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Child marriage dating back 20 years comes to the public's attention

Child marriage dating back 20 years comes to the public’s attention

Ma Panyan, an unfortunate girl born in the countryside of Chongqing, southwestern China, was forced to get married at a surprisingly early age due to family pressure. Around 20 years ago, Panyan witnessed the death of her father when her mentally ill mother knocked him down with a hoe. Afterwards her mother ran away from home, forcing Panyan and her two sisters to depend on her uncle, Ma Zhengsong. In 2000 Panyan’s uncle arranged for her to get married with Chen Xuesheng, a man 17 years her senior, after which she gave birth to their first child at the age of 14. At 19 years old, an age when most other …read more

Rural governments to welcome social workers and social organizations

Social workers and social organizations are predominantly clustered in Chinese cities, where it is easier for them to develop due to the concentration of resources and government support. Chinese urbanites currently enjoy a higher level of social services than those in the countryside, where demand for these services often goes unmet. In response, the General Office of the State Council and the General Office of the CPC Central Committee recently issued a report called “Ideas on Strengthening Rural Government Services, Functions and Establishments”, which repeatedly mentions the importance of social organizations and social workers in the countryside. The report points out that there are three main reasons why now is a …read more

Inner Mongolia to grant “left-behind children” legal guardianship

Inner Mongolia to grant “left-behind children” legal guardianship

According to a Xinhua News Agency report, Inner Mongolia’s Secretary for Home Affairs, the Public Security Department, the Comprehensive Management Office and the Health and Family Planning Commission have joined forces to launch a province-wide operation aimed at providing legal guardianship to “left-behind” children in rural and pastoral areas. They estimate that this activity will provide legal guardianship to all such children by the end of 2017. Inner Mongolia’s recently launched investigation into “left-behind children” revealed that there are over 26.000 children across the province below the age of sixteen who have been abandoned. The Public Security Unit will act in coordination with Gacha Village’s Resident Committee to get in …read more

Two young Americans establish organization to provide glasses for schoolchildren in rural Yunnan

The story of two young Americans who began an organization called “Education in Sight”, aiming to provide vision tests and eyeglasses to students in rural Yunnan Province, has recently been featured in reports about philanthropy and goodwill across China. After graduating from Columbia University and Boston University respectively, Sam and his friend Andrew came to China in 2010 to teach rural children. After a twelve hour car ride from the provincial capital of Kunming, Sam and Andrew arrived in a small Yunnan village, where most residents had never even seen a foreigner. Their real story began after they became acquainted with the village and the students in the school. Not long after they began teaching, …read more

Sustainability and Education: an Interview with Dr. Shannon May

Sustainability and Education: an Interview with Dr. Shannon May

American anthropologist and educational expert Shannon May talks to CDB about her experiences in rural China and her current attempts to make education more accessible for children around the world

Audiences defrauded by fake live charity show in remote area

Audiences defrauded by fake live charity show in remote area

The Southern Metropolis Daily recently exposed a fraud based on broadcasting fake live charity shows. The shows were shot in Daliangshan, a remote and impoverished area of China, and broadcast through a platform called the Kuaishou Application. It is reported that the show’s six anchors went to Daliangshan and donated some money to the poor people there, in order to gain popularity and receive more “gifts” from their audience. After the show ended, they took the money back. According to people who work in the charity sector in Daliangshan, the anchors had supposedly been “active in charity” in the area since September. After the live show, they took back the money …read more

100 free cinemas built to enrich children's lives in remote areas

100 free cinemas built to enrich children’s lives in remote areas

The 100th Huayi Brothers’ free cinema for children opened in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, on October 26th. Government officials and CEO of the Huayi Brothers Group Wang Zhonglei attended the opening ceremony, alongside local children dressed in striking ethnic minority costumes. The free cinema project is one of the Huayi Brothers Foundation’s most important ones. Its aim is to help children in impoverished regions access free movies. Over the past five years, 100 free cinemas have been built in a number of provinces including Henan, Yunnan and Qinghai. About 150,000 children have benefitted from them. The free cinemas have played a significant role in enriching children’s inner world, not only by showing …read more

Handicraft made by low-income women exhibited in Paris

Handicraft made by low-income women exhibited in Paris

The third international forum of women’s sustainable development and exhibition on women’s innovation was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on October 26th. The event was organized by the China Women’s Development Foundation and the Sino-American Friendship Association, with the support of UNESCO. Its aim is to demonstrate the achievements of Chinese women’s participation in economic and social development, let the world hear the charitable voices of Chinese women and enhance people’s understanding of Chinese development, woman’s advancement and the Chinese charitable sector through different activities including a forum, exhibition and charity auction. An exhibition of traditional Chinese handicraft was also held during the event. During the exhibition, the …read more

Relief goods for China's Western regions depart from Beijing

Relief goods for China’s Western regions depart from Beijing

A ceremony marking the first annual departure of trucks with “Warming the Western Regions” relief goods was held by the Beijing Public Service Development Promotion Association, the Beijing Blue Butterfly Foundation and the Communist Youth League Committee of Chaoyang, Dongcheng and Tongzhou Districts in Beijing on October 17th. The chairman of the eighth branch of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomingtang in Dongcheng District Lou Penglin, Vice-chairman Luo Peilin, the secretary general of the Beijing Public Service Development Promotion Association Sun Pengfei and the secretary general of the Beijing Blue Butterfly Foundation Zhang Shijie were all in attendance. The “Warming the Western Regions” project, begun in 2006, is China’s …read more

Health and poverty alleviation forum held in Beijing

Health and poverty alleviation forum held in Beijing

The Health and Poverty Alleviation Forum was held by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council (PAO) and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) in Beijing on October 16th, 2016, in order to mark the National Poverty Alleviation Day. The deputy director of the NHFPC Wang Peian, the deputy director of the PAO Zheng Wenkai, the vice-chairman of the CDPF Wang Naikun and the chairman of the China Population Welfare Foundation (CPWF) Zhao Bingtian attended the forum and gave speeches. During the forum, the “China social assistance platform for serious illnesses” ( was launched. It is based on a database of …read more

China’s first Internet movie on philanthropy shot, with giant pandas as its theme

The filming of Protect the Panda Village, China’s first internet philanthropy movie in the form of a reality show, began in Chengdu’s famous giant panda breeding-base on August 15th. The movie records the life of six “panda village protectors” over seven days and six nights, during which they go into the primeval forest to get to know the living condition of pandas and their companion animals, visit local residents to find out about their lives, and experience the much-envied activity of feeding pandas. The six girls who play the role of protectors, with an average age of 23, were selected out of 156 panda-lovers. The movie is made by the Eudemonia Bank …read more

Project to send students to live in villages celebrated in Beijing

  An inspired speech on youth was delivered in Peking University’s Main Hall on July 2 as part of the annual celebration of Eagle Plan, a project organized by the Youchange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation and the Junhe Innovation Foundation. The project was launched by the Youchange Foundation in 2011. It aims to encourage aspirational and inclusive youth to experience one year of life in China’s villages so that their social responsibility and activism can be inspired, eventually making a difference to society. Up to now the project has allowed 105 students to live with local people in China’s villages, covering over 10 provinces and 20 locations. These young people have …read more

White paper on the psychological condition of Chinese left-behind children published

A news conference presenting a White Paper on “Chinese Left-Behind Children’s Psychological Conditions” (《中国留守儿童心灵状况白皮书》) was held in Beijing by the philanthropic organization “Shang Xue Lu Shang” (上学路上)on the 24th of June. During the conference it was revealed that 6931 (93.3%) of the 7432 questionnaires sent out for the study were sent back and were valid. The survey aims to reveal how the psychological conditions and stress response of left-behind children is influenced by the companionship of their parents. Some unexposed situations that suggested potential ways to help left-behind children were also presented in the White Paper. The White Paper shows that 849 (13.1%) of the 7000 children investigated have been …read more

Third CCTV Charity Night Held

The third CCTV Charity Night was held in Beijing last Tuesday evening. This year’s themes were philanthropy and poverty alleviation. Ten people were selected by a committee to receive the title of “Charitable Figure of the Year”, based on their contributions to the charity sector. Not looking only for celebrities, the committee also chose individuals who work on the frontline and help the poor within their local communities. The final list of those selected for the award includes Yao Ming (a basketball player), Xu Zhiwei (a businessman), Deng Yingxiang (a villager from Guizhou), Sun Xuemei (a woman journalist), Liu Fang (a psychiatrist for students), Ta Linfu (an activist for the …read more

17% of Male Prison Inmates Used to Be Left-behind Children

The results of research on criminality and left-behind children conducted over the last three years by Zhang Dandan, an assistant professor at the National School of Development of Peking University, have been released. The scholar has been permitted to visit a male prison in a city on the eastern coast of China in order to conduct her research. The pool of participants involved includes 1200 inmates of this prison, and the researcher continuously spent nearly three months with her students in order to conduct the interviews and collect all the data. Initially, Professor Zhang did not focus on the area of left-behind children. However, after conducting a preliminary examination of …read more

“Keep the Children Company” Project to take care of left-behind children

“Keep the Children Company” Project to take care of left-behind children

Rapid economic development throughout China has created a rich-poor gap, forcing millions of workers to emigrate from rural areas to the cities. This has caused millions of children to be left behind in rural areas under the care of relatives, mostly grandparents with little education. In order to help these children, a project called “Keep the Children Company” has been started in Leyun Village, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province. Thanks to this project, a “home” has been set up where left-behind children can do their homework, play chess, read books and play games. A group of “mothers” who can take care of the children has also been found. They have four main …read more

27 institutions establish joint working system for left-behind children

A joint working system was established to take care of left-behind children by pooling efforts of 27 institutions, according to a document released on the official website of Chinese government.

Three ministries begin a general investigation on left-behind children

The Ministry of Civil Affairs(民政部), the Ministry of Education(教育部), and the Ministry of Public Security(公安部) are jointly starting a general investigation on left-behind children.