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When we Talk about CSR in China, What are we Talking About?

When we Talk about CSR in China, What are we Talking About?

Zheng Di of the Ruisende (瑞森德) CSR Center reflects on the meaning of “CSR with Chinese characteristics”

What’s the relationship between migrant children and “left-behind children”?

This article explores the relationship between two phenomena in China, the children of migrants who have moved with their parents from rural areas to cities to find work (liudong ertong) and ‘left-behind children’ whose parents have moved to cities for work but have left them in rural areas (liushou ertong).

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

CDB’s Chief Researcher Liu Haiying gives some examples of successful advocacy campaigns pushed forward by groups of experts.

Tsinghua report: migrant worker collective action pushes for trade union reform

A new joint report from Tsinghua University and the China Youth Development Foundation suggests that without supporting the demands of migrant workers, the current situation of frequent strikes will become more serious.

Parents in Beijing, children in Hengshui: hukou issues make family reunions rare

This story is about the case of over a thousand students attending the Hengshui boarding school because they cannot sit the gaokao in Beijing for lack of appropriate hukou.

The NPC refuses to let local people congresses legislate on the right to strike

The legal working group of the Guangdong’s People Congress Standing Committee asked the National People’s Congress if the”Guangdong Province Firm Collective Contract Regulations”could include workers’ “right to stop work” and received a negative answer.

Zhaodong strike ends, pension reform still controversial

After the government has accepted to increase the teachers’ wages by 772 RMB/month on average, the strike ended on November 20th.

Demanding higher wages, teachers in Zhaodong do not return to class

8,000 teachers in Zhaodong city, Heilongjiang province have been striking since November 17th after two rounds of negotiations with the authorities failed.

Landmark gender employement discrimination case

On November 12th, the Hangzhou municipality Xicheng district People’s court decided that the Oriental Cooking School was guilty of gender-based discrimination because it had a “hiring men only” policy.

The storm created by Guangzhou’s “illegal organizations”

The authors analyze the controversy created by Guangzhou’s new regulations on the management of social organizations and their impact on unregistered NGOs.

Domestic Workers Set Out Rules For Their Employers

Domestic Workers Set Out Rules For Their Employers

In this article, Han Hongmei uses the “I give the employers my set of rules” case study to analyze the emergence and multiplication of advocacy activities carried out by marginalized groups.

Foxconn workers do not contract leukemia via direct contact with Benzene

Apple are again in the midst of a storm about working conditions at Foxconn. Many young workers have contracted leukaemia even though Foxconn says that no workers have had direct contact with chemicals. Apple, Foxconn and Labour Action China, a labour NGO based in Hong Kong, are all investigating the case.

Error-ridden migrant children schools

Caixin publishes a portfoglio about the destruction of migrant children schools across the country.

Guangzhou University female sanitation workers go on strike

The article is a recount of the reporter’s experience in the sanitation workers face-off against the police, and narrates some of the protest leaders’ experiences of being subjected to harassment from law enforcement officers and their employer.

Labour groups call for workplace safety supervisory role to be given to workers

Labour rights activists have written a joint open letter calling for workers to be given the authority to supervise workplace safety measures themselves. This call comes following the Kunshan factory explosion incident, which resulted in 71 dead and 186 injured.

Household registration reform retains planned economy ideologies

The authors of this article believe that the content of the State Council’s “Suggestions for advancing reform of the household registration system” retain a strong ideological lean towards that of a planned economy.

"Love save pneumoconiosis" founder Wang Keqin: To not give up on life is a fundamental principle

In an interview, Wang Keqin, the founder of the organization “Love save pneumoconiosis”, discusses his organization’s recently published report on how pneumoconiosis (black lung disease) affects rural workers, which is the first specialized report on this topic.

Interview with Wang Wei of the Xi’an Domestic Workers’ Union

Interview with Wang Wei of the Xi’an Domestic Workers’ Union

This article is an interview of Ms Wang Wei, chairwoman of the Xi’an Domestic Workers’ Union, in which she tells us her story and explains how the union was created.