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University professor suspended over sexual misconduct allegations

University professor suspended over sexual misconduct allegations

A professor at Beihang University has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct against several female students. On the first day of the new year Luo Xixi, a former Ph.D student at Beihang University from 2004 to 2011 who currently lives in the US, posted an article on Weibo claiming that she and at least five other girls were sexually harassed by her deputy supervisor Chen Xiaowu, a renowned professor and Cheung Kong Scholar. In the post, Luo said that Chen took her to his sister’s apartment on an afternoon twelve years ago, under the pretext of tending to the flowers while his sister was abroad. Soon after they entered the …read more

Nearly half of women suffer from sexual harassment on public transport in Shenzhen

Research about the alarmingly high rate of sexual harassment on public transport in Shenzhen was recently released by well-known feminist organization 女权之声 (the Voice of Feminism). The organization managed to collect replies to 433 questionnaires. 33.9% of respondents claim to have suffered from sexual harassment on public transport, and the proportion of women victims was even higher, reaching 42%. The research’s statistics are divided into five parts: the demographic distribution of interviewees, the conditions, cognition and countermeasures of the sexual harassment on public transit, and the demands and expectations of the interviewees. The most common forms of sexual harassment reported in the survey are teasing, eye contact, leering and pressing …read more

China’s Battle Against Domestic Violence is Far from Over

China’s Battle Against Domestic Violence is Far from Over

Hope coexists with worry, says the latest monitoring report on the implementation of China’s first law against domestic violence.

16 days of activism against gender-based violence

Various activities are being carried out in China to mark this year’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign. The international campaign, which runs every year, aims to stimulate action to terminate violence against women and girls all over the world. It lasts from November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, until December 10, Human Rights Day. This year, in order to further reflect the main principle of the transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign is marking the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence under the central theme “Leave No One Behind: End Violence against Women and …read more

Report released on vocational education for girls from poor families in China

A recent research conducted by the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund and the China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University looks at the development of vocational education for girls from poor families in China. The report finds that due to the imbalance in economic development, gender inequality and limited educational resources, girls from poor families in China still face lots of difficulties and obstacles when it comes to education and training, and achieving equal employment opportunities. The development of education has gradually become China’s main measure to relieve poverty, and vocational education possesses its own advantages in terms of resources. In order to cut off the transmission of poverty from …read more

Zhejiang University professor claims women unfit for academia, refuses to apologize

A post written on Weibo in 2013 by Feng Gang, a sociology professor from the prestigious Zhejiang University, has recently resurfaced and led to a heated discussion online. In his controversial post, Feng Gang discussed the selection of candidates for master degrees and claimed that “based on past experience, women rarely take academia as their career path after they complete their master degrees; and during the program, they rarely focus on studying — most of them only care about getting a job after completing their degrees.” The post didn’t cause too much fuss at the time, but on October 19 the professor suddenly became the target of much online criticism for his …read more

Beijing Normal University releases report on sexual harassment on campus

Beijing Normal University releases report on sexual harassment on campus

Part of the report illustrates an increasing rate in sexual harassment cases.  Beijing Normal University has released a report entitled “the Silence of the Iron Lion – Beijing Normal University’s Campus Sexual Harassment Survey”, which looks at 60 cases of sexual harassment over a ten-year span, analyzing their locations and times. The report highlights that cases of sexual harassment have been happening frequently over the past years, with many victims opting to stay silent. In releasing the report, the University hopes to reveal why people don’t say “no” to sexual harassment and encourage people to stand up to it. Meanwhile, the report also aims to analyze the power dynamics between …read more

Walmart and Chinese organization launch women's empowerment project

Walmart and Chinese organization launch women’s empowerment project

On April 25, Walmart collaborated with China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) to launch a program which aims to foster the financial and professional strength of women entrepreneurs in China. The program draws on Walmart’s vast array of global resources and China Women’s Development Foundation’s expertise to raise women in all walks of life to a level of financial independence. The first event on the agenda was a public welfare training seminar in Guangzhou, which was also held on April 25. What makes this program different from previous programs are its efforts to combine targeted poverty relief efforts and innovative entrepreneurship to set forth a creative and purposeful assistance plan which …read more

Women's Rights in China – an Interview with Feng Yuan

Women’s Rights in China – an Interview with Feng Yuan

An interview with veteran Chinese feminist Feng Yuan on women’s rights in China.

Why China’s lean in circles are anything but feminist

An exclusive cohort of wealthy urbanites, Sandberg’s Chinese followers represent nothing more than privilege. Recently, I subscribed to the official Lean In Shanghai account on WeChat, China’s ubiquitous messaging platform. As an offshoot of other so-called Lean In Circles around the world, the account publishes a wide variety of articles about women. Most pieces are in keeping with the tone of the bestselling book — published by Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg in 2013 — from which the group takes its name. On the surface, Lean In Shanghai’s articles appear to promote the kind of empowering challenge to gender imbalances that Sandberg addresses in her book. Most pieces tell …read more

Two sessions’ report highlights 2016 child abuse findings

The China Foundation of Culture and Arts for Children and the Girls’ Protection Fund teamed up with Phoenix Charity to hold the 2017 annual forum on girls’ protection for members of the “Two Sessions” (China’s two parliaments which meet every year in March) at Beijing’s Jingshi Law Firm. During the meeting, the Girl’s Protection Fund released their 2016 report on child sexual abuse in China. Below are some of the report’s most interesting findings. The research found that during 2016 there were 433 reported cases of child abuse, which represents a 30% increase from the previous year. Out of the 778 victims in 2016, 719 were underage girls, representing 92% …read more

Back to back women's rights celebrations spark controversy in China

Back to back women’s rights celebrations spark controversy in China

International Women’s Day on March 8 has been celebrated in China for decades now, but it was not until recently that students at universities across China started to celebrate a separate holiday called Girls’ Day (女生节) on March 7. The addition of Girls’ Day was partly in response to a linguistic nuance regarding the word for women in Chinese, funü (妇女), which many believe sounds more like an older, married woman. Girls’ Day has now become a sort of university Valentine’s Day, with men expressing their love to their female crushes on campuses across China. However, the creation and changing nature of Girls’ Day has met with controversy on Chinese …read more

In spite of sexism, China’s female CEOs flourish

A Chinese CEO caused an uproar a few weeks ago by announcing during the China CEO Summit, held in Beijing, that he would not invest in companies with female CEOs. “Rule number 10: we usually don’t invest in female CEOs”, read the slide in a presentation given by Luo Mingxiong from Jingbei Investment, an early-stage VC firm, during the investor conference. The remark has aroused public outrage, especially among female entrepreneurs. “Luo is a low-EQ and narrow-minded investor”, Li Yi, founder and CEO of the renewable energy company Renogy-RNG Inc, wrote on Weibo. She said she was among the female CEOs Luo wouldn’t invest in, and that she would make high …read more

Unisex Toilets in China: the Debate

Unisex Toilets in China: the Debate

Unisex public toilets are appearing in a number of Chinese cities. They can be seen as a way of providing more equality of service to women, and of being inclusive of those who don’t fit into the gender binary. This article from the China News website discusses the meaning of adopting such toilets, and the debate that has arisen around this issue.

Handicraft made by low-income women exhibited in Paris

Handicraft made by low-income women exhibited in Paris

The third international forum of women’s sustainable development and exhibition on women’s innovation was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on October 26th. The event was organized by the China Women’s Development Foundation and the Sino-American Friendship Association, with the support of UNESCO. Its aim is to demonstrate the achievements of Chinese women’s participation in economic and social development, let the world hear the charitable voices of Chinese women and enhance people’s understanding of Chinese development, woman’s advancement and the Chinese charitable sector through different activities including a forum, exhibition and charity auction. An exhibition of traditional Chinese handicraft was also held during the event. During the exhibition, the …read more

All-China Women's Federation marks the International Day of the Girl

All-China Women’s Federation marks the International Day of the Girl

The All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) hosted a seminar on “Girls and Sustainable Development” in Beijing last Monday, in order to mark the fifth “International Day of the Girl”. The International Day of the Girl is a global observance day declared by the United Nations, which has been celebrated on every October 11th starting from 2012. Its aim is to promote equal access for young girls to education, nutrition, legal rights and healthcare as well as protecting them from discrimination, violence and child marriages. More than 200 representatives from the ACWF, charitable organizations, enterprises, news media and related academies attended. During the event, the chairwoman of the ACWF Shen Yueyue gave a …read more

Female cook wins lawsuit over gender discrimination in Guangzhou

Female cook wins lawsuit over gender discrimination in Guangzhou

Last Tuesday a chain of restaurants that refused to hire a female cook was found guilty of gender discrimination, fined 2000 Yuan for “spiritual damages” and required to issue a written apology. Gao Xiao (a pseudonym) was rejected when applying for a job as a trainee cook at a seafood restaurant in Guangzhou, on account of being a woman. The young woman then sued the Guangdong Huishijia Economic Development Company, which owns the restaurant, for gender discrimination in August last year. In June last year Gao Xiao saw the advertisement for a trainee cook on a job-hunting website and thought she would be eligible for it, being qualified as a senior cook of …read more

G(irls) 20 summit promotes female entrepreneurship

Twenty-four young women-chosen for their experience, ambition and learning ability out of more than 1,700 applicants from the G20 countries-joined this year’s G(irls) 20 summit in Beijing on August 9th. G(irls) 20, established in 2009, is an organization based in Canada that is devoted to promoting greater female participation in the workforce around the world. Farah Mohamed, head of the organization, said that China stands out internationally for producing impressive examples of women who are in power, particularly in business. Hong Xinyu, China’s representative at the Summit, told the international gathering that her plan is to open a workshop to help women who were unable to go to college get training …read more