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Chinese music festival pledges to produce zero waste

Chinese music festival pledges to produce zero waste

This year’s edition of the MTA (Music, Technology and Art) Festival, held in May in Hebei province, can lay claim to be the greenest music festival ever to have taken place in China. Thanks to the efforts of one Chinese environmentalist, not only did the festival draw inspiration from Japan’s Fuji Music Festival, often called the “cleanest music festival in the world”, but it also made a few new advancements of its own.   Every May, for the past three years the MTA festival, which showcases a fusion of music, technological experiences, multimedia art performances and art installations, has been held in the Huailai Scenic Area in Hebei Province. On …read more

Let's visit Beijing's first eco-community!

Let’s visit Beijing’s first eco-community!

Recently many people have been posting articles about the most environmentally friendly village in Japan, Kamikatsu, saying wouldn’t it be good if there was something like this in China? Did you know that there is also an environmentally friendly village in Beijing? It’s Changping’s Xinzhuang Village (辛庄村). In this village, not only do they practice clean environmental protection and no littering, there is also a vegetarian restaurant and every first Saturday of the month there is an environmental market! Join us and experience the village with us! Guests are welcomed to the village to the sound of the African drum music which accompanies you around the market. Even though the market …read more

The Bulk House and China's Zero Waste Movement

The Bulk House and China’s Zero Waste Movement

The Zero Waste movement has a growing number of followers in China. A young entrepreneur has now opened a store that follows its principles in the centre of Beijing.

Shanghai's charity Walkathon commits to Zero Waste initiative

Shanghai’s charity Walkathon commits to Zero Waste initiative

The 8th annual E.G.G Walkathon (一个鸡蛋的暴走) took place in Shanghai on the 12th of May. This year nearly 4000 people took part in the 50 kilometre walkathon in aid of children’s charities in China. Over the previous seven years 43.48 million RMB has been raised for 264 children’s charities in 24 provinces, helping over 380,000 children. This year’s walkathon has already raised over 9.83 million RMB. Other than raising money for charity, this year’s Walkathon also committed to the practice of zero waste. Friends of Nature (自然之友), China’s oldest environmental NGO, partnered in carrying out the event’s waste management. According to data they provided, over the course of the walk more than 20 …read more