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Ministry of Civil Affairs: Support Public Welfare and Charitable Social Organizations to Directly Register

This article cites Li Liguo, the Minister of Civil Affairs calling for other localities to promote the Guangdong experience at a national Civil Affairs Work Conference held December 23, 2011.

Guangdong Further Lowers the Threshold for Registration of Social Organizations

The Guangdong Civil Affairs department announced a Guangdong Province Program to Further Develop and Standardize Management of Social Organizations that would loosen restrictions on registration for a range of social organizations.

The Garbage Crisis: NGOs’ Call to Action

The Garbage Crisis: NGOs’ Call to Action

This article takes a fresh look at familiar waste management issues. Given the many environmental NGOs involved, waste management has developed into a rare arena for grassroots social action

China’s Garbage Problem Prompts Soul Searching Among NGOs

China’s Garbage Problem Prompts Soul Searching Among NGOs

This provocative, in-depth report addresses head-on the sensitive issue of advocacy using the issue of garbage as a case study.

China’s Third Sector: Is it Losing its Independence?

China’s Third Sector: Is it Losing its Independence?

This article addresses a long-standing but important debate over the independence of China’s NGOs. Going back to the early 1990s, China scholars have viewed Chinese NGOs as coopted by the state, unable and unwilling to play an assertive, independent role in speaking for and acting on behalf of marginalized groups

The 11th National People’s Congress Standing Committee includes the Charity and the Anti-Domestic Violence laws in its legislative plan

This article reports that the Charity Law will be put on the 11th National People’s Congress legislative agenda for 2011.

China’s Philanthropy Sector has Encountered an Unprecedented Crisis of Confidence Says the Media

What is interesting about this article is that it appears in the Communist Party’s mouthpiece, the People’s Daily, thereby illustrating that the systemic problem facing independent nonprofits and charities has now entered the mainstream.

Ministry of Civil Affairs sees potential for three types of social organizations to register directly

The Beijing News quotes the Minister of Civil Affairs, Li Liguo, as saying social organizations in the categories of philanthropy, social welfare and social services, may soon be able to register directly with Civil Affairs.