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17th China Philantrophy Ranking released

17th China Philantrophy Ranking released

The 17th China Philanthropy Ranking was officially released on June 16. The annual China Philanthropy Ranking (中国慈善榜), supported by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Charity Times, is a ranking of Chinese philanthropists based on the donations they made over the previous year. In order to aid the prevention and control of the COVID-19, this year’s ceremony adopted the form of an online live broadcast shown on 18 different platforms, including Xinhua, Bilibili, and Tencent. There are 118 philanthropists in this year’s ranking, with total donations of 5.45036 billion yuan between them; and 605 companies in the ranking, with total donations of 1.245059 trillion yuan. During the event, other rankings were also released, including the …read more

10 million dollar donation from ByteDance to US charity generates misunderstanding

10 million dollar donation from ByteDance to US charity generates misunderstanding

In the second week of May, the news that Zhang Yiming, founder and CEO of ByteDance (the parent company of Toutiao and TikTok) had donated 10 million USD to the Gates Foundation (that is, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) suddenly became a hot topic on Chinese social media. The only thing is that there were no press releases by Zhang Yiming, ByteDance, or the Gates Foundation announcing anything of the kind. A reporter from the “Charity Times” (公益时报), China’s most prestigious specialist newspaper for the nonprofit sector, asked the Gates Foundation for confirmation, and found that Zhang Yiming’s $10 million was not donated to the Gates Foundation at all. In fact, …read more

Caixin holds webinar on ‘Building a global safety net against Covid-19’

Caixin holds webinar on ‘Building a global safety net against Covid-19’

Caixin Media, considered by many to be China’s most independent and professional news outlet, hosted a “Caixin Global Webinar” on April 27, on the topic of “Building a Global Safety Net Against Covid-19 — how American, European and Chinese NGOs are addressing the crisis and shaping the post-crisis world”. Speakers included Lu Mai, Vice Chairman of the China Development Research Foundation and Secretary General of the China Development Forum; Elizabeth Knup, director and chief representative of the Ford Foundation’s Beijing office; Gerry Salole, Chief Executive of the European Foundation Centre (EFC); and Zhu Yanmei, Executive Director of the BGI Group and Secretary General of the Mammoth Foundation. Lu Mai spoke first, introducing …read more

Liu Youping: China's Social Organizations Need to Break Free from their Bubble

Liu Youping: China’s Social Organizations Need to Break Free from their Bubble

An interview with a keen observer of China’s charity sector, discussing how Chinese philanthropy can best contribute to the struggle against COVID-19 both within the country and worldwide.

Philanthropic funders pledge to continue supporting their grantees during the COVID-19 crisis

The Ford Foundation has spearheaded the creation of a pledge for philanthropic donors to support the needs of their grantees and partners during the COVID-19 crisis, by being generous with their funding and flexible in their demands. The pledge was officially released on the 19th of March, and it has already been signed by over 500 organizations, including foundations and other leaders in the philanthropic sector. The American Council of Foundations partnered with the Ford Foundation to promote the initiative. As the introduction to the pledge states: “The rapid spread of COVID-19 has created a global health and economic crisis that is testing every one of us. We know that the …read more

China Medical Board donates 200M USD to support the struggle against the COVID-19 epidemic

The US based-organization China Medical Board (hereinafter referred to as CMB) has become the latest international NGO to make an important contribution to the struggle to contain the coronavirus. Founded in 1914 by the Rockefeller Foundation, CBM promotes health education and research in the medical universities of China and other Asian countries. As reported by the official WeChat account of the MPS’s Overseas NGOs Office, in order to ensure the safety of medical personnel, prevent and control cross-infections in medical institutions, and support China in advancing the modernization of its disease control system, CBM has decided to provide US $2 million in special funds to provide technical equipment for epidemic prevention and control, and …read more

As the Red Cross faces criticism for its handling of coronavirus medical supplies, donors turn to the Han Hong Foundation

The Hubei chapter of the Red Cross Society of China has come under strong criticism from the public for allegedly failing to make the best use of the donations of medical supplies that have poured in from across China. In the midst of the current coronavirus outbreak in Hubei province, local hospitals are struggling to come across sufficient medical supplies. Controversy was sparked by a recent report stating that, out of the two million masks donated from across the country, only around 200,000 have actually been delivered to the hospitals. Furthermore, another report from the respected outlet Caixin claimed that the huge local warehouse of the Red Cross was filled with donated …read more

The highlights of the internationalization of Chinese NGOs in 2019 reviewed

On January 5th, a press conference was held in Beijing for the Blue Book of Charity, published by the China Lingshan Charity and Philanthropy Promotion Association (中国灵山公益慈善促进会). The meeting reviewed and commented on the development of Chinese philanthropy in 2019. Huang Haoming, vice-president of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, gave a talk reporting on the internationalization of Chinese social organizations in 2019. In his talk, Dr. Huang went through what he sees as the ten highlights of the internationalization of Chinese civil society over the course of the year. The ten highlights include: 1) Cooperation on charity was included in a summit between Chinese and foreign heads of state for the first time (referring …read more

Chinese foundations ranked for transparency, Adream and Narada among the top scorers

Jiemian News, a well-known news website that focuses on the business and finance fields, has released its transparency ranking of Chinese philanthropic foundations for the fourth consecutive year. The ranking is made by taking the 300 Chinese foundations with the highest expenditure on charitable activities over the previous year, and then selecting the 50 most transparent ones. The level of transparency is judged based on factors including the disclosure of basic information and of information on fundraising, project implementation and finances, and the channels and frequency with which the information is disclosed. The goal of the ranking is to promote transparency and serve as a reference for donors. This year five foundations …read more

Beijing Municipality publishes rules for the promotion of philanthropy

On December 4, Beijing Municipality published several provisions on promoting philanthropy which were deliberated and adopted at the 46th executive meeting of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on September 24, 2019, and came into force on January 1, 2020. The regulations are divided into five chapters: general provisions, charitable donations and donations, promotional measures, supervision and management, and supplementary provisions. In particular, they clarify that Beijing Municipal and District People’s governments should support and promote the development of philanthropy in their respective administrative areas, incorporate philanthropy into the national economic and social development plan, include the development funds of philanthropy into the government’s annual financial budget, optimize the development environment …read more

11th Annual Symposium of the China Foundation Forum successfully held in Fuzhou

11th Annual Symposium of the China Foundation Forum successfully held in Fuzhou

The 11th Annual Symposium by China Foundation Forum was successfully held on the 22nd and 23rd November 2019 in Fuzhou, Fujian. Entitled “A Shared Commitment to Original Aspirations and Common Development”, the conference attracted 1500 guests from over 600 local and international foundations and civil society organizations. The two-day event was packed with a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, networking sessions and a gala dinner.

Tencent gives a billion yuan in prizes to young Chinese researchers

Tencent gives a billion yuan in prizes to young Chinese researchers

Tencent gives 1 billion yuan to 50 young researchers in support of their work in basic science.

Professor Jia Xijin: the History of the Chinese Foundation

Professor Jia Xijin: the History of the Chinese Foundation

A talk by Professor Jia Xijin of Tsinghua University about the history and development of Chinese philanthropic foundations over the last few decades.

Doing Corporate Responsibility in China - an Interview with Lan Lan, PwC

Doing Corporate Responsibility in China – an Interview with Lan Lan, PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ senior manager for corporate responsibility in China talks about the multinational’s efforts to strengthen the NGO sector in this exclusive interview with CDB.

CASS releases blue book on Chinese charity in 2018

According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ new Charity Blue Book, in 2018 the total amount of social donations in China was about 112.8 billion yuan, a 26% decrease compared to 2017. On the other hand, the contribution value of volunteer services increased by more than 50% from 2017.     On July 13, 2019, the “2019 Charity Blue Book Launch Conference and Chengdu Charity Forum” was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. Nearly 80 people from charity, academia, enterprises, media and the public sector attended the event. Yang Tuan, a researcher from the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, consultant of the Social Policy Center and …read more

Chinese civil society helps to provide relief in the aftermath of the Yibin earthquake

At 22:55 on June 17, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Changning County near Yibin, a city in Sichuan province, China. By June 18 the earthquake had killed 13 people, with about 200 injured. According to the information from the news office of the People’s Government of Yibin, after the earthquake happened the Finance Department quickly launched a financial emergency plan and opened a “green channel” to allocate funds. At 11:30 on June 18, the first emergency relief fund of 10 million yuan was allocated to the disaster-affected areas for emergency rescue and relief. At the same time, many civil society organizations also actively participated in the disaster relief operations. Once …read more

The Ai You Foundation’s innovative child healthcare projects explained

Editor’s note This report is based on an article by the Charity Times, 超11亿投入 爱佑儿童医疗三次创变探索救助之道, originally published on the 17th of June. The Charity Times’ article is loosely based on an interview with Gao Zifei, the assistant secretary-general of the Ai You Foundation. The Ai You Foundation has long been considered one of China’s most important charitable foundations.   The Ai You Foundation’s founder Wang Bing recently gave his predictions regarding the Chinese charity sector in a strategic cooperation conference entitled “Create a nice and healthy future with charity and medical care”. As he said, “the Charity industry will no longer focus on only providing help. Solving social problems in a systematic …read more

Report released on the development of talents in the Chinese charity sector

With the development of a more diverse society many charitable organizations, including foundations, social groups, and social service organizations, have emerged in large numbers. The demand for talent in charity is also increasing as charitable programs prosper. However, due to the unreasonable salary structure, the low social status, blocked promotion paths and other problems, the development of charity is now greatly restricted by a shortage of talents. Although professionals within the industry have conducted various surveys and analyses of human resources in the charity sector, these all suffer from many limitations, such as an incomplete coverage of samples and organization types, limited research content, and the overlooking of new trends. In light …read more