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The first social enterprise opens in Haining—a charitable vegetarian restaurant

China’s Philanthropy Times recently reported on a vegetarian restaurant that has been officially recognized as the first social enterprise in Haining, a Yangze Delta city in Zhejiang Province. The restaurant, called the “Nanguanxiang Vegetarian Restaurant” (南关厢素食馆) was opened in 2014. In spite of its limited size, it has been doing a roaring trade. The restaurant’s profits all go to a special account set up within the Charity Federation (慈善总会) by a Volunteer Committee. Except for the expenses of the restaurant, the rest all goes to charitable activities in the fields of poverty relief and medical aid. The enterprise was started by Chai Guorong, the executive vice-president of the Haining Volunteer Committee and manager of …read more

Mobike receives Social Enterprise Award, criticism ensues

Mobike receives Social Enterprise Award, criticism ensues

Mobike, the Chinese bike-sharing company whose bycicles now line the streets of China’s major cities, has been awarded the 2016 Social Enterprise Awards, a prize that goes to the best social enterprises of the year. The awards, which are in their first year, were jointly organized by the Social Investment Forum and China Social Enterprise. The criteria for receiving the recognition include a company’s social mission, social impact, business model, innovation, sustainability and human resources. A total of 21 enterprises, also including Livcon Hospital, CFPA Microfinance and Lingxi, received the awards, which range in category from environmental resources and online industries to care for the elderly and financing. Over the last …read more

Charity Law tax clause to increase tax exemption quota on donations

A revised amendment of the “Law of the PRC on Enterprise Income Tax” is set to change the rules for organizations’ charitable giving and the related tax deductions. China’s Minister of Finance, Xiao Jie, has explained that current laws regulate that only when enterprises make charitable contributions that fall within 12% of their annual net-profits are they allowed to be counted as deductions to taxable income. According to those familiar with the Charity Law, before the law was passed charitable expenditures exceeding 12% of an enterprise’s annual net-profit were not counted as deductible from that year’s taxable income. In addition, before the Charity Law there was no such thing as …read more

Social enterprise report outlines discoveries and suggestions for entrepreneurs

The DBS Foundation recently partnered with the Social Enterprise Research Centre in Beijing to publish the “Greater China Social Enterprise Survey Report”. The report outlines the discoveries they made over the last year in the world of social enterprises in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition, it sets forth suggestions for social entrepreneurs for the coming years. The main goals of the report are to encourage growth in the social enterprise sector by attracting talent, improving business, bringing in investment, setting up networks, and developing more purposeful policies. The report highlights several insightful statistics, such as the fact that 48% of women working in China’s social enterprise industry …read more

Insights from the China Charity Fair

Insights from the China Charity Fair

The Fifth China Charity Fair took place last month in Shenzhen. This article from the Charity Times presents some of the views on the future of Chinese charity which some important figures shared during the event.

Free Lunch for Children proposes plan to expand to Ethiopia

During the fifth Chinese Charity Expo, some attention was attracted by a small seminar entitled ‘Can Free Lunch for Children be Spread to Africa?’ The seminar, held on the 24th of September, was presided over by the brand director of Free Lunch for Children. It opened with the deputy president of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, Liu Xuanguo, giving a talk entitled ‘Who can save the 100,000 homeless children in Addis Ababa?’, in which he shared the field experiences of his visit to Africa. In his talk Liu spoke a bit about the general situation in Ethiopia and Uganda and proposed a model of assistance to Africa through cooperation between Chinese …read more

China’s first coordinated platform for the media and civil society initiated

China’s first coordinated platform for the media and civil society initiated

The 21st Century Philanthropy-Media Coordination Platform was recently initiated in Beijing by more than ten Chinese social organisations, with the sponsorship of the Huibai Charity Fund. The platform aims to address a number of problems with Chinese social organisations, including late news releases and an inability to guide and influence public opinion. Taking these issues into account, the platform will promote the sharing of resources through the cooperation between social organisations and media, and ultimately help philanthropic organisations better serve society. The president of the 21st Century Charity Fund, Lu Junfeng, remarked that there needs to be the right social climate for the spread of philanthropic attitudes. The creation of this kind of …read more

Li Zhiqiang: the three elements of a social enterprise

Li Zhiqiang: the three elements of a social enterprise

Li Zhiqiang, the co-founder and first chairman of Aurora Social Enterprise, shared his views on social enterprises in a recent article in the Chinese media, written to help people gain a more specific understanding of the concept. There isn’t a common understanding of social enterprises in China, but some basic criteria can still be taken into consideration when defining a social enterprise. As he argues, a social enterprises should be a business aimed at a social purpose, rather than an enterprise which simply makes use of a social purpose to do business, or a not-for-profit enterprise. A social enterprise should thus include (but not be limited to) three elements, which are as …read more

A platform for NGO makers: the China Public Welfare Project Contest

The finals of the fifth session of the China Public Welfare Project Contest were held in Shenzhen on August 7, with the top 40 eligible projects rivalling each other after a fierce competition. In order to get a have a broad variety of viewpoints among the reviewers, 35 people were chosen to form the review board, including a review presidium consisting of five experts famous in academic and business circles, and a mass review team consisting of 30 investors, sponsors and journalists. The Golden and Silver Awards were officially released after a promotional review. 5 projects won the Golden Award and 15 won the Silver Award for Social Innovation, while 5 …read more

Philanthropists of Chinese origin are changing China’s global image, says report

Hurun Research released the Hurun Global Chinese Big Philanthropy Report 2016 on the 13th of July 2016 in Beijing. The report is a benchmark ranking of individuals of Chinese origin who have donated CNY 500 million (equivalent to US$80m) or more during their lifetime. 51 Chinese made the list, led by Pony Ma of Tencent, Jack Ma, Li Ka-shing and Priscilla Chan of Facebook, who have all made donations running into billions of dollars. Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report Chairman and Chief Researcher, claims that these big philanthropists are changing the image of Chinese people globally. Almost half of the philanthropists included in the list work in the field of real …read more

Alibaba foundation hosts the inaugural Xin philanthropy conference in Hangzhou

The Alibaba Foundation, a charitable organization established by the Alibaba Group, hosted the Inaugural Xin Philanthropy Conference in Hangzhou on July 9th and 10th. The event was co-organized by the Hangzhou People’s Government. The conference brought together celebrities from the world of multilateral organizations and corporate social responsibility. About 1,000 attendees, including nonprofits, NGOs and social entrepreneurs, came to the e-commerce giant’s home base of Hangzhou to take part. Keynote speakers included Jack Ma, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group; Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, who gave the opening remarks; Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Salman Khan, the Founder and CEO of …read more

【Marketizing the NGO Sector】There is the Market, but where is the Fairness?

【Marketizing the NGO Sector】There is the Market, but where is the Fairness?

The marketization of China’s NGO sector has been the object of much debate in recent years. This article presents the views of an author who feels that the forces of the market are incompatible with the sector’s identity and values.

“Philanthropy+” 2016 Interdisciplinary Philanthropy Forum Opened in Beijing

The “Philanthropy +” 2016 interdisciplinary philanthropy forum kicked off on the 25th of May in Beijing. The Forum was hosted by the Ai You Foundation in cooperation with Bloomberg Business/Chinese Version and FAW-Volkswagen Audi. Both Chinese and overseas guests and 300 NGO workers were in attendance. “Philanthropy+” is the only high-level philanthropy forum in China with an interdisciplinary focus. It aims to break through the bounds of traditional debates and find the meeting point between philanthropy and various fields, including business, the internet, education and art. During the morning session Wang Bing, the General Manager of Ai You Foundation, Amy Neugebauer, Deputy to the President of Ashoka China, Liang Liang, …read more

First Chinese Award for Outstanding Social Enterprise Reports Kicks Off in Beijing

The first award for news reports on Chinese social enterprises officially kicked off in Beijing on the 10th of May. The award aims to select outstanding reports on social enterprises, and reward them with sums going from two thousand to twenty thousand yuan. All work focusing on Chinese social enterprises, regardless of its form, can be submitted. An official name for the prize is still under selection. The award was initiated by the China Social Enterprise and Investment Forum (中国社会企业与社会投资论坛(联盟)), the first Chinese non-profit organization dedicated to social enterprises and social investment. A social enterprise is an organization which uses commercial strategies to solve social problems. Such organizations were not common in China …read more

Little people perform traditional shadow puppetry

The Beijing LongZaiTian Art Troupe(北京龙在天袖珍人皮影艺术团) is a special art troupe with all its actors being little people who play the traditional Chinese shadow puppetry(皮影戏).

Alibaba users generate 190 million charitable donations through the platform in 2015

In the year 2015, there are about 270 million people participated in charitable donations and philanthropic activities through the website, producing donations worth of 190 million yuan.

“Water, Ecology and Life” Forum kicks off in Beijing on World Water Day 2016

The opening ceremony of the forum: “water ecological life”(“纯净水生态 共筑水安全”高峰论坛) was launched in Beijing on 21st of March, on commemoration of the World Water Day.

“Two sessions” representatives give advice on the home services industry

“Two sessions” representatives give advice on the home services industry

Although representatives had submitted proposals for the home services industry, few of them was put on the conference agenda.