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Roots & Shoots - the Seed of Hope Jane Goodall Planted for the World

Roots & Shoots – the Seed of Hope Jane Goodall Planted for the World

Jane Goodall’s recent visit created a social media wave in China, however her trip is only for the short term, the battle for the environment is not. CDB visited Roots & Shoots Beijing to take a closer look at how this organization of five carries on Jane Goodall’s mission in China, nurturing 20,000 young people every year to be compassionate change-makers and leaders for our future.

2019 Global Youth Program for Combatting Desertification opens in Inner Mongolia

The opening ceremony of the 2019 Global Youth Program for Combatting Desertification was recently held in Ordos City, Dalad Banner, Inner Mongolia, according to a report by the official account of the Ministry of Public Security’s Overseas NGO Office. The program was organized by the South Korean-China Cultural and Youth Association and the Dalad Banner Youth League. Former United Nations general Secretary Ban Ki-moon and a previous South Korean ambassador to China attend the ceremony, alongside government officials from Beijing and Dalad Banner. Afterwards South Korean volunteers, students from Beijing, local residents and the ceremony’s distinguished guests all planted trees in the desert. The goal of this program was to encourage …read more

Identifying the role of youth organizations in environmental protection

A Round Table of Chinese Environmental Protection Youth Organizations was held in Liupanshui, Guizhou on July 6. Nearly fourty environmental protection organizations attended the conference, discussing the establishment of a coordinated governance system on environmental protection and the role of youth organizations. Regarding the difficulties for social organizations, the director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs Ma Jun claimed that a deeper trust should be built between social organizations and the government and society. He also pointed out that the Central Communist Youth League was doing a good job of helping environmental organizations to better manage and govern their affairs. The project leader of Beijing Global Village Liang …read more