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The Remarkable Online Volunteers of the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Remarkable Online Volunteers of the COVID-19 Outbreak

During the chaotic first few weeks of lockdown in Hubei province, social media presented some medical professionals with a tool to set up a network of volunteers and help infected people in their own homes.

Civil Society Finds New Paths in Wuhan

Civil Society Finds New Paths in Wuhan

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, small groups of volunteers are coming together to help vulnerable groups with special needs in Wuhan and Hubei.

Volunteer in Wuhan dies after getting infected

Pengpai News (澎湃新闻) has reported on the death of a volunteer in Wuhan who became infected with the coronavirus pneumonia. The volunteer, named He Hui, was 54 years old and a member of the Wuhan Voluntary Driver Team. Volunteers recruited by a charity in Wuhan told Pengpai that He Hui was a member of a medical staff volunteer team. Public information shows that the duty of the volunteer team is to transport medical staff to work and back home. He Hui was a native of Wuhan. Before and after the Eve of the Chinese New Year, he had mentioned that he would join the volunteer team. “You should contribute whatever you have …read more

CASS releases blue book on Chinese charity in 2018

According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ new Charity Blue Book, in 2018 the total amount of social donations in China was about 112.8 billion yuan, a 26% decrease compared to 2017. On the other hand, the contribution value of volunteer services increased by more than 50% from 2017.     On July 13, 2019, the “2019 Charity Blue Book Launch Conference and Chengdu Charity Forum” was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. Nearly 80 people from charity, academia, enterprises, media and the public sector attended the event. Yang Tuan, a researcher from the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, consultant of the Social Policy Center and …read more

200,000 youth volunteers will provide services during the Chunyun period

The 2019 Spring Festival is just around the corner, and it is estimated that around 2.99 billion trips will be completed during the Spring Festival travel rush, known as the Chunyun. This year’s Chunyun will go from January 21 to March 1. During this period millions of city-dwellers take trains, buses and planes to go home, and this mass migration can be an overwhelming scene. It brings challenges regarding transportation capacity and public security, and places a heavy burden on the shoulders of those who work on the front lines. On the first day of the Chunyun, an activity with the theme “volunteers for Chunyun” was held in the West …read more

People's Daily reports on Chinese volunteers overseas

People’s Daily reports on Chinese volunteers overseas

The People’s Daily recently reported on two cases of Chinese volunteers taking part in humanitarian work overseas. The first case is that of Wang Ziming, a graduating senior and international volunteer of the Common Future Fund (a social organization) who went to Lebanon in July with three other volunteers. While there the volunteers taught percussions, painting and Chinese calligraphy to refugee children from neighbouring Syria. Because these children had spent a long time in a war-zone, most of them hadn’t had access to a good education, Wang said. However he was impressed by their experiences of loss, their longing for home and their dreams. The volunteers did their best to …read more

Experimental volunteering program for high school students takes place in Beijing

The Charity Times recently interviewed Guo Xinbao, director of the China Soong Chingling Youth Technology and Cultural Exchange Center (中国宋庆龄青少年科技文化交流中心), who introduced an experimental volunteer activity carried out by his center that can shed light on the development of youth volunteering in China. Guo explained that at present volunteering activities are like a one-way practice, in which the host provides the opportunity to take part, but the volunteers cannot really acquire practical program experience or knowledge. This sort of activity generally fails to attract the interest of the young. When it comes to traditional volunteering activities like picking up cigarette ends and wiping guardrails, parents tend to be less supportive due to safety …read more

Can Chinese Philanthropy Adapt to the Changes in the Country's Set-up?

Can Chinese Philanthropy Adapt to the Changes in the Country’s Set-up?

CDB’s translation of a talk by Yang Tuan, CASS researcher and chief editor of this year’s Blue Book of Philanthropy, on how Chinese philanthropy needs to adapt if it is to maintain its relevance.

Charity work programs for school children on the increase in China

Charity work programs for school children on the increase in China

Over the past few years, it has become more and more popular for students in China to engage in charity work and social service. Although the Chinese educational system is still more focused on examination scores, volunteering and social activities could be included in the curriculum the future, as required by the reform itinerary of the high school and university entrance examinations. In 2017, the Ministry of Education issued the Guiding Principles of Junior High and Elementary School’s Comprehensive Practical Activity Course, listing social services as a major way of carrying out practical activities, requiring students to take part in charity work and volunteer services through this course. A recent example of …read more

Annual report on the development of voluntary services in China (2017) released

The China Volunteer Service Federation and the Social Sciences Academic Press published the “Blue Book of Voluntary Service: Annual Report on the Development of Voluntary Services in China (2017)” on November 9. The China Volunteer Service Federation led the composition of the report. More than 40 experts and scholars in the field of volunteer services participated in the compilation, which lasted one year and three months. The report is nearly 300,000 words long and includes five parts: the main report, features, practices, references and appendixes. It provides a comprehensive analysis regarding the annual development of volunteer work from various perspectives and multiple dimensions; it is also the first industry report …read more

Volunteer from Hangzhou recounts her experience teaching Chinese in Nepal

Volunteer from Hangzhou recounts her experience teaching Chinese in Nepal

In March 2017, a young Chinese woman named Lucia Wang went to teach in Nepal as part of an international volunteer program organized by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. She went on her own to Dolakha, a mountainous area far from the capital of Kathmandu, and worked there for 150 days teaching Chinese to local children. Recently, an article by Lucia talking about her time volunteering in Nepal was published on the Foundation’s website. It is but one example of the experiences had by the increasing number of young Chinese who choose to engage in volunteering and charity work abroad. In the article, Lucia explains that before volunteering in Nepal, she had …read more

Child development program initiated in Yunnan province

Child development program initiated in Yunnan province

A community based child-development program has been initiated in Yiliang county, Zhaotong prefecture-level city, Yunnan Province, by the Fujian Industrial Charitable Foundation in cooperation with Heart to Heart Community Care. The prefecture is considered to be one of the poorest in China, and it is almost entirely agricultural. Heart to Heart Community Care (HHCC) is a non-profit based in Kunming which provides services to migrant workers and their families. According to HHCC, over 70% of children in Yiliang are left-behind, meaning that their parents live and work elsewhere and rarely get a chance to come home and look after them. Most of these children are looked after by their grandparents, …read more

Artist from Chengdu volunteers in Chile's slums

Artist from Chengdu volunteers in Chile’s slums

Icy Tan is a freelance illustrator from Chengdu who currently lives in Santiago, Chile, and actively works as an art volunteer. She has lived there for over half a year, learning art therapy at a local NGO and helping people at homeless shelters and rehabilitation centres to express their emotions through drawing. The word “slum” often evokes images of crime, drugs and squalor, and Icy works in one of the most notorious slums in Chile, La Chimba, located in the northern city of Antofagasta. During an interview with CityZine (城市画报), Icy told the interviewer that the people she met at the neighbourhood’s shelters and rehabilitation centers were far less intimidating than …read more

Chinese volunteer organization spearheads anti-poaching efforts in Africa

Chinese volunteer organization spearheads anti-poaching efforts in Africa

Universal Tactical Association volunteers at their training center in Beijing.  On May 15, the Universal Tactical Association (UTA) held a farewell meeting for their Africa Anti-poaching Voluntary Action Committee at a training center in Beijing. During the meeting, the founder of the committee made a presentation introducing the program and the work that the anti-poaching group hopes to achieve while in Africa. Comprised of six men and two women, the group of eight volunteers will perform fieldwork across the 2000 square kilometers of Zimbabwe’s National Park over the course of two months, using small surveillance aircrafts, ATVs and rafts to engage in patrolling activities throughout the park. They hope to …read more

A Shared Future: the Chinese Volunteers Helping Syrian Refugees

A Shared Future: the Chinese Volunteers Helping Syrian Refugees

The story of two Peking University students who went to Gaziantep, a Turkish city near the border with Syria, as volunteers to assist the numerous Syrian refugees there.

New survey reveals that China ranks low for charitable behaviour

In 2015, Gallup surveyed 145,000 people in 140 countries with three questions about their charitable behaviour. The survey results, which were released last September, show that 24% of Chinese respondents claimed to have helped a stranger within the last month, and 6% to have donated money to a charitable organization. Furthermore, 5% of Chinese respondents had done volunteer work within the last month, which was higher than the percentage in Egypt and Bosnia-Herzegovina. While tens of millions of people are included in these percentages, they are in fact low compared to other nations, so much so that China came last overall out of all the countries surveyed. China’s low ranking …read more

“China City Philanthropy Index 2014-2015” issued in Beijing

The China Charity Alliance recently released the “China City Philanthropy Index 2014-2015” in Beijing. The study shows that overall China’s urban philanthropy is flourishing, the amount of donations is steadily increasing, the number of volunteers is on the rise and social organisations are developing rapidly. Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou ranked among the top ten cities. The “China City Philanthropy Index” is a set of indexing systems aimed at providing comprehensive monitoring and scientific evaluation of the regional development of Chinese charity. Its statistics and evaluations have received attention and recognition from society. This year’s Philanthropy Index considers 51 different indexes based on six aspects: social donations, voluntary work, charity …read more

Relief goods for China's Western regions depart from Beijing

Relief goods for China’s Western regions depart from Beijing

A ceremony marking the first annual departure of trucks with “Warming the Western Regions” relief goods was held by the Beijing Public Service Development Promotion Association, the Beijing Blue Butterfly Foundation and the Communist Youth League Committee of Chaoyang, Dongcheng and Tongzhou Districts in Beijing on October 17th. The chairman of the eighth branch of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomingtang in Dongcheng District Lou Penglin, Vice-chairman Luo Peilin, the secretary general of the Beijing Public Service Development Promotion Association Sun Pengfei and the secretary general of the Beijing Blue Butterfly Foundation Zhang Shijie were all in attendance. The “Warming the Western Regions” project, begun in 2006, is China’s …read more