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Renowned social worker latest to be hit by #MeToo accusations

On the morning of August 10th, Liu Li and Xiao Xing (pseudonyms) went to the petition reception office of a court hall in Chengdu. They wanted to sue Liu Meng, the chairman of the ONE DAY FOR Social Service Center (一天公益社会工作服务中心), for sexual assault and “abuse of authority”. Waiting in line, their papers in hand, Liu Li and Xiao Xing worried that their lawsuit would not be accepted. To their surprise, unlike most sexual harassment cases, their case was successfully placed on file by the court. Similarly to other victims who came out during the recent #MeToo campaign that shook China’s charity sector, Liu Li and Xiao Xing’s anxiety primarily …read more

Survey of almost 30000 people reveals the extent of sexual harassment in daily life

The #MeToo campaign that has rocked China in the past month has not only sparked an avalanche of accusations, but also caused a series of discussions, debates, and research on sexual harassment among Chinese academics and public intellectuals. Last week KnowYourself (KY), an online community of young liberals seeking answers to social issues from the perspective of psychology, sent out a survey to its readers to investigate how frequently and to what extent sexual misconduct affects Chinese people’s lives today. Within five days, KY received 26981 answers. “It happens all around us” The results of the survey may serve to dent many Chinese people’s misconceptions that sexual harassment happens rarely, only among …read more

Sexual harassment scandal rocks China’s charity sector

Lei Chuang, a well-known figure within the Chinese non-profit sector, was accused yesterday of sexual harassment, six months after publicly offering his suggestions on how to prevent sexual harassment in the wake of the #metoo campaign spreading to Chinese universities. A hepatitis B carrier, Lei founded the Yiyou Charity Center to counter discrimination against HBV carriers like himself in the society and in the workplace. Since 2009, him and his organization have received many accolades for defending the welfare of the disadvantaged. The Accusation Howevver, on the morning of July 23rd an anonymous open letter was published online, accusing Lei of sexual assaulting the author of the letter and potentially many other girls. …read more

Report: over 80% of female journalists have been sexually harassed in the workplace

Jointly published by the Guangzhou Gender Education Center, the verified media account ATSH (Anti-Sexual Harassment), and the China Women’s Film Festival, a recent survey of female journalists’ experience of sexual harassment in the workplace discloses that more than 80% of the respondents have been sexually harassed to varying degrees, and only 3.2% have chosen to report the fact. More than 80% of respondents suffered from sexual harassment in the workplace Questionnaires were sent out to 1762 female journalists, and 416 valid questionnaires were returned. 83.7% of those polled reported that they had been sexually harassed in different ways. 42.4% of the reporters claimed to have suffered from sexual harassment more than …read more

University professor suspended over sexual misconduct allegations

University professor suspended over sexual misconduct allegations

A professor at Beihang University has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct against several female students. On the first day of the new year Luo Xixi, a former Ph.D student at Beihang University from 2004 to 2011 who currently lives in the US, posted an article on Weibo claiming that she and at least five other girls were sexually harassed by her deputy supervisor Chen Xiaowu, a renowned professor and Cheung Kong Scholar. In the post, Luo said that Chen took her to his sister’s apartment on an afternoon twelve years ago, under the pretext of tending to the flowers while his sister was abroad. Soon after they entered the …read more