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Ministry of Civil Affairs reinforces management of special funds

On December 31th, the Ministry of Civil Affairs released a document entitled “Notice on the Further Reinforcement of the Management of Foundations’ Special Funds”. The Notice questions some foundations’ over-enthusiastic drive to expand the number and scope of their special funds, and a lack of supervision and management of their operations. Many problems have thus emerged: some special funds operate as independent organizations; some neglect transparency; some deviate from their purposes; some disregard the needs of donors and beneficiaries; and some even seek profit for individuals and corporations. The Notice requires foundations to conduct a strict supervision over their special funds to ensure compliance with their organizational aims and purposes, …read more

New SOE categories: profitable firms and social enterprises

The State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly released the Guiding Opinions on the Definition and Classification of the Functions of State Owned Enterprises (SOE)( 《关于国有企业功能界定与分类的指导意见》) on December 29. This document divides SOEs into two categories, profitable firms and firms dedicated to public welfare, according to what type of business they conduct. Different policies on reform, development, supervision and evaluation are set out for the two categories. The aim of profitable firms is defined as enlarging the function of state-owned capital, maintaining the value of state-owned assets and realizing their appreciation. They are encouraged to make use of market mechanisms, operate independently in accordance with …read more

Report on China’s Evaluation of Social Organizations released in Shanghai

The Non-governmental Organization Administration Bureau and the Civil Service Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Social Sciences Academic Press jointly released a blue book entitled Report on The Development of China’s Social Organizations Evaluation 2015 (《中国社会组织评估发展报告(2015)》蓝皮书) in Shanghai. The report points out that 99 national social organizations have been evaluated as level 3A and above, accounting for 85% of the 116 organizations that received an actual assessment in 2014. The Industry and Business Association of China continuously takes active part in these assessments and offers an evaluation coverage rate of over 50%, playing an increasingly large role in promoting the healthy development of non-governmental organizations. …read more

Second draft of the Charity Law: no geographic limitations on online fundraising

A new version of the Charity Law draft is tabled for a reading at the on-going 18th Session of the 12th NPC Standing Committee, taking place in Beijing from December 21st to the 27th. Compared to previous drafts, this version has removed the geographic limitations on online fundraising, and increased tax benefits for charitable organizations. An earlier draft was submitted at the 17th Session of the 12th NPC Standing Committee a month ago. The lawmakers have since held several seminars to collect feedback from legal experts, scholars and charitable organizations. The geographic limitations on online, TV and broadcast fundraising in the first draft were widely considered to be unnecessary and difficult to …read more

Public opinion solicited for social organization withdrawal mechanism

The Ministry of Civil Affairs has drafted the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ Opinions on Improving the Withdrawal Mechanism of Social Organization (The Draft to Solicit Public Opinion) (《民政部关于健全社会组织退出机制的意见(征求意见稿)》), in order to strengthen the supervision and management of social organizations, increase the level of cleanliness of social organizations, clarify the different ways, basis and procedures according to which social organizations’ registration can be withdrawn, and regulate the organs which register and manage social organizations to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law. Public feedback to the draft was sollicited from December the 2nd to the 10th. The draft clearly defines two methods for the withdrawing of social organizations. The first …read more

What do the secretary-generals have to say in reply to “Frontline Voices ”?

What do the secretary-generals have to say in reply to “Frontline Voices ”?

Since the release of CDB’s Frontline Voices column, have the voices of these grant-making officers been heard by the management? Will there be any measures to address the issues mentioned in the articles? In this interview, eight secretary-generals of private Chinese foundations give their own answers to these questions.

Ministry of Civil Affairs announces results of annual inspection of foundations (second round)

Following a notice in July announcing the results of its first-round inspection of foundations, the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) recently released another notice (Notice No.365) making public the results of its second-round inspection in 2014. According to the Notice, the annual inspection was conducted in accordance with the Regulation on the Administration of Foundations (基金会管理条例) and Measures for the Annual Inspection of Foundations (基金会年度检查办法). There were 62 foundations involved in this round of examination, of which 45 was up to standard (合格), 10 barely passed (基本合格), and 7 failed (不合格). The Notice also reminds the foundations on the list to go the NGO Management Bureau of the Ministry of …read more

Report on the Development of Chinese Ocean Conservancy NGOs (2015) available online

Report on the Development of Chinese Ocean Conservancy NGOs (2015) available online

  A Report on the Development of the Chinese Ocean Conservancy NGOs (2015) was released during the closing ceremony of the first China Ocean Philanthropy Forum. The report constitutes the first research on this topic. It was jointly conducted by the Heyi Institute (合一绿学院), the Shanghai Rendu Ocean NGO Development Center (上海仁渡海洋公益发展中心), and the China Blue Sustainability Institute (智渔生态环境研究中心) as independent third party observers. Its aim is to help ocean conservancy NGOs in China understand the status quo, learn from each other, improve their expertise, promote communication and networking within the environmental protection sector, and provide better services to adress ocean-related issues in China. Employing quantitative methods, with online questionnaires collected from 29 Chinese ocean conservancy …read more

Community Development: Discover, Think and Act

Community Development: Discover, Think and Act

A girl who works in the Zhenro Foundation talks about how her first experience of urban life in Shanghai and a visit to Taiwan stoked her interest in projects to help urban communities.

CPFF annual meeting ends successfully

The CPFF (China Private Foundation Forum) annual meeting came to a successful end yesterday. Six observers, including Li Hong (vice secretary general of One Foundation), delivered informative reports, stressing the meeting’s theme – frontline project officers and their capacity building. Following the reports was the award ceremony hosted by Dou Ruigang, executive secretary general of the Tencent Foundation. Beijing Green and Shine Foundation(北京桂馨慈善基金会)and Sany Foundation (三一基金会) were awarded the Organizing Committee Prize. “We believe that the hope of private foundations lies in their people. It is essential to listen to the voices of frontline practitioners and respect them as well as inspiring them and stimulating their creativity. That is what …read more

CPFF annual meeting: cultivating talents

The China Private Foundation Forum (CPFF) 2015 Annual Meeting opened yesterday in Shenzhen. The nationwide gathering of NGO leaders and frontline practitioners began an effort toward forging a solid ground for private foundations in China and enhancing the capacity of those who work in this sector. “We hope to address the issue of people and hear more from the frontline practitioners. We can achieve more by the connection of our thoughts. ”said Chen Yili, the vice director general from the rotating president this year China Merchants Charitable Foundation (招商局慈善基金), in the opening speech. Following him was another opening speech by Liao Hong, deputy director of NGO Management Bureau, Ministry of …read more

China Philanthropy Forum 2015 held in Beijing

The fourth annual China Philanthropy Forum was held in Beijing on November 17th. The forum was cohosted by the China Association for Friendship(中国友谊促进会), Caijing Magazine(《财经》杂志)and the Beijing Charity Gala Ball(集善嘉年华). This year’s theme was “Changes & Sustainability”, and academics and professionals in the sector were invited to attend. The guests discussed topics related to global philanthropy and charity innovation. As Agi Veres, director of UNDP China, said during the forum, “Charities are inclusive and should focus on global interests and demands. When we start to focus on the general situation of the world and the state of its resources, the role and meaning of philanthropy will expand enormously.” China’s new Charity Law, currently under the spotlight, was also the focus of much discussion. The Forum, which aims …read more

Sharp drop in NGO sponsorships from overseas

On the afternoon of November 11th the Chinese Foundations Award Ceremony 2015 (中国基金会评价榜 2015), launched jointly by AIju Social Innovation (爱聚公益创新机构) and SRI (社会资源研究所), was  held in Beijing. During the award ceremony, it was revealed that based on the  feedback given by 195 NGOs, the number of overseas NGO sponsors has dropped from 98 in 2013 to 62 this year. According to experts working in the social welfare sector, the current uncertainty towards Chinese policy, due partly to the wait for the release of the Overseas NGO Management Law (the second draft), has affected the willingness of some overseas NGOs and foundations to work on projects in China. According to the event’s hosts, NGO sponsorships from overseas …read more

NGO Projects Don't Have to be Flashy

NGO Projects Don’t Have to be Flashy

A project officer in the Dunhe Foundation looks back at his three years working for this Foundation. He describes how the organization has grown since he first joined, but he also bemoans some of the problems he has encountered, which are due to both the immaturity of the sector and the inadequacy of many of the NGOs which receive the Foundation’s grants.

Narada Foundation’s sponsorship list for the Bright Way Program 2015 revealed

Narada Foundation’s sponsorship list for the Bright Way Program 2015 revealed

On November the 6th, the Narada Foundation held an experts’ review meeting for its Bright Way Program(景行计划) in Beijing. The evaluation group was formed by Xu Yongguang, director-general of the Narada Foundation, Lu Chao, director of the NPI (上海浦东非营利组织发展中心), Tao Chuanjin, professor at the School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University, and Peng Yanni, executive vice secretary-general of the Narada Foundation. Seven organizations applied for the program, and during the meeting they gave presentations and answered questions from the experts gathered. Organizations were reviewed by the following standards: whether they provide leading, mature products and services; whether the leaders and core team members are broad-minded; whether the organization is at an important development juncture, and whether transformation and operational …read more

Hepingtai Project empowers NGO sector in lower tier cities

The Zhenro Foundation, alongside the Dunhe and Narada Foundations, will launch a new funding project called Hepingtai(和平台)in 2016, in order to promote the growth of start-up NGOs in second and third tier Chinese cities. As an open platform, Hepingtai welcomes more foundations and corporations to join in this effort to strengthen the Chinese NGO ecological chain and empower grassroot NGOs. It will cooperate with regional NGO platforms, providing them with funding (less than 100,000 RMB) and crucial training to support start-up NGOs in their regions. The criteria for its platform partners are to have at least one full-time employee, previous experience in NGO support, and a business scale of over 200,000 RMB. Candidates are currently …read more

Acting and Reflecting on the Route of Pursuing Charity Causes

Acting and Reflecting on the Route of Pursuing Charity Causes

A young project officer in a Chinese foundation looks back at how he learned to go about funding charitable projects. The author recalls some of his specific experiences of project funding, and explains how they helped him to grow and to define himself and his work.

The Unusual Situation of the Chinese NGO Sector as seen from a Newcomer’s Perspective

The Unusual Situation of the Chinese NGO Sector as seen from a Newcomer’s Perspective

This article discusses some of the flaws and limitations of China’s NGO sector. According to the author, many of those who work in China’s NGOs are unable to clearly define themselves and what they do, they view fundraising as akin to a business activity, and their morality falls well below internationally accepted standards and norms.