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Chinese man wins lawsuit over forced gay conversion therapy

A man in Henan province has recently won a legal battle against a psychiatric hospital for the forced gay conversion therapy it performed on him. The man, surnamed Yu, was forcibly admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Zhumadian by his wife and relatives in 2015, after his wife discovered he was gay. The hospital took Yu in and diagnosed him with “sexual preference disorder” without running through an examination. Yu was forced to take medicine and receive injections for 19 days before his friends and LGBT activists helped him to get out. Six months later Yu decided to sue the psychiatric hospital, and the case was filed on June 13th, …read more

Beijing’s LGBTIQ community celebrates Valentine’s Day by posing in front of Beijing landmarks

On the eve of this year’s Valentine’s Day, LGBTIQ couples went to Beijing’s most iconic landmarks and posed for the camera with cartoon cut-out banners promoting marriage equality. The iconic landmarks included the Bird Nest Stadium, Beijing University, the Summer Palace, Dashilar Street and the CCTV headquarters building. Among the participants were gay couples, lesbian couples, transgender couples, and straight couples who supported their cause. Some couples held up colorful banners that read: “the freedom to love does not distinguish gender” and “allow us to experience the woes of marriage too.” Of course there were those at the scene who did not support the idea. When passersby were interviewed, there were …read more