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Faye Wong, Zhang Jie, TFBOYS… How do Chinese Celebrities Engage in Charity?

Faye Wong, Zhang Jie, TFBOYS… How do Chinese Celebrities Engage in Charity?

The participation of Chinese celebrities in charitable activities has grown in recent years. This translated article explores this trend by analysing the Chinese Charity Celebrity Rankings since 2013.

Hurun Philanthropy List 2018 released

Hurun Philanthropy List 2018 released

Hurun Research, the company best known for its Hurun China Rich List that ranks China’s wealthiest people, has released its annual Hurun Philanthropy List for 2018. The List contains the top 100 individuals to have made public donations to foundations, NGOs, and educational institutions in Mainland China. This year 76 year-old He Xiangjian, founder of the Midea Group, was named the most generous philanthropist in China, with 7.5 billion RMB worth of donations. The second and third places were taken by two real estate moguls, 60 year-old Xu Jiaxin, with 3.42 billion RMB worth of donations, and 68 year-old Lu Zhi Qiang with 1 billion. The report calculates cash and cash-related donations, …read more

Jack Ma donates $3M to Jordan's Queen Rania's Foundation for Education and Development

Jack Ma donates $3M to Jordan’s Queen Rania’s Foundation for Education and Development

Editor’s note This report was originally published by Alizila. You can find the original here.   The Jack Ma Foundation on Monday announced the first stage of a $3 million donation in support of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, a nonprofit group headed by the Queen of Jordan to promote education in the Middle Eastern country. The announcement was made by Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma during his trip to Jordan this week, when he visited the office of Edraak, a free online education platform supported by the Queen’s foundation. Ma, a former English teacher, has maintained a lifelong commitment to promoting education. Founded in 2014, the …read more

2018 China Charity Rankings released: total donations amount to 20 billion yuan

The fifteenth China Charity Ranking was officially released in a ceremony held in the famed Water Cube of Beijing’s Olympic Park. A total of 172 philanthropists made it into the list, with total donations of more than 7.6 billion yuan. 721 philanthropic entrepreneurs are also on the list, with donations of more then 12 billion yuan. Compared with 2016, the donations in 2017 witnessed a remarkable increase. The China Foundations List and the China Philanthropic Celebrities List were also released, with 50 public-fundraising foundations, 50 non-public fundraising foundations and 50 celebrities making their entries into the respective lists. Lin Chi-ling, a famous Taiwanese model and actress, was awarded with the …read more

Report on Chinese university foundations released

According to the recently released “Development Report of Chinese University Education Foundations (2018)”, 527 higher education foundations had been established in China as of December 6, 2017. By sorting through the financial status of 413 university education foundations from 2012 to 2015, the report found that the amount of donations they received was in a relatively mild state of fluctuation, something affected by many factors, such as the concentration of university celebrations and economic downturns. However the total amount of donations increased from 6 to 7 billion yuan. The report points out that the proportion of expenditures from university education foundations within total university expenditures reflects the foundations’ weight and contribution …read more

China Development Brief holds workshop for social organizations in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

On March 20, CDB hosted a workshop for social organizations participating in the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region (社会组织参与京津冀协同发展研讨会). Forty-six delegates from more than forty social organizations based in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei took part in the workshop, which was held in Beijing. Last year, CDB applied to conduct a Ministry of Civil Affairs project to improve the communication and resource integration among social organizations (as nonprofits are known in China) in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. As part of the project a survey of 55 social organizations in the region was conducted, which found some problems in terms of the communication and resource integration between the organizations. Within the region, …read more

Tianjin PSB organises event to answer the questions of overseas NGOs

Last week the office of ONGO management of the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau held a “Service Day” event aimed at the representatives of ONGOs. The activity was attended by the chief representatives of the Tianjin offices of eight ONGOs and by officials from eight PSUs, including the Tianjin Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Tianjin Municipal Trade Union, the Tianjin Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Tianjin Municipal Office of the State Administration of Taxation, and by officials from other related administrations and universities. Officials from the office of ONGO management gave a briefing regarding ONGO registration, projects conducted in Tianjin, and the …read more

First urban philanthropy assessment system to be established in Shenzhen

Fang Tao, a member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and executive vice-president of the Shenzhen Charity Federation, presented a proposal to build a comprehensive system of supervision and scientific evaluation for philanthropic development in the city during the 4th session of the 6th Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPPCC. Fang Tao said that this is essential for starting a new era of quantitative assessment and professional management of philanthropy in the southern Chinese metropolis. As a city made up almost entirely of immigrants, Shenzhen has prospered rapidly over the last decades. At the same time, it has been confronted with numerous social …read more

Fundraising platform Fun in Funding releases its white paper at ceremony

Fundraising platform Fun in Funding releases its white paper at ceremony

The fundraising platform Fun in Funding (轻松筹) hosted a philanthropic ceremony in Beijing on the 23rd of January, working alongside two media agencies, ELLE and Sina Charity. Charities including the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China and the China Development Research Foundation all attended the ceremony, which also included some stars. At the ceremony, Fun in Funding unveiled its Philanthropy White Paper (《公益白皮书》). As explained in the white paper, Fun in Funding owns more than 190 million registered users, and it has collected nearly 20 billion Yuan for 160 families who have members suffering from critical illnesses. It covers 224 cities in China and 183 …read more

Alibaba releases figures for donations by online shop owners in 2017: 246 million Yuan went to philanthropy

Alibaba releases figures for donations by online shop owners in 2017: 246 million Yuan went to philanthropy

The Alibaba Group has released the records of the charitable donations made by the owners of online stores on Alibaba’s platform during 2017. In the course of the year, 1.78 million such stores made donations for as much as 246 million yuan. Since 2012, the number of stores has increased by 16.4 times, and the amount of donations by 31 times. 350 consumers made their contributions by buying ‘philanthropic products’ (the profits of which partly go to charity), and each made 17 such purchases on average. 6,500 shops gave away over 3% of their total revenue. The owners can receive their charity report for 2017 by logging into Qianniu, a …read more

The Top Ten Stories of 2017 in Chinese Civil Society

The Top Ten Stories of 2017 in Chinese Civil Society

The top ten stories of the year in Chinese civil society as chosen by CDB, from the Overseas NGO Law to Tencent’s 9/9 Philanthropy Day

Project Hope's former “big eyes girl” appointed to official post

Project Hope’s former “big eyes girl” appointed to official post

The news of “big eyes girl” Su Mingjuan becoming deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League’s Anhui Provincial Committee recently went viral on Chinese social media. Su, 34, is the former image ambassador for Project Hope, a famous charity project jointly launched by the China Youth Development Foundation and the Communist Youth League in 1989 to build elementary schools in poor rural areas of China, improve educational facilities in the same regions and provide financial aid to the primary school dropouts whose families couldn’t afford primary education. Born in a poor family in Zhangjiawan village, a remote mountainous areas in Anhui province, she was one of those kids facing the risk of dropping out …read more

China Annual Conference on Philanthropy held in Beijing

The China Annual Conference on Philanthropy, jointly organized by the China Philanthropy Times, a national newspaper focusing on China’s public welfare sector, and other eleven philanthropic organizations, took place in the Beijing Convention Center on Wednesday. “The path of the nonprofit sector is heading from the niche to the public, from singularity to diversity, from offline to online”, says Liu Jing, director of the China Philanthropy Times, in his opening speech. He added that “in the current context, in which the leverage effect of Internet charity has increased and the traditional charity model has been challenged or even subverted, practitioners of public service must maintain an open mind, break the …read more

Jiangsu passes the first local charity regulations in China

Jiangsu province ratified the first provincial regulations to standardize the implementation of the Charity Law during the 33rd meeting of the 12th Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Jiangsu, on December 2, 2017. The official WeChat account of the Ministry of Civil Affairs published an article identifying five main points from within the regulations. The first one is that governmental responsibilities are further clarified, as the regulations implement a coordination mechanism for all the charity work that involves state organs, people’s organizations and charitable organizations. For individuals who seek help, the regulations specify the channels and the process. Help-seekers should reveal their genuine identities when they distribute information, and …read more

Number of university foundations in China reaches 537, with net assets of over 30 billion yuan

The 19th annual meeting of the Work Research Branch of the China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) was held in Beijing on November 16-18. The meeting was focused mainly on Chinese university foundations. There are currently 537 university foundations in China. By the end of 2016, the net assets of university foundations had passed the 30 billion yuan mark, accounting for more than 50% of all non-public foundations. In 2016 the total charitable donations they received amounted to over 700 million yuan, while their total public welfare expenditures were over 500 million yuan. It can be seen from these figures that university foundations have become an important force for the …read more

Annual Report on China’s Charitable Donations in 2016 released in Beijing

Annual Report on China’s Charitable Donations in 2016 released in Beijing

“Giving China: The Annual Report on Philanthropy” was released by the China Charity Alliance on November 2 in Beijing. According to the report, donations from domestic and international sources totalled 139.294 billion RMB, reaching a new historic high. The report notes that the Charity Law was officially implemented in 2016, and its authoritative and instructive legal effects quickly made themselves felt. Many relevant policies were introduced and several key problems in various sectors were addressed. What’s more, the law has directly promoted social donations over the past year. In 2016 China’s economy remained stable, and the good momentum made its effect felt on charitable donations. Total donations reached 139.294 billion RMB, …read more

The first social enterprise opens in Haining—a charitable vegetarian restaurant

China’s Philanthropy Times recently reported on a vegetarian restaurant that has been officially recognized as the first social enterprise in Haining, a Yangze Delta city in Zhejiang Province. The restaurant, called the “Nanguanxiang Vegetarian Restaurant” (南关厢素食馆) was opened in 2014. In spite of its limited size, it has been doing a roaring trade. The restaurant’s profits all go to a special account set up within the Charity Federation (慈善总会) by a Volunteer Committee. Except for the expenses of the restaurant, the rest all goes to charitable activities in the fields of poverty relief and medical aid. The enterprise was started by Chai Guorong, the executive vice-president of the Haining Volunteer Committee and manager of …read more

The first year of the Charity Law summed up

It has been just over a year since China’s Charity Law came into force on September 1st 2016. In a recent article for the China Social Organizations Magazine, professor Jia Xijin from Tsinghua University went through six focal points concerning the law’s implementation. We have tried to summarize them below: 1. Who has been regulated by the charity law? The main focus of the Charity Law is concentrated on charitable organizations. Therefore, the Charity Law regulates the establishment and operation of charitable organizations. 2. Has there been any progress in direct registration? According to the Charity Law, in order to establish charitable organizations it is necessary to apply for registration with …read more