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23 ex-classmates donate Spring Festival money to impoverished girl

A recent report by the Yanzhao Evening News tells the story of 23 junior high classmates who donated their Spring Festival spending money to a girl in need in Hebei Province. For days on end, the group of classmates from Baoding had been fixated on a trending Wechat post about the impoverished 12 year old girl. “Last year we got together and spent money on drinks and entertainment for ourselves, but this year we are spending the same money on food and supplies for a girl in need”, one of the classmates, called Pang Shi Cong, told interviewers yesterday. Pang Shi Cong explained that his group of junior high classmates …read more

China’s philanthropy sector embracing blockchain

Blockchain, the technology behind the virtual currency Bitcoin, is creating a new model for charities in China. Around the end of 2016 Zhongtopia, an online mutual aid networks platform, used blockchain technology to create Xinchain, a database which can track the transactions of charitable donations. According to Zhongtopia’s CEO Qiaoke, as a shared public ledger Xinchain is able to turn giving donations into a traceable, tamper-proof process. “With Xinchain, we hope to enable the public to see the real situation of the charity sector, while at the same time allowing charities to gain trust from the public”, says Qiaoke. Following Xinchain’s initial success, Ant Financial, the affiliate of the Alibaba Group Holding …read more

UNDP launches new program to align Chinese philanthropy’s efforts with SDGs

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will partner with the China Foundation Center to deepen the convergence between Chinese philanthropy and sustainable development, as the two organizations jointly launched a program of cooperation in Beijing on January 6. The program, entitled “Philanthropy and Sustainable Development — China Action”, aims to encourage China’s philanthropic sector to align itself with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by tapping into the China Foundation Center’s large volume of data. As an influential platform for information disclosure within China’s philanthropic sector, the Center possesses much philanthropic data and a large impact in the industry. The program will contribute to data analytics, the creation of a real-time …read more

Shanghai’s Adream tops transparency ranking of China’s philanthropic foundations

Shanghai’s Adream Charitable Foundation is China’s most transparent philanthropic foundation, followed by China Red Cross foundation and China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, according to the 2016 Chinese Philanthropic Foundation Transparency Ranking. Jiemian News, a well-established digital media, released the rankings last Friday. It picked 50 philanthropic foundations out of the 300 with the highest charity expenditure in 2016. The ranking takes into account the width and depth of information disclosure of the foundations, in practice the fundraising details, financial reports and daily information that may influence the running of their projects. The team that used to compile the now defunct Forbes China Philanthropy list took part in the creation …read more

Reflections on Public Welfare Events in 2016

Editor’s Note This article was originally published in 慈善公益报 (Charity and Philantrophy Report). It is a reflection on some of the main events that shook the world of Chinese charity in 2016, including the Luo Er incident, and what they mean for the industry. Below is our translation. Today the benefits brought to charity by the Internet are not limited to online appeals for help, online donations and the spreading of information. Like a magnifying glass, the Internet can not only increase publicity for public welfare events, but also intensify public scrutiny on any incidents that occur in this field. Looking back at the major events of 2016 in the field of …read more

Luo Er, thank you for leaving us without an answer

Luo Er, thank you for leaving us without an answer

Shenzhen man Luo Er’s attempt to raise funds for the treatment of his five-year old daughter, struck with leukaemia, turned into one of the most controversial incidents of the year for China’s charity sector. This article by Southern Weekly provides an in-depth analysis of the whole affair.

Chinese billionaire’s investment in Caltech disappoints Chinese scientists

Chinese billionaire Chen Tianqiao announced on December 7 that he would donate $115 million to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for brain research, in order to crack the fundamental principles that underlie brain functions. The donation invited heated debate among Chinese scientists. Qiu Zilong, a research fellow at the Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai, commented that he was both surprised and disappointed by the donation. Chen Yelin, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said “Chen has done something incredible, but research on neuroscience in the US has been very successful and an additional $115 million won’t bring significant changes. …read more

Charities Aid Foundation ranks China 144th in the World Giving Index 2015

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index 2015 has ranked China 144th for charitableness out of the 145 countries and regions surveyed, and what’s more it has found that the number of people giving to charity has fallen since 2013. The report distinguishes three categories of charitable behaviour: helping strangers, donating money to charity and volunteering time. In order to establish a comprehensive measure of giving behaviour around the globe, the Index relies on an averaging of answers concerning these three fields in each country. Each country is ranked on the basis of the number of people who engage in these categories of behaviour and their proportion within the …read more

Total annual donations in 2015 exceed 110 billion, individual donations rise to 7.5 billion

Total annual donations in 2015 exceed 110 billion, individual donations rise to 7.5 billion

On November 29, the China Charity Federation issued the “2015 Annual Report on China’s Charitable Contributions” (hereinafter referred to as the Report) in Beijing. Drawing on nearly 110,000 entries of sample data, the Report makes an estimation of the total amount of domestic donations over the year and provides analysis on specific trends. According to the Report, China’s charitable donations have been on a steady rise and the annual total exceeded 110 billion RMB for the first time in 2015. The total amount of cash and material donations from both domestic and overseas sources reached 110.857 billion RMB, accounting for 0.16% of GDP, an increase of 6.631 billion RMB and 6.4% when compared with 2014. Domestic donations come mainly …read more

The “Charity Law” and the Recognition of Charitable Organizations

The “Charity Law” and the Recognition of Charitable Organizations

Since being officially implemented in September, China’s new Charity Law has had a great impact on the philanthropic sector. This article from the China Philanthropy Times describes some of the difficulties that have beset the law’s implementation over the last few months, particularly in the area of the official recognition of charity organisations.

Report on Internet Philanthropy in China issued by the UNDP

In order to further stress the importance of Internet philanthropy for the philanthropic sector and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a new report on Internet Philanthropy in China was launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on November 23rd. With the rising number of Chinese Internet users (710 million in 2016), there are more and more people giving charitable gifts online. As Internet philanthropy is a new area that needs more research and analysis, the UNDP has launched the “Internet Philanthropy in China” report to tap the potential of the field, introduce their experience and provide recommendations, and see how Internet philanthropy can make a further contribution …read more

China’s Book on the Underground campaign: philanthropy or promotional stunt?

  A project based on Britain’s Book on the Underground campaign was launched in China on November 15th, 2016. As its name suggests, the project involves 10,000 books being “lost” on the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou metro, shuttles and cabs so that commuters can read them. Apart from ordinary netizens, the campaign has also received attention from Chinese celebrities. At the same time a heated debate has been raised on whether the campaign is really a matter of philanthropy or just self-promotion. Many WeChat users expressed their willingness to participate and regarded it as a good attempt to encourage reading. Others however questioned whether the campaign is actually a promotional activity …read more

Audiences defrauded by fake live charity show in remote area

Audiences defrauded by fake live charity show in remote area

The Southern Metropolis Daily recently exposed a fraud based on broadcasting fake live charity shows. The shows were shot in Daliangshan, a remote and impoverished area of China, and broadcast through a platform called the Kuaishou Application. It is reported that the show’s six anchors went to Daliangshan and donated some money to the poor people there, in order to gain popularity and receive more “gifts” from their audience. After the show ended, they took the money back. According to people who work in the charity sector in Daliangshan, the anchors had supposedly been “active in charity” in the area since September. After the live show, they took back the money …read more

A Philanthropic Society: China's Future

A Philanthropic Society: China’s Future

Renowned Chinese academic Li Xiaoyun reflects upon the impressive popularity and reach of charities in American society, and considers what China could learn from the United States as it tries to become a philanthropic society.

High-profile philanthropist Chen Guangbiao refutes allegations

On the 21st of September a court in Nanjing accepted a case filed by high-profile Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao against financial news portal Caixin, one day after the website published a special report accusing Chen of fraud. Chen requested that the court immediately order Caixin to cease publishing articles or remarks that jeopardise his rights to his name and reputation, according to a report by Xinhua News Agency. Moreover, he also demanded that Caixin pay damages of 1 million yuan ($150,078). “The articles recently published on have spread vicious gossip and have fabricated untruthful information, causing a bad impact on Chen Guangbiao and his company” claimed a statement released …read more

World Philanthropy Forum held at Tsinghua University

On the 5th of September, in honour of the recent passing of China’s new ‘Charity Law’ and of the ‘UN Charity Day’ which also falls on that day, Tsinghua University hosted a World Philanthropy Forum. The event was organized by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CRAFFC), Tsinghua University, and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. The forum’s theme was ‘a new ecology and a new philanthropy’, and the discussions centered around the fields of policy, research, practice and personnel training from the perspectives of global participation, social organizations and entrepreneurs. The event was made up of two major forums and five sub-forums. Lectures were delivered on topics including …read more

Online public offering to help restore the Great Wall

A public offering for the Conservation of the Great Wall was held at the Great Hall of the People by the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation (CFCHC) on the first of September. This was the first public offering for the preservation of the Great Wall, and also China’s first public offering for the conservation of cultural heritage to make use of the internet. As one of the largest single pieces of cultural heritage in the world, the Great Wall has been suffering from both natural and human damage for thousands of years, and it has been listed as one of the hundred most endangered historic sites worldwide. The CFCHC aims to promote the Wall’s …read more

China celebrates its first ever Charity Day

The first ever Chinese Charity Day, which takes place today, will centre around the themes of ‘law’s role in charity’ and ’poverty relief’. The 5th of September has officially been designated as Chinese Charity Day by China’s new Charity Law, which came into force this month. A couple of Chinese cities have held events in honour of the occasion, which aims to promote the concept of charity more widely. On the 4th of September the joint Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei charitable exhibition, held at the Agricultural Exhibition Hall in Beijing, hosted a number of activities including a Charity bazaar of creative products, a 3D artificial limbs demonstration and a shadow-puppetry show. Over 150 charitable …read more