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Sougou creates “philanthropy channel” to promote online platform for philanthropy

Chinese tech giant Sougou (搜狗) has announced a new feature on the company’s search engine. The feature is set to produce and release news related to the public welfare sector in China. Users now can log on to Sogou search engine and find a “philanthropy channel (公益频道)” on its news section. The company aims to build a one-stop news service platform for people interested in philanthropy and the Chinese public welfare sector. At the same time, the company also strives to form a department dedicated to philanthropy by organizing philanthropic activities and integrating different philanthropic projects into the philanthropy channel using the company’s resources. According to chief representatives of the company, …read more

Report on Chinese Nepal earthquake fundraising released by CCIC

The China Charity Information Centre (CCIC), an information platform set up by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2006, yesterday released a comprehensive report on Chinese fundraising for the relief effort after the May 25th Nepal earthquake. According to the report, China had raised 238.01 million yuan (including goods converted into money) for the Nepal earthquake relief until May 12th. The government accounted for about 55% of the money raised with 114 million yuan in total and organizational donations amounted to 49.88 million yuan (about 24% of the total amount), of which the tourism industry and religious groups contributed significantly. The internet also played a big role in the fundraising activities according to the …read more

Questionnaire about the draft Overseas NGO Management Law

The second draft of the Overseas NGO Management Law has recently been released on the NPC website for public consultation. China Charity Alliance together with China Development Brief and NGOCN have put together a questionnaire to collect opinions from the public. The results will be submitted to relevant government departments, they will not be made public and only be used for research purposes. If you have any questions about the questionnaire please send them by email to Please click to view the questionnaire.

Sina Weibo's 2015

Sina Weibo’s 2015 “Attitudes Towards Environmental Issues” online survey

Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblogging service often compared to Twitter, recently published the results of a March 2015 online survey about Chinese attitudes towards environmental issues (中国网民环保态度调查). The survey began with initiatives mobilizing Weibo users to participate in small environmental actions and expressing opinions about environmental protection. Approximately 6.6 million people took part in these initiatives in one way or another, and 2.7 million yuan was raised for environmental causes. To view the whole survey, please visit Weibo’s special account for charities “微公益” here (you need to have a weibo account) Below we have attached an infographic that summarizes the results of the survey:    

“Charity Mum” Wang Yuqiong accused of fraud

A famous Chinese “charity” figure, Wang Yuqiong, has had new reports published on her alleged fraudulent dealings. Wang became famous several years ago when the media covered the story of her tireless journey to find her son who had been abducted by child trafficking gangs. She became a local hero, also known as the “Charity Mum”,  because of her endless philanthropic efforts, including her promise to invest 5 million yuan into a local elderly home. In 2014 she was accused of fraud and embezzling charitable funds by her former assistant, Zhao Chunlei. Wang responded by suing Zhao in the local court of Wenshan. The court heard the case in Oct. 30, 2014, but hasn’t given …read more

China's Latest Silent Spring: FON and IPE's Websites Crash after Chai Jing’s Documentary Goes Viral

China’s Latest Silent Spring: FON and IPE’s Websites Crash after Chai Jing’s Documentary Goes Viral

CDB’s Tom Bannister analyses the success of Chai Jing’s viral documentary Under the Dome and its support for public participation in the fight against China’s air pollution problems.

A new way to do charity: Taobao’s own “Lei Feng Diary”

Taobao has recently started another fad among China’s internet users. A part of each user’s online account statement contains a section detailing their donations activity called their “charitable statement” [公益账单]. This has become known as “Lei Feng’s Diary” [named after the document supposedly written by charitable role model Lei Feng], and is being shared by users to display their online charitable activity. Taobao is the biggest online platform for consumers in China, similar to eBay and Amazon. It is reported that charitable activities on Taobao are carried out mainly through the company’s online platforms (charitable online shops, online crowd funding, charitable auctions, etc) and Alipay (China’s leading third-party online payment solution). According to Taobao, approximately 213 …read more

The top 10 Chinese public welfare news stories of 2014

2014 was a busy year for the public welfare sector in China. Message, changes, and trends emerging from government agencies, grassroots NGOs, and society all made significant impacts on the development of the sector. Below are the top 10 public welfare events in 2014 as chosen by the China Philanthropy Times (公益时报). The results are based on in-depth online survey and advice from related media, experts, and NGO leaders:   1. Political and Policy Making: “Guiding Opinions of the State Council on the Healthy Development of the Public Welfare Sector” by the State Council (国务院《关于促进慈善事业健康发展的指导意见》) The Opinions, published in December 2014, is the first document enacted by the central government [Editors note: as opposed to laws, …read more

The top 100 Chinese public welfare sector figures of 2014

China’s economy is passing through massive transformation, and the public welfare sector is following suit. New problems emerge and old issues resurface as China deepens its economic reform. Chinese public welfare organizations are playing an increasingly important role in solving these problems. To help keep tabs on developments in the sector, The China Philanthropy Times (公益时报)released a list of the top 100 public welfare sector figures in 2014. The list includes notable figures from all walks of life representing the breadth and depth of China’s present public welfare scene. In no particular order, here is a sneak peek at the figures on the list (full list is available at ): Jackie Chan, Actor Like many …read more

Public welfare crowdfunding in China: 2014’s most successful projects

Crowdfunding has recently become very popular on the internet. When crowdfunding appeared in China almost three years ago, no-one showed interest in it. It now has an impressive success rate. All kinds of public welfare projects, no matter how unusual, are now being on the Internet. The internet has proved to be a strong vehicle for public welfare crowd-funding: not only it increased the number of people willing to participate in public welfare projects; it has also increased public interest in the subject. Looking at general statistics about the growth of the crowd-funding movement, it is clear that the movement is booming in China. In just short period of time crowd-funding …read more

A Day on the Women’s Rights March

A Day on the Women’s Rights March

CDB’s Guo Ting spends 24 hours walking alongside activist Xiao Meili on her Women’s Rights March from Beijing to Guangzhou.

The 10 Public Welfare Keywords of 2014

This article highlights 10 keywords from China Philanthropy Times’ reporting on the public welfare industry in 2014.

CASS: A growing share of CSO funding comes from Chinese sources

A report published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) shows that a growing share of Chinese social organizations’ funding is coming from Chinese sources and that Chinese foundations have replaced foreign foundations as the first funding supplier for the sector.

NGOCN’s Notes from the 3rd China Charity Fair

NGOCN reports several findings and highlights of the recently concluded Charity Fair, held in Shenzhen from the 19th to the 21st of September.

Criminal detention of land petitioners in Sihong pesticide suicide protest stirs up controversy

The case of 7 land petitioners who drank pesticide outside the China Youth Daily office in Beijing on July 16 in an effort to draw attention to their grievances is once again making the news.

Media talks about food safety crackdown must not set a precedent of appeasement

This article recently published by the People’s Daily emphasized how food safety regulators must be held accountable for their actions, especially when the falsify reports or omit information. – Fang Xuanchang: Viewing environmental NGOs from three angles

Fang Xuanchang: Viewing environmental NGOs from three angles 方玄昌:从三个角度看环保NGO, November 6, 2013 My speech today is mainly directed at people in the media, at people in the same profession as myself. However I hope that online users can also get hold of it as well. There is much information and news in my speech that I would guess that online users have themselves experienced, but have perhaps not drawn the same conclusions as myself. My conclusions are directed towards environmental NGOs, with the Greenpeace organisation acting as a benchmark or typical case for me to discuss the issues that I talk about. The professional angle: from un-rigorous to anti-scientific …read more

The AIDS Walk: Promoting Public Service in China

The AIDS Walk: Promoting Public Service in China

In this timely article, CDB Deputy Editor, Guo Ting, discusses the China AIDS Walk, a grassroots-organized public service event to call attention to discrimination against people living with HIV-AIDS.