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The 5th China Rainbow Media Award Ceremony successfully closes in Beijing

The 5th China Rainbow Media Award Ceremony successfully closes in Beijing

The awards ceremony for the fifth China Rainbow Media Award was brought to a successful close in Beijing on the 17th of January 2016. The award was jointly launched by the Beijing Ji Ande Consulting Center and another ten organizations. It is the first large-scale media and reporting event in China to focus on LGBTI issues. Its aim is to guide the Chinese media and journalists to report on issues related to sexual minorities more deeply and objectively, and provide gay people with a more understanding, diverse and fair environment. After much discussion by the panel of experts present, an article entitled She Talked about “Gay” Issue in Textbook with the Ministry of …read more

The first lawsuit on same-sex marriage rights put on record in Hunan

On December 16th Sun Wenlin, the first person in China to legally fight for the right to same-sex marriage, filed a lawsuit against Furong district Bureau of Civil Affairs in Changsha city, Hunan Province. The case has been put on record on January 5th, making it China’s first case on homosexual marriage rights. “Considering the typicality of the case, its being put on record should be written into history”, remarked by Sun’s attorney agent. Earlier last year in June, Sun and his boyfriend went to the Furong district Bureau of Civil Affairs’ Registry of Marriages to conduct a marriage registration, but they were refused with the reason that ”no law regulates the …read more

Gay director wins lawsuit against China’s top media authority

Following an order from China’s top media authority, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT), a documentary about the mothers of gays and lesbians called Mama Rainbow was removed from the nation’s major video-sharing websites on February 12. The video had earned a hundred thousand views since its release in 2012. In the beginning of March Fan Popo, the gay director of the documentary, asked SARFT the reasons for the removal but got the response that there had been no such order. The director therefore sued SARFT in court on September 8. On December 22, the court passed sentence against SARFT and required it to pay the …read more

NPC passes Anti-Domestic Violence Law

The People’s Republic of China Anti-Domestic Violence Law was released during the Eighteenth Session of the Twelfth Standing Committee of the NPC on December 27. This law will be enforced from March 1st, 2016. It defines domestic violence as beating, binding, restricting personal freedom, frequent abusive remarks and threats within families which cause physical and mental damage. The law, which is the first legislation to address domestic violence in China, contains a few remarkable points. First of all, it stipulates that psychological violence should also be seen as a kind of domestic violence. Apart from that, it also mandates that violence between “people living together”, even when they are not married, should be regarded …read more

Chinese student who sued the Ministry of Education meets officials

On November 24th at 9 am, a judge-brokered discussion between the litigants of the first lawsuit against school textbooks’ stance on homosexuality in China took place at the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court. The litigants were a junior students at Sun Yat-sen University using the alias of Qiubai, and officials from the ministry of education. Qiubai said that she had worked for a long time with her lawyer Mr. Wang for this opportunity for dialogue, which focused on issues including the management of offending textbook, content censorship and amendments. The meeting lasted two hours, while supporters and the media gathered outside the courthouse waiting for the results. However, it ended …read more

Sixth ILGA-ASIA conference held in Taiwan

The sixth ILGA-ASIA Conference(第六届国际同志大会)was held from the 27th to the 30th of October in Taipei, Taiwan. More than 300 LGBT activists from nearly 40 countries attended the meeting, including ones from the American Human Rights Campaign, the ASEAN SOGIE Caucus, the Ford Foundation and EU offices. The participants shared thought-provoking presentations and discussions. This year’s theme was “Independent Souls and Bodies”(灵魂‧身体自主). The ILGA-Asia Board along with the local hosts, the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association(台湾同志咨询热线协会), developed the theme from both a global and local perspective. A broad variety of forums, workshops and activities were offered, covering topics including political strategy, messaging and awareness raising, comparative legal analysis and other specific strategy formulations. Taiwan is a pioneer …read more

Phoenix TV releases documentary on Chinese gay community

The Phoenix Satellite Television (凤凰卫视) documentary, named “It’s Me (以我之名——同性恋群体实录)”, claims to be the first documentary made by Chinese mainstream media that is narrated by gay people about their own real lives. The documentary, which took more than a year to prepare and several months to shoot, interviewed more than forty members of the gay community and their families in nine cities and worked with six gay rights NGOs. Almost all interviewees agreed to show their faces on camera.

NHFPC requires schools to build AIDS epidemic reporting system

Due to an increase in HIV/AIDS infection among students, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) recently published a Notice to ask schools to build AIDS epidemic reporting systems (关于建立疫情通报制度 进一步加强学校艾滋病防控工作的通知) and requires schools to organize consultations to analyze reasons for epidemics and ways of controlling them.

“Asia’s biggest rainbow flag” paraded through Chinese university campus

On last week’s International Day Against Homophobia, Sun Yat-Sen University’s students organized an event to parade the rainbow flag to support LGBTQ groups on campus and kick-off Guangzhou’s gay pride month. The student publication Edaily at SYSU interviewed the event organizers and participants. According to participants at the parade, the event was organized through WeChat. Participants each received individual messages about details of the event. Participants weren’t limited to SYSU students and many came from nearby schools. Both students who identify themselves as LGBTQ and students who don’t, were actively involved in this event. Many non-LGBTQ participants expressed their willingness to show support and respect by taking part in the event. Participants …read more

Li Yinhe proposes same-sex marriage again at this year’s Liang Hui

Li Yinhe, professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and long-time LGBT activist, has asked representatives at the National People’s Congress (NPC) to present a Chinese Same-Sex Marriage Bill as an amendment to the marriage law. The NPC is the second part of this year’s Liang Hui (The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the National People’s Congress) which starts today. Li stated in her proposed Bill that homosexuality is not illegal according to the law, and that homosexuals should enjoy all the rights given to Chinese citizens by law, including the right to marry. Li first proposed a same-sex marriage bill at an open hearing by the Commission of Legislative Affairs of the NPC …read more

Which Path should Marginalized Chinese Women's NGOs follow?

Which Path should Marginalized Chinese Women’s NGOs follow?

CDB’s Guo Ting analyzes the landscape of marginalized Chinese women’s NGOs, including those helping female sex workers and lesbian communities.

The storm created by Guangzhou’s “illegal organizations”

The authors analyze the controversy created by Guangzhou’s new regulations on the management of social organizations and their impact on unregistered NGOs.

NGOs call on deans to allow LGBT students groups

On the Chinese “Teacher Day”, a number of Chinese LGBT NGOs sent a letter to deans of 112 universities and 211 training institutes asking them to pay more attention to LGBT students rights and allow LGBT students groups to register freely.

China’s first “gay therapy” litigation plaintiff sends petition to the World Health Organization

In a period of less than 5 days, more than 90,000 All Out members have signed a petition in support of a Chinese gay man, victim of “reverse therapy.”

Three HIV carriers sue Chunqiu airlines for refusing to board them

Three HIV carriers who wanted to fly from Shenyang to Shijiazhuang were denied access to the plane by staff from Chunqiu airlines on the ground that “the company rules forbid [us] from boarding AIDS infected passengers”.

Man subjected to electroshock therapy to “cure” his homosexuality : the struggle to be oneself

A Chinese court has recently heard a landmark case on gay conversion therapy. Xiao Zhen (pseudonym), is currently suing a psychological clinic for around 10,000 RMB for subjecting him to electroshock therapy in order to “cure” his homosexuality.

The AIDS Walk: Promoting Public Service in China

The AIDS Walk: Promoting Public Service in China

In this timely article, CDB Deputy Editor, Guo Ting, discusses the China AIDS Walk, a grassroots-organized public service event to call attention to discrimination against people living with HIV-AIDS.

The Beijing LGBT Center

The Beijing LGBT Center

This article profiles one of the few LGBT organizations devoted to the cultural, social and political advancement of the LGBT community. The emergence of the LGBT Center, and Aibai in Chengdu, exemplifies the emergence in China of more expressive organizations engaged in advocacy as well as service delivery.