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Today is China's Children’s Day – let’s take a look at the situation of Chinese children!

Today is China’s Children’s Day – let’s take a look at the situation of Chinese children!

Editor’s Note This is CDB’s abridged translation of a WeChat post by UNICEF China, published on the first of June, China’s official Children’s Day. Please find the original here. The graphs are all taken from UNICEF’s report.    This Children’s Day, let’s get a deeper understanding of China’s children. Do you know the answers to the following questions: How many children are there in China? Where does China rank in the world for its total number of children? How many Chinese children are affected by migration? What different types of challenges do different child populations in China face? How many children are unable to live with their parents? Children are …read more

Guidance on reforming urban and rural community service systems in China released

A news conference held last Monday (November 14th) by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) has elaborated on the preparatory work, contents and implementation of the Urban and Rural Community Service System Construction Plan (2016-2020). In this context the word Community refers to the 社区, a loose form of neighbourhood units found in China. During the conference, Deputy Minister Tang Jinsu emphasized the ever-increasing importance of community organizations in local social administration since the release of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan. He also assured that during the preparatory work and drafting of the Construction Plan, the MCA fully valued the creative abilities of the Chinese people and drew experience from local …read more