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Intermediary Nonprofits and the Rise of China’s Domestic Social Impact Ecosystem

Intermediary Nonprofits and the Rise of China’s Domestic Social Impact Ecosystem

The last few years have seen the rise of a new class of intermediary organizations that act as hubs for NGOs and social service providers in China’s major cities. In this article, Ryan Etzcorn describes his research into the role of such organizations in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

An Interview with Ding Li, Non-Profit Incubator

An Interview with Ding Li, Non-Profit Incubator

Ms. Ding Li talks about the work of Non-Profit Incubator, the leading incubator for NGOs in China, and about the state of the nonprofit sector in the country, drawing upon her many years of experience in this field.

People’s Daily publishes editorial on the development of charity platforms

On May 24, the People’s Daily published an editorial by an expert from the China Social Management Institute of Beijing Normal University entitled “Look rationally at the development of our country’s internet charity industry”. It argues that online charity platforms have not only altered the conditions of the practice of charity, but also enriched its development patterns, requiring people to have a deep understanding of their current advantages and challenges. The editorial claims that the advantages of online charity platforms can mainly be attributed to the perfect combination between charity and four important features of the internet: transparency, innovation, sharing culture and connectivity. Transparency allows charity organizations and programs to be …read more

First Belt and Road International Philanthropy Talents Exchange Program held

The first Belt and Road “International Philanthropy Talents Exchange Program”, launched during the third World Philanthropy Forum in 2018, was held between May 10 and 17 in Hong Kong and Bangkok. The program was jointly hosted by the China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, the Institute for Philanthropy Tsinghua University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the United Nations Development Programme. Eleven leaders from various social organizations working in China attended the event. While in Hong Kong the delegation attended a training workshop on charity management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well talks at different charity organizations including World Vision, the Hong Kong Jockey Club …read more

China Charity Alliance holds summit and releases first nationwide charity agreement

On May 11, the China Charity Alliance held their Member Summit’s second session in Langfang, Hebei Province. The summit elected a new executive council and leadership structure. Member and Deputy Director of the Party Group of Civil Affairs Tang Chengpei was elected as executive council chairman. Zhan Chengfu, also a member and deputy minister of the Party Group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs as well as the director of the Social Organization Administration, attended the meeting and delivered an address. Founded in 2013, the China Charity Alliance (CCA) is a platform-style organization. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, CCA aims to actively carry out and implement …read more

The new draft on the registration of social organisations: 15 points of note

Editor’s Note This is an abridged and adapted translation of an article originally appearing in the Charity Times on the 6ht of August 2018. You can see the original here. On the evening of the 3rd August, the Ministry of Civil Affairs published the “Regulations for the registration management of social organisations (draft to solicit feedback)” (from here on referred to as the Social Organisation Regulations), with the aim of collecting feedback and comments from the nonprofit sector. The deadline for review and feedback is the 1st of September. Originally the registration of social organisations was regulated by the implementation of three major regulations, covering the three legal forms of social organisation in …read more

Aiyou Foundation receives sanction for controversial fundraising campaign

It has been announced that the Aiyou Foundation has received an administrative sanction for a controversial fundraising campaign that went viral last December. The campaign, called 同一天生日的你 (you with the same birthday), went viral on WeChat Moments on December 23, 2017. It allowed members of the public to choose a child who shared their birthday, and donate one yuan for the child. The beneficiaries of the project were 366 children from a specific impoverished county in Yunnan province. The project was very successful, raising over 2 million Yuan by the following morning, but it also attracted criticism and accusations of irregularities. Much of the criticism was focused on some very avoidable mistakes …read more

Fundraising drive for burnt baby ignites discussion over charity’s management fees

A debate over a charity’s management fees has been ignited by the case of Hanghang, a 6-month-old baby from Anhui province. On the 26th of January, Hanghang was unfortunately badly burnt by a small electric heater. The accident was caused by a moment’s inattention. Hanghang’s grandmother had put the heater on his bed to make him feel warm and went out. She came back 10 minutes later, only to find that Hanghang had been severely burnt. According to the hospital’s diagnosis, the burns stretched from face to right hand, covering 15% of his body and endangering his life. Upon hearing the news, Shanghai’s Tree Charity (大树公益服务支持中心) decided to lend a helping hand. …read more

The first social enterprise opens in Haining—a charitable vegetarian restaurant

China’s Philanthropy Times recently reported on a vegetarian restaurant that has been officially recognized as the first social enterprise in Haining, a Yangze Delta city in Zhejiang Province. The restaurant, called the “Nanguanxiang Vegetarian Restaurant” (南关厢素食馆) was opened in 2014. In spite of its limited size, it has been doing a roaring trade. The restaurant’s profits all go to a special account set up within the Charity Federation (慈善总会) by a Volunteer Committee. Except for the expenses of the restaurant, the rest all goes to charitable activities in the fields of poverty relief and medical aid. The enterprise was started by Chai Guorong, the executive vice-president of the Haining Volunteer Committee and manager of …read more

Overseas NGOs Registration Workshop: Q&A Session

Overseas NGOs Registration Workshop: Q&A Session

Our translation of the Q&A sessions from CDB’s recent workshop on the registration of overseas NGOs in China.

Dr. Wang Chao (Save the Children): the Future of China's Overseas NGOs

Dr. Wang Chao (Save the Children): the Future of China’s Overseas NGOs

A talk by Wang Chao, Save the Children’s chief representative in China, discussing what the future will hold for international charities working in the Middle Kingdom.

Dr. Zhang Lingxiao's Presentation on the ONGO Law

Dr. Zhang Lingxiao’s Presentation on the ONGO Law

A presentation by Dr. Zhang Lingxiao, Director of the Jingshi Law Firm, given during CDB’s recent workshop on the registration of foreign NGOs. It focuses on the legal practicalities related to the Overseas NGO Law.

Zhu Jiangang on the Development of Community Foundations in China

Zhu Jiangang on the Development of Community Foundations in China

China’s community foundations are still few in number, but the majority of those now in existence were created over the last couple of years. In this article and interview, academic and foundation director Zhu Jiangang discusses their challenges and future prospects.

Practical Guide to the ONGO Law (Registration and Filing)

Practical Guide to the ONGO Law (Registration and Filing)

This handy guide, produced by the Center for Charity Law of the China Philanthropy Research Institute, provides answers to some of the frequent questions that arise when foreign NGOs want to register or apply for temporary activities in China under the new law.

An Interview with the Guangdong Overseas NGOs Administration Office

An Interview with the Guangdong Overseas NGOs Administration Office

A translated interview with an official from Guangdong’s Overseas NGOs Administration Office, exploring how international NGOs can successfully register in Mainland China.

National Tax Bureau releases announcement on tax registration for overseas NGOs

The Central Office of China’s National Tax Bureau recently published an announcement informing overseas NGOs about how to pay their taxes. Below is CDB’s translation.    The National Tax Bureau Central Office’s announcement regarding Overseas NGO Representative Offices’ Tax Bureaus registering work-related conduct   (To) every province, autonomous region, provincial level city, and cities specifically designated in the state plan’s National Tax Bureau and Regional Tax Bureaus: In order to further fulfil the “PRC’s Overseas NGO Domestic Activities Management Law,” overseas NGOs that rely on registration credentials shall conduct tax registration as required by the law. The current notification to overseas NGO offices regarding tax processing registration is as follows: …read more

Overseas NGOs' online registration handbook (Version 1.0)

Overseas NGOs’ online registration handbook (Version 1.0)

Following the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law, the Ministry of Public Security has now created a handbook for overseas NGOs in China that want to register online. We have translated it into English.

Beijing Overseas NGO Supervisory Unit List

Beijing Overseas NGO Supervisory Unit List

The Beijing Public Security Bureau has just released the list of supervisory units for overseas NGOs based in Beijing. The list contains the addresses, phone numbers and websites of the supervisory units in all different fields. Here is CDB’s English translation.