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White paper on the psychological condition of China’s left-behind children in 2019 released

On the road to School (上学路上), a Beijing-based Chinese NGO that focuses on children, and particularly their spiritual growth, released the “White Paper on the Psychological State of China’s Left-behind Children in 2019” on January 10th. This is the fifth edition of the white paper since it was first released five years ago. The latest white book analyzes 2,763 pieces of data collected from Jiangxi, Anhui and Yunnan provinces, showing that the main types of violence against children in the area are physical, mental and sexual violence and neglect, with and incidence of 65.1%, 91.3%, 30.6% and 40.6% respectively. It is noteworthy that 13.7% of these children suffer from all four types …read more

Fund for pneumoconiosis sufferers wins charity award

Wang Keqin has been awarded as part of the “70 people in 70 years of Chinese charity brands” (中国慈善公益品牌70年70人) awards, which were announced at the 14th Annual Brands and Personalities Summit on December 18. The awards are organized jointly by Brandcn (品牌联盟) and Shanda Net (善达网). Wang, a well-known investigate reporter, has been called “the first journalist to expose the dark side in China”. He is known for reports like “The black market for securities in Lanzhou is washing up shareholders” (兰州证券黑市狂洗“股民”), “The inside story behind the Beijing taxi industry monopoly” (北京出租车业垄断黑幕), and “Investigation into a Shanxi coal mine” (山西煤窑真相调查), all of which had strong social repercussions and a positive impact on the …read more

Why livestreaming classes won’t solve the problems of rural education

Editor’s Note This is a summary of an article that originally appeared in 网易数读 on the 22nd of December 2018, under the title ”3600万流动儿童,和消失的农村学生” (36 million migrant children and disappeared students from the countryside). It is a response to a widely publicised project to bring classes taught by teachers from prestigious high schools to the countryside through live broadcasts. Earlier this month, a Wechat article entitled “This Screen Could Change Someone’s Fate (《这块屏幕可能改变命运》)” was shared widely in China. It was about how study through live broadcasting has inspired kids in the countryside, where educational resources are seriously lacking. By attending long-distance classes online, kids in Yunnan’s remote Luquan County were …read more

New report on migrant workers' housing conditions in Shanghai urges change from policymakers

New report on migrant workers’ housing conditions in Shanghai urges change from policymakers

A recent report by Li Qi, a research fellow from the Department of Sociology at the University of Hong Kong, investigates the housing conditions of migrant workers in Shanghai. The report is of value for policymakers and NGOs working in this area who want to understand what they can do better to protect the rights of migrant workers in the future. According to the statistics, in 2017 China had 170 million migrant workers working away from their hometowns, mostly in low-wage jobs. This group are the most vulnerable of all workers in China, suffering from bad working conditions, unpaid wages and above all, unequal treatment on the policy level regarding …read more

Two left-behind children hide underneath a moving bus for three hours to go and find their parents

Two left-behind children hide underneath a moving bus for three hours to go and find their parents

Two left-behind children from a village in western Guangxi were found underneath a bus headed for the county seat on November 23. They were able to reach Xilin county, over 90 kilometers away from their home village, by clinging to the undercarriage of a bus until they were discovered by the driver. They told the Xilin station workers that they wanted to find their parents, who had left home to work in Guangdong. The two boys’ experience was first described in an article posted on social media on November 24. The post was accompanied by a video, showing that when the boys were discovered, they were covered in mud and looked …read more

Working with the Migrant Children of Beijing - an Interview with Helen Boyle

Working with the Migrant Children of Beijing – an Interview with Helen Boyle

Helen Boyle is a British lady who started and runs a foundation that helps improve the education of the children of migrant workers in Beijing. Today she speaks with CDB about her work, what motivates her and what children need to be happy.

Report discusses challenges in educating migrant and left-behind children

Report discusses challenges in educating migrant and left-behind children

On March 28, China’s first Blue Book on migrant children was released, discussing new developments and challenges in the field of education for migrant and left-behind children. The flow of people moving from China’s inner provinces to the coast for work has created many issues, including educating the millions of children who have accompanied the migrant workers. Statistics from the Blue Book reveal that by the end of 2015, China had a floating population of 247 million people. According to the report, one in six people identified as a migrant. In addition, migrant children and left-behind children amounted to a combined 100 million. The report also reveals that the percentage …read more

Teenager with autism passes away in Guangdong support center

Lei Wenfeng, a teenager diagnosed with autism, passed away eight days before his sixteenth birthday. None of those around him realized he was this young because his skin was dark, he was unusually tall and he was growing a beard. Some people guessed him to be as old as 24 based on his appearance. On October 19, 2016 he was admitted to a support center in Shenzhen for medical treatment. However Wenfeng died less than two months later at another support center in Guangdong’s Xinfeng County on December 3. His story, which has been reported by the Chinese media, has highlighted the difficult conditions faced by many runaway teenagers in …read more

Migrant parents pen letter to government about school quota

With fewer than 90 days to go until primary school registration begins, migrant workers sent a letter earlier this month to the education bureau of Guangzhou, the capital of southern China’s Guangdong province, to request more places for their children in public schools. Migrant workers do not hold permanent residency in Guangzhou and thus do not automatically qualify for free public schooling in the city. The quota for out-of-town students who can attend the city’s schools has increased this year, but parents are still worried that their children will miss out. “Many friends of mine have no choice,” 26-year-old Zhang Yongqiang, one of the parents behind the letter, told Sixth …read more

Xinhua News Agency questions the result of national investigation on left-behind children

Xinhua News Agency questions the result of national investigation on left-behind children

The second conference on the care and protection for rural left-behind children was held on November 9th. An investigative report on the situation of China’s left-behind children was released during the meeting. A few days later, an article was published on the website of China’s official Xinhua News Agency questioning the results contained in the report. The article puts forward a number of questions regarding the report, the most interesting of which is related to the number of left-behind children. According to a previous report, there were about 61.02 million left-behind children in China. However, the result of this national investigation shows that at present only 9.02 million children are …read more

17% of Male Prison Inmates Used to Be Left-behind Children

The results of research on criminality and left-behind children conducted over the last three years by Zhang Dandan, an assistant professor at the National School of Development of Peking University, have been released. The scholar has been permitted to visit a male prison in a city on the eastern coast of China in order to conduct her research. The pool of participants involved includes 1200 inmates of this prison, and the researcher continuously spent nearly three months with her students in order to conduct the interviews and collect all the data. Initially, Professor Zhang did not focus on the area of left-behind children. However, after conducting a preliminary examination of …read more

First transgender employment discrimination case to go to arbitration

On March 7th the labor arbitration tribunal of Yunyan district, Guiyang city, took up a transgender employment discrimination case filed by “Mr. C” against Ciming CheckUp (贵阳慈铭健康体检中心). This is the first case of employment discrimination against a transsexual in China that goes to court. At the same time, the Expert’s Draft on the Employment Non-Discrimination Law (《反就业歧视法(专家意见稿)》), proposed by over 30 delegates to the National People’s Congress during the on-going “ two sessions”, also includes articles against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Mr C is a transsexual (female to male) who joined Ciming CheckUp as a salesman in April 2015. Although he met all the requirements for the position, …read more

Liu Feiyue's Family Photos for Left-behind Children

Liu Feiyue’s Family Photos for Left-behind Children

Photographer Liu Feiyue travels to Gansu Province to shot family photos for the left-behind children when their parents return for the Spring Festival.

Li Keqiang: never let left-behind children become a source of pain for their families

Li Keqiang: never let left-behind children become a source of pain for their families

During the executive meeting of China’s State Council held on the 27th of January, it was decided to strengthen the care and the protection offered to “left-behind” children in rural areas. The premier of the State Council Li Keqiang expressed his wish that left-behind children should not be allowed to become a source of pain for their families and society. ”China has witnessed a special kind of development with both splendid gains and severe problems”, Li said. “On the one hand, a large number of migrant workers from the rural areas have made great contribution to the rise of China’s economy and urbanization. On the other hand, thousands of left-behind …read more

My Journey through the Charity Sector

My Journey through the Charity Sector

In a far-ranging reflection on China’s charity sector and its society as a whole, a young man looks back at the experiences which set him on course for his work in a Chinese philanthropic organization.

The Left-Behind Children of Longnan

The Left-Behind Children of Longnan

In March and April of 2015, photographer Liu Feiyue went into Longnan, Gansu Province twice for his visual profile series on left-behind children. CDB has re-published the photos and translated their captions with the permission of the photographer.

By Our Side: A Visual Profile of China's Left-Behind Children

By Our Side: A Visual Profile of China’s Left-Behind Children

CDB has republished and translated Liu Feiyue’s photo series on left-behind children called “Childhoods of the Left-behind children” (留守的童年).

Over 60% believe Hukou system causes China's left-behind children problem

Over 60% believe Hukou system causes China’s left-behind children problem

What are the best solutions to solve the left-behind children problems? China Philanthropy Times asked people their opinion on the possible solutions.