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Revision of the Charity Law to be a focal point of China’s “two sessions” in 2016

The revision of the Charity Law has become one of the focal point the 2016 two sessions

“Walls of Kindness” survive in Zhengzhou but are shut down in other cities

“Walls of Kindness” survive in Zhengzhou but are shut down in other cities

While the “Walls of Kindness” were shut down in many Chinese cities, it prospered in Zhengzhou, this is due to good management and maintenance.

An interview with Mark Sidel: engaging with Chinese philanthropy from a global perspective

An interview with Mark Sidel: engaging with Chinese philanthropy from a global perspective

An interview with Mark Sidel, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in which Professor Sidel discusses the current status of philanthropy in China and worldwide.

Online charity for the Spring Festival

Thanks to the spread of the internet, new ways of conducting charity online have been thriving in recent years, encouraging more people to take an active part in charitable activities. On the 6th of February, the China Internet Development Foundation and other charitable Internet organizations officially launched a “2016 online charitable activities” series, under the theme of “spending the Spring Festival with online charity”. The series includes five parts and 15 online charity projects. One of the projects, “Travel with love”, encourages people to take photos showing a moment of love during their travels back to their hometowns. The “homesick post-90s” project encourages young people born in the nineties to record …read more

“Running Man” variety show combines entertainment with charity  

The TV variety show Running Man recently won praise from CCTV News for its creative way of promoting charity, which combines entertainment with public welfare. During the last two seasons, Running Man has funded 27 impoverished schools, including Hope Project schools and schools for migrant workers’ children, by donating 13 thousand new running shoes and 27 sports playgrounds for the children. Another charitable activity, Happy Running+ Youth Support Project, jointly held by Zhejiang TV, Sina Weibo and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), was launched during the third season of Running Man, aiming to fund 12 impoverished schools in China by constructing playground tracks and donating sports facilities. The project …read more

“Walls of Kindness” spring up in Chinese cities

“Wall of Kindness” have sprung up in many Chinese cities recently.

Researchers from Harvard publish report on China’s top 100 philanthropists

Researchers at Harvard have mapped the philanthropic activities of mainland China’s top 100 largest donors in 2015, examining their identity, their fortune, what sectors they work in, what causes their donation and which areas of the country benefit from their giving.

CFPA: over 90% of undergraduates have participated in volunteer activities

More than 90% of Chinese college students have volunteered to donate clothes, blood, and to provide social services, according to “The 2015 Report of Chinese College Students and Charity” by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation(CFPA).

Eighth Annual Conference of NGO News China held in Beijing

The Eighth Annual Conference of NGO News China, jointly hosted by China Philanthropy Times Press (公益时报) and the Tencent Charity Foundation, was held in Beijing on the 26th of January. The conference was attended by secretary of the All-China Journalists’ Association Pan Gang, president of the China Philanthropy Research Institute Wang Zhenyao and vice president of the China Association of Social Workers Liu Jing. During his speech, Pan announced the top ten NGO news stories of 2015, as chosen through online research and expert opinion, including the establishment of the Shenzhen International Philanthropy Institute and the release of the Charity Law drafts. The efforts of journalists in this field are indispensable …read more

Minister of Civil Affairs attends the Annual Conference of Philanthropy China 2015

Minister of Civil Affairs attends the Annual Conference of Philanthropy China 2015

The Annual Conference of Philanthropy China 2015, hosted by the China Charity Association, was held in Beijing on the 19th of January. The vice chairman of the 11th Standing Committee of the NPC Chen Zhili, the Minister of Civil Affairs and the president of the China Charity Association Li Liguo, the representatives of government departments and universities across the country and another 300 guests attended the conference, discussing topical issues in philanthropy. The conference included the inaugural meeting of the academic committee and a seminar on building a favorable charitable tax system, followed by a gala with the theme of “the power of charity”. During the gala, the accomplishments of the Chinese charity …read more

The Third East-West Charitable Forum held in Hawaii

The Third East-West Charitable Forum held in Hawaii

The Third East-West Charitable Forum, jointly hosted by the Shenzhen International Social Welfare School and the East-West Center of the United States, was held in Hawaii, US from January 7 to 9, symbolizing the substantial union of Chinese and American entrepreneurs. The East-West Charitable Forum was founded by charity leaders and business elites with a global influence. With the hope that “charity can charge the world, charity can build the future”, the forum aims to bring together public wisdom to solve the most urgent social problem. Nearly one hundred charity leaders from China and other countries gathered at Honolulu to attend the forum, discussing the new opportunities and challenges in global philanthropy …read more

The reviewed draft of the Charity Law released online for public consultation

Last month the Draft of the Charity Law of the People’ s Republic of China (中华人民共和国慈善事业法(草案)) was reviewed for the second time by the 18th Session of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress. The NPC’s Law Committee and Legislative Affairs Commission reviewed the Draft according to the opinions expressed by various sides. The reviewed Draft has now been made available on the NPC website ( for public consultation. The content of the Draft is displayed on the website in full. Comments about the draft can be made via the NPC website or by posting them to the address shown below. The deadline for comments is the 31st …read more

Charitable donations to be exempt from import taxes

The Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation have jointly issued an announcement stating that from April 1st 2016, there would be no import tariff or value-added taxes levied on materials from foreign donors which are directly used for Charity. At the same time, the Interim Measures for the Exemption of Import Taxes on Charitable Donations was released, containing specific regulations on foreign donors and domestic recipients. According to the Measures, foreign donors are natural persons, legal persons, and other organizations located outside of China. The social organizations and recipients listed include the Red Cross Society of China, the All-China Women’s Federation, the China Disabled Persons Federation, …read more

Ministry of Civil Affairs reinforces management of special funds

On December 31th, the Ministry of Civil Affairs released a document entitled “Notice on the Further Reinforcement of the Management of Foundations’ Special Funds”. The Notice questions some foundations’ over-enthusiastic drive to expand the number and scope of their special funds, and a lack of supervision and management of their operations. Many problems have thus emerged: some special funds operate as independent organizations; some neglect transparency; some deviate from their purposes; some disregard the needs of donors and beneficiaries; and some even seek profit for individuals and corporations. The Notice requires foundations to conduct a strict supervision over their special funds to ensure compliance with their organizational aims and purposes, …read more

New SOE categories: profitable firms and social enterprises

The State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly released the Guiding Opinions on the Definition and Classification of the Functions of State Owned Enterprises (SOE)( 《关于国有企业功能界定与分类的指导意见》) on December 29. This document divides SOEs into two categories, profitable firms and firms dedicated to public welfare, according to what type of business they conduct. Different policies on reform, development, supervision and evaluation are set out for the two categories. The aim of profitable firms is defined as enlarging the function of state-owned capital, maintaining the value of state-owned assets and realizing their appreciation. They are encouraged to make use of market mechanisms, operate independently in accordance with …read more

Ministry of Civil Affairs announces results of annual inspection of foundations (second round)

Following a notice in July announcing the results of its first-round inspection of foundations, the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) recently released another notice (Notice No.365) making public the results of its second-round inspection in 2014. According to the Notice, the annual inspection was conducted in accordance with the Regulation on the Administration of Foundations (基金会管理条例) and Measures for the Annual Inspection of Foundations (基金会年度检查办法). There were 62 foundations involved in this round of examination, of which 45 was up to standard (合格), 10 barely passed (基本合格), and 7 failed (不合格). The Notice also reminds the foundations on the list to go the NGO Management Bureau of the Ministry of …read more

Community Development: Discover, Think and Act

Community Development: Discover, Think and Act

A girl who works in the Zhenro Foundation talks about how her first experience of urban life in Shanghai and a visit to Taiwan stoked her interest in projects to help urban communities.

CPFF annual meeting ends successfully

The CPFF (China Private Foundation Forum) annual meeting came to a successful end yesterday. Six observers, including Li Hong (vice secretary general of One Foundation), delivered informative reports, stressing the meeting’s theme – frontline project officers and their capacity building. Following the reports was the award ceremony hosted by Dou Ruigang, executive secretary general of the Tencent Foundation. Beijing Green and Shine Foundation(北京桂馨慈善基金会)and Sany Foundation (三一基金会) were awarded the Organizing Committee Prize. “We believe that the hope of private foundations lies in their people. It is essential to listen to the voices of frontline practitioners and respect them as well as inspiring them and stimulating their creativity. That is what …read more