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(CDB Forum 2019) Lu Xuan - How Overseas NGOs Can Work Legally in China

(CDB Forum 2019) Lu Xuan – How Overseas NGOs Can Work Legally in China

Lu Xuan, from the Legal Centre for NGOs, explains some important points concerning the Overseas NGO Law and the operations of overseas NGOs in China.

(CDB Forum 2019) Professor Jia Xijin on the Overseas NGO Law

(CDB Forum 2019) Professor Jia Xijin on the Overseas NGO Law

A translation of the talk by Professor Jia Xijin, of Tsinghua University, at CDB’s recent forum for overseas NGOs

Four overseas NGOs register representative offices in Beijing

According to information provided on the Ministry of Public Security’s website, four new overseas NGOs officially registered representative offices in Beijing on December 2, bringing the total number of representative offices of overseas NGOs in Mainland China to 514. The four latest organisations to register are the Southwest Research Institute (US), the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (Hong Kong), the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation (Hong Kong), and the World Cement Association (United Kingdom). None of the four organisations work in fields traditionally associated with civil society. The Southwest Research Institute is an independent organisation for applied research and development headquartered in Texas, which provides contract research services for governments …read more

German foundation Hanns Seidel Stifftung registers office in Zhejiang

German foundation Hanns Seidel Stifftung registers office in Zhejiang

The Public Security Department’s Overseas NGO Management Office in Zhejiang Province and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education recently issued a registration certificate for the local Representative Office of Hanns Seidel Stifftung (Germany).

Nature-based solutions: 5 important publications by IUCN

Nature-based solutions: 5 important publications by IUCN

As the leading organization of the research and promotion of NbS, IUCN has published many relevant reports and journals, providing researchers and policy makers their expert guidance and suggestions. In today’s article by IUCN China, they listed out 5 publications that you must not miss

Five overseas NGOs de-register their representative offices in China

As reported by ChinaFile, five overseas NGOs have de-registered their representative offices in China over the last few months. The NGOs that de-registered are the Europe-China Culture and Economy Commission (Belgium), the World Future Council (Germany), the KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21 (Japan), the Confederação Nacional do Transporte (CNT) (Brazil), and the Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies (USA). Over the first two years of the Overseas NGO Law’s implementation, in 2017-2018, only two overseas NGOs had chosen to de-register their offices. The reasons for the recent de-registrations are unclear. The China NGO Project of ChinaFile reports that they attempted to contact all five of the NGOs to learn about the reasons …read more

Norwegian NGO Mission Alliance registers office in Yunnan

The Public Security Department’s Overseas NGO Management Office in Yunnan Province recently issued a registration certificate for the local Representative Office of Mission Alliance (Norway). Headquartered in Oslo and established in 1901, Mission Alliance is committed to promoting the development of impoverished and vulnerable groups. The organization entered China in 1997 and cooperated with local governments and social organizations in project activities in the areas of health, disability, aid, and community development. It has cooperated with the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University to carry out pilot projects in Guandu District of Kunming City and Jianshui City of Honghe Prefecture to improve the rehabilitation service capacity of community health service centers …read more

The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation deepens its involvement in Africa

On June 26, the international seminar “Global Management: China-Africa education cooperation and people-to-people exchanges” was held at the African Institute of Zhejiang Normal University. During the seminar Wu Peng, the director of the international development department of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), gave a talk about the poverty reduction projects that the CFPA has been carrying out in Africa recently, setting a pioneering path for Chinese foundations. As Wu Peng explained, since 2007 the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation has carried out projects involving maternal and paediatric hospitals, school canteens, care packages, water cellars, and women’s professional training in countries including Guinea Bissau, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Namibia, and Ghana. They have …read more

Representatives of Chinese foundations take exchange trip to Europe

On June 10, a group of high representatives of Chinese foundations began an official ten-day visit of Germany and Belgium. The exchange group, which received the support of Germany’s Mercator Foundation, was made up of nine high representatives from the Shanghai Zijiang Foundation, the Shenzhen One Foundation, the Beijing Yongyou Foundation, the Shanghai United Foundation, the Beijing Longway Foundation, the SEE Foundation, the Shenzhen Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology Foundation, the Shanghai Yicai Foundation, and the China Foundation Forum, as well as professor Liu Peifeng from the law school of Beijing Normal University. During the visit, the group held discussions with local foundations and organizations, including the Robert Bosch Foundation, …read more

American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine registers representative office in Hainan

The overseas NGO management office of the Hainan public security department recently issued a registration certificate to the Hainan representative office of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M). The head of the Hainan health committee and the chief representative of the Hainan representative office of A4M both attended the ceremony. The head of the overseas NGO management office first congratulated A4M on successfully registering their representative office, and then put forward three working requirements: First of all, they should strictly follow the OGO Management Law to carry out activities in China, and help the construction of Hainan’s free trade zone. Secondly, A4M should submit an annual activity plan and …read more

Nankai University Education Foundation thanks the Tianjin PSB for its help with overseas NGO cooperation

The Ministry of Public Security’s official WeChat account has reported that the Nankai University Education Foundation recently visited the overseas NGOs administration office of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau, and presented them with a banner to thank them for their services and express their respect for the bureau’s work style of “being practical, doing good things, and solving difficulties”. The Nankai University Education Foundation has long been cooperating with more than 10 overseas NGOs to donate money for education. These organizations provide scholarships of millions of Yuan for students in poverty every year, making a great contribution to the development of education and public welfare in Nankai University. However, it was reported …read more

Points of No Return - an Interview with Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace

Points of No Return – an Interview with Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace

In this wide-ranging interview with CDB, the International Executive Director of Greenpeace Jennifer Morgan discusses her organization’s strategies in China and worldwide, the importance of fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity and the fallout from the Paris agreement.

Temporary Activities: the New Normal for International NGOs in China?

Temporary Activities: the New Normal for International NGOs in China?

While it remains complicated for overseas NGOs to register a representative office in China, conducting “temporary activities” is becoming a popular solution, even for organizations that want to work in the country for the long-term.

List of fields of activity and supervisory units for overseas NGOs updated for 2019

An updated version of the “List of Fields of Activity, Categories of Projects and Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs) for Overseas NGOs Carrying out Activities in Mainland China” has been published by China’s Ministry of Public Security. The original version was published in December 2016, and translated by CDB. The updated version for 2019 includes 8 major fields of activity, 65 sub-fields and 237 primary projects. Compared to the original version the number of sub-fields has increased by 13, while the number of primary projects has increased by 45. The new sub-fields of activity include (among others) civil aviation, natural resources and market supervision in the economics field, quality control in …read more

Second “Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network Forum” held in Beijing

The second Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network Forum was held in Beijing on April 27 and 28. 170 Chinese and international NGOs from 22 countries and areas participated in the forum. Over the next two years, the Cooperation Network has committed to emphasize the “Silk Road Family” initiative (丝路一家亲), promote the establishment of 500 NGO partnerships between Silk Road participating countries and China, and carry out 200 “livelihood projects” (民生项目)。 The minister of the Central Committee of CPC International Department Song Tao commented during the Forum that in order for cooperative development between China and the countries of the former Silk Road to take place, people from all walks of life …read more

Japanese NGO Green Net registers in Inner Mongolia

The Public Security Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region recently issued the Japanese NGO Green Net with its registration certificate. During the ceremony Otaki Takashi, the chief representative of the Inner Mongolia office of the Green Net, introduced the organization’s sand control and greening projects in the Horqin Sandy Land. He assured that the organization would carry out projects and activities according to the law, strengthen cross-national cooperation in the prevention and control of desertification, and make a positive contribution to ecological protection in Inner Mongolia. The person in charge of the overseas NGO management office of the PSB affirmed the outstanding achievements of the Green Net in sand prevention and …read more

Italy’s AIFO starts innovative mental health training program in Heilongjiang

The Heilongjiang representative office of the Italian Association “Amici di Raoul Follereau” (AIFO) recently organized a training program in Harbin, in cooperation with the Ha’erbin City Mental Health Prevention and Cure Office. The program aims to promote the integration of mental health with primary medical services and assist patients with mental disorders to better engage in society. The AIFO especially invited two Italian experts in mental health to provide lectures. Twelve lecturers from different research areas including psychiatry, psychology, social work and education attended the opening ceremony. The training program includes an introduction to the Italian mental health service model, community rehabilitation and psychological support for patients with mental disorders, and …read more

The Ford Foundation: 15 years of Educational Funding Projects in China

The Ford Foundation: 15 years of Educational Funding Projects in China

A review of the Ford Foundation’s grant-making in education in China from 2001 to 2016.