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The Ai You Foundation’s innovative child healthcare projects explained

Editor’s note This report is based on an article by the Charity Times, 超11亿投入 爱佑儿童医疗三次创变探索救助之道, originally published on the 17th of June. The Charity Times’ article is loosely based on an interview with Gao Zifei, the assistant secretary-general of the Ai You Foundation. The Ai You Foundation has long been considered one of China’s most important charitable foundations.   The Ai You Foundation’s founder Wang Bing recently gave his predictions regarding the Chinese charity sector in a strategic cooperation conference entitled “Create a nice and healthy future with charity and medical care”. As he said, “the Charity industry will no longer focus on only providing help. Solving social problems in a systematic …read more

Report released on the development of talents in the Chinese charity sector

With the development of a more diverse society many charitable organizations, including foundations, social groups, and social service organizations, have emerged in large numbers. The demand for talent in charity is also increasing as charitable programs prosper. However, due to the unreasonable salary structure, the low social status, blocked promotion paths and other problems, the development of charity is now greatly restricted by a shortage of talents. Although professionals within the industry have conducted various surveys and analyses of human resources in the charity sector, these all suffer from many limitations, such as an incomplete coverage of samples and organization types, limited research content, and the overlooking of new trends. In light …read more

Draft of new regulations on government procurement of services released

The Ministry of Finance publicly released the draft version of the “Government Procurement of Services Management Measures” on the 26th of June in order to gather public feedback. It is a common part of the Chinese legislative process for the government to release a draft version of a law or regulation for public consultation, so it can gather feedback from the public and interested parties. Up to now, the government policies in this field was based on a temporary version of the Measures. A report by the Charity Times summarizes the major policy changes which the draft version seems to portend, and explains what they will mean for charitable organizations. …read more

Average wage of social workers in Shenzhen expected to increase

Bureau of Civil Affairs in Shenzhen released on last Thursday a policy draft on social work to solicit public opinions. Titled “Several Measures for Facilitating the Development of Social Work (Consultation Paper)” , the draft has proposed concrete solutions to the problems that exist in the development of social work in Shenzhen. Back in 2007, Shenzhen was the first city in China that set forth a series of documents to help train social work talents and advance the development of social work. 10 years have gone and social work in Shenzhen has enjoyed a significant success. However, with the change of society and the emergence of new demands in the …read more

500 million Chinese reported to now have a family doctor

The Forum of Chinese Family Doctors was held in Beijing on the 17th of December. According to a recent report by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), which was quoted during the forum, more than 95% of the cities in China had launched a project to sign contracts with family doctors by November 2017, and more than 500 million people had family doctors, covering more than 35% of the total population. The figures have provoked a certain skepticism in Chinese Internet forums, where many complained that while they sincerely hoped this to be true, the fact is that they do not actually have a family doctor. What’s more, statistics published …read more

The Struggle Against Autism in China

The Struggle Against Autism in China

Chinese parents found online platform that provides free evaluation and intervention plan to battle against autism.

Annual report on the development of voluntary services in China (2017) released

The China Volunteer Service Federation and the Social Sciences Academic Press published the “Blue Book of Voluntary Service: Annual Report on the Development of Voluntary Services in China (2017)” on November 9. The China Volunteer Service Federation led the composition of the report. More than 40 experts and scholars in the field of volunteer services participated in the compilation, which lasted one year and three months. The report is nearly 300,000 words long and includes five parts: the main report, features, practices, references and appendixes. It provides a comprehensive analysis regarding the annual development of volunteer work from various perspectives and multiple dimensions; it is also the first industry report …read more

What’s wrong with China’s system for recruiting social workers?

A recent article published in Southern Weekly discusses the problems in China’s current system of social worker recruitment. The author, a social work professor from Beijing Normal University, points out three major challenges. First of all, the “package” model through which such services are purchased hinders social work’s continuity, since an entire program and staff will be replaced when a new program is purchased, nullifying the work of the previous team; this can also hurt the receivers of the services, which further harms the professional image of the social work sector; from the perspective of developing competent professionals, the package model of service purchase can also have a negative impact …read more

Rural governments to welcome social workers and social organizations

Social workers and social organizations are predominantly clustered in Chinese cities, where it is easier for them to develop due to the concentration of resources and government support. Chinese urbanites currently enjoy a higher level of social services than those in the countryside, where demand for these services often goes unmet. In response, the General Office of the State Council and the General Office of the CPC Central Committee recently issued a report called “Ideas on Strengthening Rural Government Services, Functions and Establishments”, which repeatedly mentions the importance of social organizations and social workers in the countryside. The report points out that there are three main reasons why now is a …read more

“Home, Spring & Autumn” selected as one of the “Top Ten Chinese Documentary Promoters”

The Home,Spring & Autumn Oral History Project (the name is a reference to the famous “Torrents trilogy” by Ba Jin) was awarded as one of the “Top Ten Chinese Documentary Promoters” at the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival on December 15th, 2016. The Project was initiated by the Beijing Yongyuan Foundation, and supported by the Zhejiang Dunhe Foundation, the Cui Yongyuan Oral History Research Center at Communication University of China, and the China Social Assistance Foundation. The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Xue Xi Press, the CCTV Film Channel, the Companion Culture Foundation and Jiangsu TV were among the other winners of the awards. Qu Xinyi, the project’s …read more

Unisex Toilets in China: the Debate

Unisex Toilets in China: the Debate

Unisex public toilets are appearing in a number of Chinese cities. They can be seen as a way of providing more equality of service to women, and of being inclusive of those who don’t fit into the gender binary. This article from the China News website discusses the meaning of adopting such toilets, and the debate that has arisen around this issue.

Free toilet paper project to improve sanitation in schools

Free toilet paper project to improve sanitation in schools

Although the toilet is a small place that can be easily ignored, it is a key factor in the creation of a culture of health and closely related to people’s living conditions. A “Toilet Culture Forum” was held at the Loujiang Experimental School in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, on November 6th. The forum was hosted by the Shenzhen International Philanthropy Institute and the Kunshan Yuting Foundation, and also gained support from Tsinghua University’s Ecological Design Centre and Beijing Normal University’s Toilet Culture Research Centre. Guests could not only visit an exhibition on “toilet culture”, but also participate in a discussion on students’ health and the Foundation’s free toilet paper project. The …read more

Report on financial fraud against the elderly released

The Zhicheng Public Interest Group, an organization that provides free legal assistance to marginalized groups, has recently released a report on economic crimes against the elderly. In recent years there has been much concern over an increase in financial fraud against the elderly. Since being set up in July, the Beijing legal services hotline has received 935 requests of advice from the elderly, 21% of which came from victims of financial fraud. Financial products, business projects, health care products and pyramid sales are all being used to cheat elderly people out of their savings. Zhicheng’s report, released on the 9th of September, is entitled “Risk report on economic crimes against the …read more

All-China Women's Federation marks the International Day of the Girl

All-China Women’s Federation marks the International Day of the Girl

The All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) hosted a seminar on “Girls and Sustainable Development” in Beijing last Monday, in order to mark the fifth “International Day of the Girl”. The International Day of the Girl is a global observance day declared by the United Nations, which has been celebrated on every October 11th starting from 2012. Its aim is to promote equal access for young girls to education, nutrition, legal rights and healthcare as well as protecting them from discrimination, violence and child marriages. More than 200 representatives from the ACWF, charitable organizations, enterprises, news media and related academies attended. During the event, the chairwoman of the ACWF Shen Yueyue gave a …read more

The fifth Chinese Charity Expo inaugurated in Shenzhen

The fifth Chinese Charity Expo inaugurated in Shenzhen

The fifth Chinese Charity Expo was inaugurated in Shenzhen on the 23rd of September. The Chinese Charity Expo is an annual event jointly organised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, the Guangdong provincial government, the Shenzhen municipal government and the China Charity Alliance. The Chinese government has declared the year of 2016 to be the critical beginning of the process of building a “moderately well-off society”. It is also the first year that China’s new Charity Law takes effect. This year’s expo was thus given the theme of ‘promoting poverty relief through legislation’. It is also supposed to stress the concepts of innovation, …read more

The Ministry of Civil Affairs explains the Charity Law’s implementation

China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) held a press conference on the 7th of September, explaining how the Charity Law has been implemented since it passed into effect at the beginning of the month. Information on public offerings can only be published on designated channels It was clarified that the online platforms appointed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) are the only channels through which information on public offerings can be released. Other unlicensed platforms publishing this kind information will be sanctioned. In order to put this regulation into practice the Social Organisations Administration, a bureau subordinated to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, conducted research on access standards for online …read more

Beijing Charity Week to give publicity to the Charity Law

China’s Charity Law has officially come into force on the first of September 2016. As the first basic and comprehensive law for all charitable activities, it is supposed to lead and promote the development of charity in China. Beijing‘s Civil Affairs Bureau held a press conference on the 29th of August centring around the Charity Law, during which some related activities were announced. Beijing’s municipal government has set a goal for the building of a ‘charitable Beijing’ which takes the city’s special urban identity and development strategies into account. This goal has been included in the city’s ’13th five-year plan’, and a document has been published including the detailed guidelines and principles …read more

Outlining the Development of the Chinese Charity Sector in 2015

Outlining the Development of the Chinese Charity Sector in 2015

This article from the Blue Book of Philanthropy 2015 provides a general overview of the trends and developments of the Chinese philanthropic sector over 2015, from the Charity Law and the explosion of online donations to the continuing scandals over malpractice and misuse of funds.