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First survey of monthly donations in China published

The first survey of Chinese who give or have given monthly donations to charities was conducted in November 2018. The survey was carried out by the Fundraising Center, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the Shenzhen One Foundation and Lingxi, and promoted by charities that do relatively well in getting this kind of monthly support, such as Friends of Nature, the Aita Foundation, the Shanghai Kindness & Wisdom Foundation and the Stars Youth Development Center. The survey was distributed through emails, mobile phone messages, and various channels on Wechat, and 1,932 people responded (around 10% of those surveyed). From a back-of-the-envelope calculation, around 0.002% mainland Chinese population are monthly donors. Many of …read more

Chinese social organizations contributed 278.9 billion RMB to the economy in 2016

On August 16th, a conference presenting the results of the “Chinese Social Organization Economic Scale (N-GDP) Calculation” research project was held in Beijing. During the conference Ma Qingyu, a professor from the Chinese National School of Administration and director of the Beijing Wanzhong Institute of Social Innovation, presented a set of data that specifically reflects Chinese social organizations’ contribution to the overall economy. In 2016, the added value of Chinese social organizations was approximately 278.9 billion RMB. This figure constitutes 0.37% of the annual GDP and 0.73% of the added value of the tertiary industry. Meanwhile, the total expenditure of Chinese social organizations in 2016, 637.3 billion RMB, contributed to …read more