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Doing Corporate Responsibility in China - an Interview with Lan Lan, PwC

Doing Corporate Responsibility in China – an Interview with Lan Lan, PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ senior manager for corporate responsibility in China talks about the multinational’s efforts to strengthen the NGO sector in this exclusive interview with CDB.

CASS releases blue book on Chinese charity in 2018

According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ new Charity Blue Book, in 2018 the total amount of social donations in China was about 112.8 billion yuan, a 26% decrease compared to 2017. On the other hand, the contribution value of volunteer services increased by more than 50% from 2017.     On July 13, 2019, the “2019 Charity Blue Book Launch Conference and Chengdu Charity Forum” was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. Nearly 80 people from charity, academia, enterprises, media and the public sector attended the event. Yang Tuan, a researcher from the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, consultant of the Social Policy Center and …read more

Chinese civil society helps to provide relief in the aftermath of the Yibin earthquake

At 22:55 on June 17, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Changning County near Yibin, a city in Sichuan province, China. By June 18 the earthquake had killed 13 people, with about 200 injured. According to the information from the news office of the People’s Government of Yibin, after the earthquake happened the Finance Department quickly launched a financial emergency plan and opened a “green channel” to allocate funds. At 11:30 on June 18, the first emergency relief fund of 10 million yuan was allocated to the disaster-affected areas for emergency rescue and relief. At the same time, many civil society organizations also actively participated in the disaster relief operations. Once …read more

The Ai You Foundation’s innovative child healthcare projects explained

Editor’s note This report is based on an article by the Charity Times, 超11亿投入 爱佑儿童医疗三次创变探索救助之道, originally published on the 17th of June. The Charity Times’ article is loosely based on an interview with Gao Zifei, the assistant secretary-general of the Ai You Foundation. The Ai You Foundation has long been considered one of China’s most important charitable foundations.   The Ai You Foundation’s founder Wang Bing recently gave his predictions regarding the Chinese charity sector in a strategic cooperation conference entitled “Create a nice and healthy future with charity and medical care”. As he said, “the Charity industry will no longer focus on only providing help. Solving social problems in a systematic …read more

Report released on the development of talents in the Chinese charity sector

With the development of a more diverse society many charitable organizations, including foundations, social groups, and social service organizations, have emerged in large numbers. The demand for talent in charity is also increasing as charitable programs prosper. However, due to the unreasonable salary structure, the low social status, blocked promotion paths and other problems, the development of charity is now greatly restricted by a shortage of talents. Although professionals within the industry have conducted various surveys and analyses of human resources in the charity sector, these all suffer from many limitations, such as an incomplete coverage of samples and organization types, limited research content, and the overlooking of new trends. In light …read more

People’s Daily publishes editorial on the development of charity platforms

On May 24, the People’s Daily published an editorial by an expert from the China Social Management Institute of Beijing Normal University entitled “Look rationally at the development of our country’s internet charity industry”. It argues that online charity platforms have not only altered the conditions of the practice of charity, but also enriched its development patterns, requiring people to have a deep understanding of their current advantages and challenges. The editorial claims that the advantages of online charity platforms can mainly be attributed to the perfect combination between charity and four important features of the internet: transparency, innovation, sharing culture and connectivity. Transparency allows charity organizations and programs to be …read more

China Charity Alliance holds summit and releases first nationwide charity agreement

On May 11, the China Charity Alliance held their Member Summit’s second session in Langfang, Hebei Province. The summit elected a new executive council and leadership structure. Member and Deputy Director of the Party Group of Civil Affairs Tang Chengpei was elected as executive council chairman. Zhan Chengfu, also a member and deputy minister of the Party Group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs as well as the director of the Social Organization Administration, attended the meeting and delivered an address. Founded in 2013, the China Charity Alliance (CCA) is a platform-style organization. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, CCA aims to actively carry out and implement …read more

AVPN releases report on philanthropy in China

Editor’s Note AVPN (Asian Venture Philanthropy Network) has just released an insightful report on philanthropy in China. Below you can read AVPN’s original press release. You can download and read the report here.    5 April 2019, New York – Total giving in China has grown to a remarkable USD 23.4 billion in 2017, with registered foundations increasing by 17% over the last decade and corporate giving dominating philanthropic efforts by contributing more than 65% of total giving in 2016. These indicators reflect the sector’s growth into a powerhouse for development. Published by AVPN and supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, Philanthropy in China is a first-of-its-kind report that looks beyond indices …read more

Does it still make sense to donate second-hand clothing for rural areas?

This is an abridged and adapted translation of a commentary published on the Charity School (公益慈善学园) WeChat account on the 10th of March. Charity School is a platform for publishing news and research findings on the philanthropic sector. This commentary is on the issue of second-hand donations to rural areas in China.   “Where has your donated second-hand clothing gone?” has recently become a highly searched question online, arousing extensive discussion. It has been noted that donated used clothing, which ought to be sent to disaster areas, rural areas and poverty-stricken countries in Africa, has been sold to recycling plants that recycle the fabrics and metals, allowing recycling companies to profiteer. …read more

Eight highlights of the 2019 Government Work Report: social groups, social work, and philanthropy

  China’s 13th National People’s Congress opened its second session on the morning of March 5th at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Premier Li Keqiang delivered the government work report at the meeting. A report from the “Charity Times” (公益时报), China’s most respected publication on the philanthropic sector, summarized eight points from the work report which will have a significant impact on the development of the philanthropical sector. 1. Social forces will receive more attention. The report mentions “supporting the social forces to increase the supply of non-basic public services” for the first time. The reason is clearly that, due to the heavy pressure on the balance …read more

China’s social credit system takes on fake charities, announces state media

Editor’s Note This is CDB’s translation of an article that originally appeared in the Guangming Daily (光明日报) on the 26th of February.    Kindness and love are where philanthropy begins. If there is fraud, it will not only do harm to the people’s interests but also be devastating to social trust. Hence as the government department for administration and registration of charitable organizations, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, alongside the civil affairs departments at all levels, has taken measures to strengthen supervision, improve service, and tackle illegal behaviors alongside other departments.  Supervising charitable organizations’ daily operations is one of the most important duties for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. To …read more

Minister of Civil Affairs: charitable donations reached 75.42 billion yuan in 2018

During a press briefing of the State Council’s Information Office on February 21, China’s Minister of Civil Affairs Shuxian Huang gave a talk on the development and reform of civil affairs in 2018 alongside three vice-ministers. Minister Huang assured that after going through institutional reform, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will focus more on the bottom-line of livelihood security, basic social governance, basic social services and special administrative functions. It will not only take care of and protect vulnerable groups as well as other social forces, but also strengthen grassroots democracy and social work talent team construction.   It was also pointed out during the briefing that total charitable donations …read more

The outlook for philanthropy in China in 2019: a new force and a new era

Editor’s note This is an abridged and adapted translation of an article written by Li Yulin; you can see the original here.   From 2008 to 2018, the charity cause of China has gone through rapid and prosperous growth. This period of ten years has been called a “Golden Age” for grassroots charity by some academics. Since we stepped into the year of 2019, everyone has seen the changes in politics and economy in China, as well as the rising concerns for China’s philanthropy. More and more people from other fields have participated in philanthropy, and they are not happy about the status quo. For example, Jack Ma urged the secretary of …read more

China Philanthropy Conference 2018 held in Beijing

The China Philanthropy Conference 2018 was held in Beijing on the 14th of January to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, and summarize and look back upon the achievements of the philanthropic sector. Over 300 guests from government, social organizations, universities, enterprises as well as media discussed the theme of “philanthropy and reform and opening-up”, and the tendency of future development. Chen Changzhi, the chairman of the China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, addressed that the rule of law system regarding the philanthropy sector is improving, social donations are growing steadily, social organizations are developing rapidly, and volunteering is everywhere. He also made the calling that all the …read more

Gao Chuanjie: Charitable trusts are not exclusively for the wealthy

Gao Chuanjie: Charitable trusts are not exclusively for the wealthy

In this translated article, academic and former high-ranking official Gao Chuanjie discusses the development of charitable trusts in China, and three challenges that they face.

Three main fundraising platforms for people with serious diseases commit to self-regulation

Love Fundraising (爱心筹), Raindrop Fundraising (水滴筹) and Fun in Funding (轻松筹), three major online platforms where people with serious illnesses can fundraise from the public, have jointly released two documents on how their platforms should self-regulate. A “self-regulation proposal” and a “self-regulation convention” for “individual appeals for help with serious diseases on online platforms” were both released on October 19. China’s online platforms for serious illness fundraising emerged due to the inability of some families, especially in rural areas, to afford the medical bills for relatives affected by serious diseases. These platforms help patients to spread information about their predicaments through their websites and to raise money from well-wishers. According to …read more

CDB's Bilingual Dictionary of Development and Philanthropy now available online!

CDB’s Bilingual Dictionary of Development and Philanthropy now available online!

CDB’s English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary of Development and Philanthropy now has an online version! Co-produced by China Development Brief and Lingxi, the online version allows users to suggest new entries, point out mistakes in the translations, and leave other suggestions. We hope this will allow us to expand and improve our dictionary, and one day produce a second printed edition. The online dictionary can be found at this link, or by scanning the QR code above. The dictionary, whose paper version was published in June 2017, is the first of its kind. It is designed to help those in the NGO and development sectors who often have to wade across the linguistic and …read more

Sixth China Charity Fair comes to a close

The sixth China Charity Fair came to a close in Shenzhen on September 22. This year’s fair was based around the theme of “Focusing on targeted poverty reduction and creating a better life”, and presented some of the latest poverty alleviation programs. 789 organizations, 876 projects and 312 “poverty alleviation consumer products” from all over the country went on display. Preliminary statistics show that 49 poverty alleviation projects were able to connect with each other and link up their resources during the fair, for a total value of 13 billion yuan of resources. During the fair much attention was given to “targeted poverty reduction”, one of the major themes of the recent …read more