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Phoenix TV releases documentary on Chinese gay community

The Phoenix Satellite Television (凤凰卫视) documentary, named “It’s Me (以我之名——同性恋群体实录)”, claims to be the first documentary made by Chinese mainstream media that is narrated by gay people about their own real lives. The documentary, which took more than a year to prepare and several months to shoot, interviewed more than forty members of the gay community and their families in nine cities and worked with six gay rights NGOs. Almost all interviewees agreed to show their faces on camera.

Yu-e: the “one stop” online philanthropy platform

At their three year anniversary celebration on August 6th, the Guangdong Yu Foundation (与人公益基金会) launched an internet platform ( that aims to encourage younger generations to participate in philanthropy. The Yu Foundation, founded in 2012, focuses on China’s younger generations by supporting philanthropic projects run by teams aged 28 years or younger.

Sougou creates “philanthropy channel” to promote online platform for philanthropy

Chinese tech giant Sougou (搜狗) has announced a new feature on the company’s search engine. The feature is set to produce and release news related to the public welfare sector in China. Users now can log on to Sogou search engine and find a “philanthropy channel (公益频道)” on its news section. The company aims to build a one-stop news service platform for people interested in philanthropy and the Chinese public welfare sector. At the same time, the company also strives to form a department dedicated to philanthropy by organizing philanthropic activities and integrating different philanthropic projects into the philanthropy channel using the company’s resources. According to chief representatives of the company, …read more

China Philanthropy Times: the Overseas NGO Management Law affects more than just NGOs

The China Philanthropy Times (公益时报网) has published an article on the second draft of the Overseas NGO Management Law of the People’s Republic of China, which was released online on the NPC website for public consultation (the consultation period is from May 5 to June 4). The article explains how the draft has roused extensive attention from Chinese and international NGOs since its release. However it quotes Professor Yang Tuan, Deputy Director of the Research Center of Public Policies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as saying “This law is not only going to have a big influence on Chinese NGOs but also the nation as a whole and China’s diplomatic policies”. It also …read more

Sina Weibo's 2015

Sina Weibo’s 2015 “Attitudes Towards Environmental Issues” online survey

Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblogging service often compared to Twitter, recently published the results of a March 2015 online survey about Chinese attitudes towards environmental issues (中国网民环保态度调查). The survey began with initiatives mobilizing Weibo users to participate in small environmental actions and expressing opinions about environmental protection. Approximately 6.6 million people took part in these initiatives in one way or another, and 2.7 million yuan was raised for environmental causes. To view the whole survey, please visit Weibo’s special account for charities “微公益” here (you need to have a weibo account) Below we have attached an infographic that summarizes the results of the survey:    

“Charity Mum” Wang Yuqiong accused of fraud

A famous Chinese “charity” figure, Wang Yuqiong, has had new reports published on her alleged fraudulent dealings. Wang became famous several years ago when the media covered the story of her tireless journey to find her son who had been abducted by child trafficking gangs. She became a local hero, also known as the “Charity Mum”,  because of her endless philanthropic efforts, including her promise to invest 5 million yuan into a local elderly home. In 2014 she was accused of fraud and embezzling charitable funds by her former assistant, Zhao Chunlei. Wang responded by suing Zhao in the local court of Wenshan. The court heard the case in Oct. 30, 2014, but hasn’t given …read more

2014 China Grassroots Transparency Rankings released in Shenzhen

The 2014 China Grassroots Transparency Rankings, sponsored by organisations including the Dunhe Foundation, Narada Foundation, SEE Foundation, Western Sunshine, and China Foundation Center, was released on March 15 in Shenzhen. The list was based around information from 1300 grassroots NGOs. The Grassroots Transparency Index (GTI), the evaluation model used by the List, was developed by Deng Guosheng and Cheng Wenhao, both professors of School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University. The main conclusions from the Rankings were: 1. Grassroots transparency had been increasing gradually, but there is still much room for further improvement. There were also big gaps between grassroots NGOs in terms of openness and transparency: the highest score achieved was 98.3 …read more

NPC delegate: China needs “Good Samaritan” law

NPC delegate Wang Jincai has made new calls for legislation to protect China’s “good samaritans”. Wang said that the risks involved in helping people have prevented many from doing “heroic deeds”. In February, Meng Ruipeng, a college student, drowned after saving 2 children from a river, but the mother claimed Meng had fallen into the river herself fearing that she would have to compensate the student’s family. Even though the local police finally confirmed Meng’s heroic behavior, incidents like this have aroused a lot of controversy. Wang Jincai, chairman of the standing committee of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and NPC delegate said that incidents such as this show that the …read more

New spring festival donations trend: Hong Bao charity

The Chinese tradition of giving gifts of money in red envelopes (Hong Bao) during spring festival turned into a new fad for China’s internet users when internet giants Alibaba and Tencent both started offering electronic “Hong Bao” during the holiday. NGOs in China responded swiftly to this new trend. Deng Fei, founder of the “Free Lunch for Children” project, started an online initiative in February 9 calling on people to donate their digital “Hong Bao” to charitable projects. Other charitable organizations, notably Maitian Education Foundation and Bixing Youth Fund (碧心青少年关爱基金) quickly joined the cause and started their own initiatives. The result was exciting, Free Lunch, for example, raised 1.13 million …read more

Online course and scholarship for civil society capacity building launched in Beijing

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today in Beijing launched Building Capacity of CSOs in China, an online e-course and scholarship programme to deliver expert training and qualifications to people studying or working in Chinese Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Civil Society is a field rapidly growing in size and influence in China, with over 547,000 registered CSOs employing around 12 million full-time and part-time staff. The course is designed to improve the capabilities of these organisations by offering a tailor-made series of lectures by experts on technical skills such as fundraising, advocacy, governance and staff management. Participants who complete the five week free online course can receive a certificate of …read more

Minister of Environmental Protection doesn’t feel pressured by Chai Jing

Chen Jining made his first public appearance at a press conference yesterday since taking over in his new position as China’s Minister of Environmental Protection. Just before the conference, a documentary about China’s air pollution, made by Chai Jing, had provoked national discussion after going viral online [see here for CDB’s article]. The newly appointed minister applauded the documentary during the conference, saying that he has already sent a message to the producer Chai Jing to thank her for raising people’s awareness of environmental issues. Chen also vowed to strengthen enforcement of the country’s environmental laws. He said that the laws hadn’t been implemented properly in the past, and that even though …read more

China's Latest Silent Spring: FON and IPE's Websites Crash after Chai Jing’s Documentary Goes Viral

China’s Latest Silent Spring: FON and IPE’s Websites Crash after Chai Jing’s Documentary Goes Viral

CDB’s Tom Bannister analyses the success of Chai Jing’s viral documentary Under the Dome and its support for public participation in the fight against China’s air pollution problems.

Public welfare crowdfunding in China: 2014’s most successful projects

Crowdfunding has recently become very popular on the internet. When crowdfunding appeared in China almost three years ago, no-one showed interest in it. It now has an impressive success rate. All kinds of public welfare projects, no matter how unusual, are now being on the Internet. The internet has proved to be a strong vehicle for public welfare crowd-funding: not only it increased the number of people willing to participate in public welfare projects; it has also increased public interest in the subject. Looking at general statistics about the growth of the crowd-funding movement, it is clear that the movement is booming in China. In just short period of time crowd-funding …read more

NGOCN’s Notes from the 3rd China Charity Fair

NGOCN reports several findings and highlights of the recently concluded Charity Fair, held in Shenzhen from the 19th to the 21st of September.

Beijing University Civil Society Center’s “Ten Major Events in China’s Social Sector for 2013”

Beijing University Civil Society Center’s “Ten Major Events in China’s Social Sector for 2013”

On January 15, 2014, the Beijing University Center for Civil Society Studies announced the 10 top events of 2013 selected by a group of experts.

NGO 2.0: Helping Grassroots Groups use New Media

NGO 2.0: Helping Grassroots Groups use New Media

Fu Tao, CDB’s Senior Researcher, profiles the China NGO 2.0 Project, which trains Chinese grassroots NGOs to use social media and the internet.

The Guo Meimei Scandal: Weibo Microblogging Unveils the Chinese Red Cross

The Guo Meimei Scandal: Weibo Microblogging Unveils the Chinese Red Cross

The 2011 Guo Meimei scandal has become the stuff of Chinese urban legend. This article, excerpted from the 2012 China Blue Book of Philanthropy, seeks to present a balanced account of how the scandal unfolded and what its impact was on the Chinese Red Cross, and the philanthropic sector as a whole, and the measures the Red Cross is taking to reform itself in the scandal’s wake.

Oriental Morning Post – Weibo account shows a new trend in civic disaster relief methods

Weibo account shows a new trend in popular disaster relief methods 一条微博展示的民间慈善救灾新动向 By a senior figure from the charities sector 资深公益人士, Oriental Morning Post 东方早报, October 14, 2013 From the 6th to the 8th of October Typhoon Fitow caused a huge volume of rainfall to fall on Zhejiang province. The city of Yuyao in Ningbo county was the most seriously affected: more than 70% of the city was flooded, the elementary transport system was paralysed, and some districts lost power and water. According to Xinhua the city was cleared of water by the 13th. During the duration of the flooding, Yuyao’s non-governmental sector put in a remarkable performance to contribute …read more