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COFCO raises $2.1 billion in China's first sustainability loan

COFCO raises $2.1 billion in China’s first sustainability loan

On July 16 COFCO International, the overseas trading division of China’s biggest food company, announced that it has signed an agreement with a consortium of 20 banks to obtain a a three-year sustainable development loan of $2.1 billion. This ranks as the largest ever sustainable development loan in the commodity trading industry, and the first of its kind for a Mainland Chinese company. It is understood that the interest rate of the loan will be linked to the company’s sustainable development, defined as the environmental, social and corporate governance performance as assessed by Sustainalytics (a leading provider of ESG research). This mechanism will increase the traceability of agricultural products, with …read more

Sustainable living found to be a bottom-up pursuit among young professionals

A report on the trend of sustainability among young professionals was published by Bottledream, a social enterprise and a B corporation. The research team used a qualitative method, looking at more than 1,000 people who they engaged with over the past eight years and hoping to tease out the drive behind the increasing awareness of sustainability among these young people. The research team found that the views these people hold regarding sustainability seem to be a collection of ideas, including “care for durable quality”, “perspectives from system-thinking”, “genuine pursuit of the public interest” and “daily actions rather than lofty concepts”. It was found that three/fourths of this population is male, …read more