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CDB holds workshop on the Overseas NGO Law in Beijing

CDB holds workshop on the Overseas NGO Law in Beijing

Since the Overseas NGO Management Law came into effect at the beginning of this year, more and more overseas NGOs have successfully registered. The primary concern has now become how to better conduct activities in China under the new legal framework. In order to respond to this need, China Development Brief held a workshop on the operations of overseas NGOs in China on December 1st in Beijing, where representatives of overseas NGOs from different countries and regions shared their strategies and experiences. Out of the overseas NGOs that took part, 19 have registered their offices in China. In total, the event had over 60 participants. The panelists and participants generally agreed on the …read more

The World Resources Institute registers representative office in Beijing

The World Resources Institute (WRI) has reported via their official Wechat account that they have registered their representative office in Beijing. The NGO was awarded registration credential by the Beijing Municipal PSB on November 15. The occasion was marked with a ceremony, during which the WRI’s representative office stated that they will keep carrying out activities relevant to the environment and sustainable development in China. The World Resources Institute is an independent non-profit global research organization that was established in Washington D.C. in June 1982. The organization has a scientific basis, and does a lot of research in the fields of the environment and sustainability. It aims to find practical …read more

A Statistical Analysis of ONGOs' Registrations and Temporary Activities

A Statistical Analysis of ONGOs’ Registrations and Temporary Activities

A detailed look at the statistics on overseas NGOs registering representative offices and filing temporary activities since the Overseas NGO Law came out. Complete with numerous graphs and tables.

Provincial Public Security Bureau Sponsors a Taiwanese NGO in Liaoning

Editor’s Note This report originally appeared on ChinaFile. Please find the original here. According to data from the Ministry of Public Security, the Liaoning Public Security Bureau is now serving as the Professional Supervisory Unit (PSU) for a Taiwanese NGO. This is the first time since the Overseas NGO Law went into effect in January that a public security organ has agreed to serve as an overseas NGO’s PSU. It is also notable since public security entities were not initially included in the Ministry of Public Security’s 2017 list of eligible PSUs. Interestingly, the NGO in question, the Taiwan Trade Center, has representative offices already registered in Guangdong and Sichuan provinces. …read more

PSB holds meetings with overseas NGOs in Beijing and Shanghai

The Beijing PSB organized a meeting for the chief representatives of the representative offices of overseas NGOs on November 3. The PSB officials reported on the management and services they had provided since the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law. They claimed that as more overseas NGOs register and carry out activities in China, the PSB will actively cooperate with other departments to introduce more convenient measures and protect the NGOs’ legal interests. The officials also gave a few figures, explaining that up to now there have been 242 registered overseas NGOs in China and 344 completed filings of temporary activities. The main fields of work include the economy, education, technology, health, …read more

Annual report on the 2016 National Program of Action for Child Development in China (2011-2020) released

In order to better reflect the progress of “the National Program of Action for Child Development in China (2011-2020)”, the National Statistics Bureau recently summarized and analyzed data for 2016 collected from the relevant departments in five different fields, including health, education, welfare, social environment and legal protection. The results appear to show that the Program’s implementation has proceeded smoothly and a number of indexes have achieved their goals ahead of schedule. In the field of health, children’s life quality has been improving continuously. In 2016, the infant mortality rate was 7.5%, the under-5 mortality rate was 10.2% and the low birth-weight rate was 2.73%. The promotion of breastfeeding has …read more

Our Registration Story: The Asia Foundation

Our Registration Story: The Asia Foundation

Another piece from the Center for Charity Law’s “Our Registration Story” series, this time focusing on the Asia Foundation, one of the first international NGOs to work in China.

Overseas NGOs register in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong and Yunnan

A number of overseas NGOs have recently completed their registrations in different areas of China. Fourteen overseas NGOs, including the Global Alliance of SMEs (Shanghai) and the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce, were recently awarded registration credentials by the overseas NGO management office of the local PSB in Shanghai. The official from the Shanghai PSB congratulated these ONGOs on their successful registration and assured that the public security organs will continue to facilitate ONGOs’ activities based on the law. In Beijing, the overseas NGO management office of the local PSB issued registration credentials and chief representative certificates to WildAid, the Lee Shau Kee Foundation, the Chi Wah Foundation Limited and the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries. The four …read more

The 19th CPC National Congress and how it relates to the charity sector

The 19th CPC National Congress and how it relates to the charity sector

Chinese president Xi Jinping’s report on the opening day of the Communist Party’s 19th National Congress has attracted much worldwide interest and coverage. The China Philanthropy Times (公益时报), the most prestigious news outlet within China’s charity sector, published an article yesterday analyzing how the report is relevant to the charity sector, and specifically focusing on the role of social organizations in a consultative democracy, a theme touched upon during the congress. The article focuses specifically on three issues. First of all, it points out the difficulties for social organizations that want to participate in consultation. The article claims it to be a pleasant surprise that social organizations are included in the report …read more

Tencent confirms suspicions of machine-generated fundraising on the “9/9 Philanthropy Day”

Over a month has passed since this year’s 9/9 Philanthropy Day, which generated a total of over 1.3 billion Yuan in donations. Although the occasion was a success, there were also unfortunately some reports of fraudulent fundraising by members of the public. In response to these reports, on October 10 Tencent publicized the relevant statistics, confirming the existence of the problem. According to the statistics, there were 25,244 accounts that each donated more than 5 times within one minute, and the resulting 234,775 donations raised a total of over 7 million Yuan and generated 3.71 million Yuan of matching donations by Tencent. However, based on Tencent’s estimates, it normally takes …read more

Overseas NGOs register in Tianjin, Liaoning and Shandong

Three overseas NGOs recently registered in Tianjin, Liaoning and Shandong provinces. In Tianjin the overseas NGO management office of the local PSB recently issued registration credentials and chief representative certificates to the Philip Hayden Foundation. As has become the norm a celebratory event was held, at which the chief representative of the Foundation thanked the office and stated that the foundation would carry out its activities strictly in accordance with the law and passionately contribute to the development of charity in Tianjin. In Liaoning, it was the Canada China Agriculture Friendship Society that successfully registered its representative office. The chief of the organization’s headquarters, Mr. Yu Yiran, presented a banner to …read more

Our Registration Story: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Our Registration Story: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Following TNC’s successful registration in Beijing, chief representative Joyce Ma talks to the Center for Charity Law about her organization’s history in China, how it faced the challenge of registering under the new law, and its plans for the future.

Oxfam and two more overseas NGOs register in Beijing

Three overseas NGOs were recently awarded registration credentials and chief representative certificates by the  Beijing Public Security Bureau in Beijing, including the SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters (Macau), Oxfam (Hong Kong) and the France Export Céréales. For Oxfam this is the fourth registration in China, after registering representative offices in Guangdong, Gansu and Yunnan earlier this year. Yan Dongsheng, director of the Overseas NGOs Management Office of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, congratulated the three organizations on the successful registration of their Beijing representative offices. He assured that the public security organs will continue to facilitate ONGOs’ activities, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in China. Meanwhile, he also expressed his hope that ONGOs will carry …read more

Lesbian expatriate wins lawsuit in Hong Kong over spousal visa application

On September 26th, the Hong Kong Appeal Court ruled in favour of a British woman, identified only as QT, whose application for a spousal visa had been rejected because her partner, who is working in Hong Kong, is a woman. QT and her partner had already entered a civil partnership in the UK, before her partner got her job in Hong Kong; however, when QT tried to apply for a dependent’s visa in Hong Kong, she was refused with the motivation that she was not a ‘spouse’. QT then sued Hong Kong immigration last year and lost the first case, but she appealed and on the 25th of September won the …read more

The first year of the Charity Law summed up

It has been just over a year since China’s Charity Law came into force on September 1st 2016. In a recent article for the China Social Organizations Magazine, professor Jia Xijin from Tsinghua University went through six focal points concerning the law’s implementation. We have tried to summarize them below: 1. Who has been regulated by the charity law? The main focus of the Charity Law is concentrated on charitable organizations. Therefore, the Charity Law regulates the establishment and operation of charitable organizations. 2. Has there been any progress in direct registration? According to the Charity Law, in order to establish charitable organizations it is necessary to apply for registration with …read more

Statistics on ONGOs' Registrations and Temporary Activities, January to August

Statistics on ONGOs’ Registrations and Temporary Activities, January to August

This article offers an overview of the statistics on Overseas NGOs registering in China under the new legal framework, looking at the period from January until August 2017.

Overseas NGOs Registration Workshop: Q&A Session

Overseas NGOs Registration Workshop: Q&A Session

Our translation of the Q&A sessions from CDB’s recent workshop on the registration of overseas NGOs in China.

Dr. Wang Chao (Save the Children): the Future of China's Overseas NGOs

Dr. Wang Chao (Save the Children): the Future of China’s Overseas NGOs

A talk by Wang Chao, Save the Children’s chief representative in China, discussing what the future will hold for international charities working in the Middle Kingdom.