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The Remarkable Online Volunteers of the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Remarkable Online Volunteers of the COVID-19 Outbreak

During the chaotic first few weeks of lockdown in Hubei province, social media presented some medical professionals with a tool to set up a network of volunteers and help infected people in their own homes.

Italy’s AIFO starts innovative mental health training program in Heilongjiang

The Heilongjiang representative office of the Italian Association “Amici di Raoul Follereau” (AIFO) recently organized a training program in Harbin, in cooperation with the Ha’erbin City Mental Health Prevention and Cure Office. The program aims to promote the integration of mental health with primary medical services and assist patients with mental disorders to better engage in society. The AIFO especially invited two Italian experts in mental health to provide lectures. Twelve lecturers from different research areas including psychiatry, psychology, social work and education attended the opening ceremony. The training program includes an introduction to the Italian mental health service model, community rehabilitation and psychological support for patients with mental disorders, and …read more

China's first blue book on mental health released

China’s first blue book on mental health released

China’s first blue book on mental health, the “China National Mental Health Development Report (2017-2018)”, was released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on February 22. The report found positive trends in mental health throughout the country. However these trends were not extremely significant and Zhang Wei, a researcher at the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the overall situation for mental health has not changed much in the past four years. The mental health status of the rural population is also generally worse than that of the urban or non-rural population. The blue book’s report is based on a collection of earlier surveys and studies. …read more

White paper on the psychological condition of China’s left-behind children in 2018 released

On the Road to School (上学路上), a Chinese NGO that focuses on children, and particularly their spiritual growth, held a press conference in Beijing on October 16 presenting the “White Paper on the Psychological State of China’s Left-behind Children in 2018”. The research upon which the white paper is based was launched in December 2017, and lasted for nine months. 11,126 cases were collected from 19 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The research aimed to investigate left-behind children’s emotional state from the four perspectives of happiness, peace, anxiousness and confusion. Li Yifei, a professor from Beijing Normal University, presented the white paper during the press conference. The paper focuses mainly on …read more

Xiaojie Qin: Mental Health Concerns Everyone

Xiaojie Qin: Mental Health Concerns Everyone

Xiaojie Qin is the founder of CandleX, an organization that deals with mental health issues in Beijing. In this exclusive interview she talks to CDB about her work and what motivates her.