China’s Law on the Management of the Activities of Overseas NGOs within Mainland China with 147 votes in favour, 1 contrary vote and 1 abstention. The law will come into force on the 1st of January 2017. As the first ever law of its kind in China, it will clarify the registration process and regulate the activities and operations of all foreign NGOs active within Mainland China. The approval comes at the end of a long legislative process, which includes the issuing of two draft versions of the law, the second of which was open …read more

Xinhua: Draft law on overseas NGOs submitted for third reading

According to a report by the Xinhua News Agency, the draft of the overseas NGO law (see here for CDB’s translation of the second draft of the Law) was submitted for its third reading on Monday to the bi-monthly session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, which runs from Monday to Thursday. The NPC Law Committee suggested in a review report that the bill should be put for a vote at this session. Xinhua reported that lawmakers held panel discussions to review the bill on Monday afternoon, joined by Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee. According to a press release issued after the discussions, they agreed …read more

China Daily: NGOs urged to play a bigger role on global issues

According to a recent report by China Daily, Xiao Fenghuai, deputy director general of the China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges of the Ministry of Commerce, spoke in Beijing at a two-day international seminar on the role of non-governmental bodies, entitled “Non-State Actors in Asian Development Cooperation: The Role of Non-governmental Organizations”. The April 19-20 seminar was jointly hosted by the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), the Korea Development Institute, the Asia Foundation, and Australia’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Department. Topics include history and the role of civil society in development cooperation in Asia and the institutional framework for civil society activities. Xiao said NGOs should act as an …read more

Going Global – ENAP meeting in Norway

The European Network of Amity Partners (ENAP) meeting took place on March 14 and 15 in Norway.

Amity Foundation opens office in Geneva

Amity Foundation opens office in Geneva

The Amity Foundation opened its Geneva office on March 9, becoming the first Chinese NGO to have international offices in both Europe and Africa. Over 100 guests attended the opening ceremony, including the ambassador Fu Cong of the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva and Other International Organizations in Switzerland. Qiu Zhonghui, the vice president/secretary general of the Amity Foundation, stated that the foundation, which possesses Consultative Status with ECOSOC (the UN Economic and Social Council), strives to advance exchange and communication with other NGOs and contribute to the international community as a Chinese civil society organization. Geneva is a carefully chosen …read more