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Yellow bracelets help the elderly find their way home

Yellow bracelets help the elderly find their way home

The “Let Love Go Back Home” project, initiated by Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, has just come to end for 2016 in Qingdao Province. 2016 was the fourth year in the project’s five-year plan to distribute yellow bracelets to the elderly. About 200,000 of the bracelets have already been distributed to more than 10 provinces in Mainland China, as well as Hong Kong and the United States, by Huang Xiaoming’s Tomorrow Foundation. The yellow bracelets are good-looking and practical wristbands with the wearers’ information on them. Their purpose is to help lost elderly people and children find their way home. In 2016, “Huang Xiaoming Lets Love Go Back Home” won the …read more

China’s first coordinated platform for the media and civil society initiated

China’s first coordinated platform for the media and civil society initiated

The 21st Century Philanthropy-Media Coordination Platform was recently initiated in Beijing by more than ten Chinese social organisations, with the sponsorship of the Huibai Charity Fund. The platform aims to address a number of problems with Chinese social organisations, including late news releases and an inability to guide and influence public opinion. Taking these issues into account, the platform will promote the sharing of resources through the cooperation between social organisations and media, and ultimately help philanthropic organisations better serve society. The president of the 21st Century Charity Fund, Lu Junfeng, remarked that there needs to be the right social climate for the spread of philanthropic attitudes. The creation of this kind of …read more

First Chinese Award for Outstanding Social Enterprise Reports Kicks Off in Beijing

The first award for news reports on Chinese social enterprises officially kicked off in Beijing on the 10th of May. The award aims to select outstanding reports on social enterprises, and reward them with sums going from two thousand to twenty thousand yuan. All work focusing on Chinese social enterprises, regardless of its form, can be submitted. An official name for the prize is still under selection. The award was initiated by the China Social Enterprise and Investment Forum (中国社会企业与社会投资论坛(联盟)), the first Chinese non-profit organization dedicated to social enterprises and social investment. A social enterprise is an organization which uses commercial strategies to solve social problems. Such organizations were not common in China …read more

Online charity for the Spring Festival

Thanks to the spread of the internet, new ways of conducting charity online have been thriving in recent years, encouraging more people to take an active part in charitable activities. On the 6th of February, the China Internet Development Foundation and other charitable Internet organizations officially launched a “2016 online charitable activities” series, under the theme of “spending the Spring Festival with online charity”. The series includes five parts and 15 online charity projects. One of the projects, “Travel with love”, encourages people to take photos showing a moment of love during their travels back to their hometowns. The “homesick post-90s” project encourages young people born in the nineties to record …read more

Eighth Annual Conference of NGO News China held in Beijing

The Eighth Annual Conference of NGO News China, jointly hosted by China Philanthropy Times Press (公益时报) and the Tencent Charity Foundation, was held in Beijing on the 26th of January. The conference was attended by secretary of the All-China Journalists’ Association Pan Gang, president of the China Philanthropy Research Institute Wang Zhenyao and vice president of the China Association of Social Workers Liu Jing. During his speech, Pan announced the top ten NGO news stories of 2015, as chosen through online research and expert opinion, including the establishment of the Shenzhen International Philanthropy Institute and the release of the Charity Law drafts. The efforts of journalists in this field are indispensable …read more

The 5th China Rainbow Media Award Ceremony successfully closes in Beijing

The 5th China Rainbow Media Award Ceremony successfully closes in Beijing

The awards ceremony for the fifth China Rainbow Media Award was brought to a successful close in Beijing on the 17th of January 2016. The award was jointly launched by the Beijing Ji Ande Consulting Center and another ten organizations. It is the first large-scale media and reporting event in China to focus on LGBTI issues. Its aim is to guide the Chinese media and journalists to report on issues related to sexual minorities more deeply and objectively, and provide gay people with a more understanding, diverse and fair environment. After much discussion by the panel of experts present, an article entitled She Talked about “Gay” Issue in Textbook with the Ministry of …read more

Gay director wins lawsuit against China’s top media authority

Following an order from China’s top media authority, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT), a documentary about the mothers of gays and lesbians called Mama Rainbow was removed from the nation’s major video-sharing websites on February 12. The video had earned a hundred thousand views since its release in 2012. In the beginning of March Fan Popo, the gay director of the documentary, asked SARFT the reasons for the removal but got the response that there had been no such order. The director therefore sued SARFT in court on September 8. On December 22, the court passed sentence against SARFT and required it to pay the …read more

Passing on love online

The China Internet Development Foundation (CIDF) announced an initiative called the “Sea of Love-Promoting Internet Charity” during the Second World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. The initiative was promoted jointly by 104 Internet companies and media agencies including the People News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. When announcing the initiative, Ma Li, director general of CIDF, envisioned the Internet to be a “sea of love” where various charitable activities can take place. The initiative is premised on the idea that promoting Internet charity is essential for the healthy development of the Internet and benefiting the Chinese people. Five detailed suggestions are given: enhancing online charity publicity and passing on positive energy online; establishing online …read more

Beijing Philanthropy Fair 2015 inaugurated this month

Beijing Philanthropy Fair 2015 inaugurated this month

On the afternoon of November 1st  2015, the first Beijing Philanthropy Fair hosted by the Social Work Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Social Construction Office was inaugurated successfully at the Beijing Aoyao Exhibition Center. The fair will last for three days. Almost 200 NGOs, foundations, enterprises and organizations that support social welfare over the long term will appear at the fair, and announce the latest philanthropy-related projects and set forth plans for resource launching. On the day of the inauguration, representatives from NGOs, the government sector, enterprises and foundation partners all took the stage. The exhibition included a roadshow of public projects, resource publishing, product presentations and live experiences. A member of staff …read more

Catchy song on China's Five Year Plan goes viral

Catchy song on China’s Five Year Plan goes viral

On October 26th Xinhua news agency published an animated video in English introducing China’s 13th five-year plan, the social and economic blueprint for the country’s policy in the 2016-2020 period, while at the same time the Central Committee of China’s Communist Party met to discuss the Plan’s details in Beijing. The catchy song has since gone viral. See here for the video.

White Paper of Gender Equality and Women’s Development in China issued

On Sept.22, The State Council Information Office of the PRC (国务院新闻办公室) issued the White Paper of Gender Equality and Women’s Development in China (《中国性别平等与妇女发展》白皮书), to mark the 20th anniversary of the 4th UN World Conference on Women (联合国第四次世界妇女大会) held in Beijing.This is the third white paper the Chinese government has issued in the area of women’s development. The white paper, using large amounts of facts and data, gives an account of the latest developments on gender equality and women’s rights. It will be translated into several languages, and the Chinese and  English version will be available soon in Xinhua bookstores across the country. This year also marks the 20th year since China …read more

'Internet and Philanthropy' seminar held at CCF

‘Internet and Philanthropy’ seminar held at CCF

On September 18th, the special seminar, named “Internet and Philanthropy: the Evolution from New Eco-system to New Normal”, was held jointly by CCF, Internet Society of China, YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (友成基金会) and Chifu Fund Shanghai (吉富投资咨询(上海)有限公司) in Shenzhen. Guests from the government, NGOs, and the media discussed the new philanthropy eco-system at the meeting. Lurenjia (路人甲), a small and fixed amount online donating platform incubated by YouChange, became the center of attention for its excellence in social innovation and impact investment. At the seminar, Wang Ping, director general of YouChange, delivered a speech- “Internet and Philanthropy: Creating New Eco-system and Maximizing Social Impact”. She introduced that Lurenjia is not only …read more

Report of China Charity Donations 2014 released

On Sept. 19, China Charity Information Center (中民慈善捐助信息中心) issued the 2014 Report of China Charity Donations (2014年度中国慈善捐助报告) at the 4th China Charity Fair (CCF). CCIC has released reports on the same topic for 8 consecutive years. Presided over by Peng Jianmei, executive secretary of China Charity Alliance (中国慈善联合会) and director of CCIC, the news conference also gave an in-depth analysis of the report. Representatives from corporations and non-profit organizations shared their thoughts on donating strategies and experiences. The report has the following highlights: (1) China receives a total amount of 104.226 billion yuan of donation from home and abroad in 2014. The largest single donation surpassed 10 billion with Business for Good(善商)leading the …read more

“One Belt and One Road

“One Belt and One Road” Philanthropic Journey launched in Beijing

On September 9th, the launch ceremony of the philanthropic journey, named “One Belt and One Road – explore the source of sand desertification” (“一带一路土地荒漠化沙源探寻”公益之旅), was held in Beijing. The event was founded by Beijing Youth Daily under the guidance of State Forestry Administration of the People’s Republic of China and China Green Foundation. Chen Peng, China Green Foundation’s Deputy Secretary General, presented the flag to Zhang Yanpi, Director of Beijing Youth Daily on behalf of China Green Foundation. The event aims to present the achievements of environment work in western China and encourage active participation from the public welfare sector in environmental protection. Ma Shuai, the person in charge of the …read more

2015 China Philanthropy Women Summit held in Xi’an

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the United Nations’ World Conference on Women, the 2015 China Philanthropy Women Summit (北京+20:中国民间公益慈善妇女峰会) was held in Xi’an on September 8th and 9th, by Shaanxi Women, Marriage and Family Research Institute (陕西省妇女理论婚姻家庭研究会). The topic of the summit is “how to integrate gender perspectives into the public welfare sector”. Over 60 female leaders in the sector participated in the meeting, and they discussed the development of women’s organizations and grassroots NGOs over the past 20 years, as well as gender mainstreaming issues in the sector. They think that the introduction and promotion of gender issues would not only be beneficial to the designing and implementation of …read more

Tencent launches China’s first Internet philanthropy day

Tencent Charity(腾讯公益), together with dozens of renowned businesses, public welfare organizations, celebrities, launched China’s first Internet philanthropy day – 9.9 Philanthropy Day (99公益日) – with an aim to bring charities closer to China’s millions of internet users. The theme for this year is “Love Together” (一起爱). Cooperating with partners mentioned above, Tencent Charity is determined to make full use of its platform and products to connect those who need help and those who are willing to help. Not only could Netizens use social networks like Wechat, Mobile QQ to contribute, they can also join offline charity activities. Tencent claims that this special day could be an valuable opportunity to explore more possibilities in connecting …read more

CCAFC launches ‘Blessed Children Fund’ in Beijing

China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (CCAFC) held a ceremony in Beijing on the morning of August 30th  to launch the ‘Blessed Children Fund”(祝福宝贝专项基金). According to CCAFC, the fund will be devoted to works in three aspects: helping seriously ill children living in poverty; disease screening; disease prevention education. It is reported that the ‘Blessed Children Fund’ was first established by Blessed China (祝福中国), a grassroots NGO founded by Mr. Guo Peng in November 2013.  Blessed China hopes that the operation of the organization becomes more professional and streamlined by working with CCAFC. Through taking advantage of CCAFC’s public fund-raising foundation status, they also hope to promote the concept of “prevention …read more

News outlets encouraged to join hands with government in promoting charity

Ministry of Civil Affairs, Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC, 国家互联网信息办公室), and State of Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of PRC (SAPPRFT, 国家广电总局) jointly published a notice recently to encourage news outlets to “cooperate” with government departments in promoting philanthropic activities and “honouring” charitable contributions by businesses and individuals.